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Get Full Body Protection For Your iPhone 5

Some people run their lives using their mobile phones and tablets. As such, it is not surprising for some to dress up and pamper their phones with accessories. But even if you are not the pampering type there is one accessory that every mobile phone owner should have, a phone case.

These phone cases help protect your phones from scratches, dust or dirt, and damage from knocks or drops. There are a lot of phone case designs available for most phone models.

iPhone5 case

Those who really value their phone will take time to find the perfect case to match their gadget. As for my iPhone5, the Cygnett Urban Shield Case fits like a glove.

One of the things that make the iPhone 5 one of the most coveted gadgets around is its sleek, thin and lightweight design. The Urban Shield Case for iPhone 5 + 5s complement these features with its own thin and lightweight characteristics.

Cygnett iPhone case

It is one of the thinnest phone cases in the market today that gives ample protection for mild knocks and drops. Carbon fiber covers the back, sides and corners while leaving ample opening for easy access to essential ports and switches. It also comes with a screen protector to prevent scratches on the front.

Getting it on and off the phone requires no fuss either. You can just snap the phone in it or push the sides to pop the phone out.

iPhone 5 users who are looking for simple and no nonsense design can find their match with the Urban Shield Case from Cygnett.

Get one for your iPhone 5 too!


Haipad: A Pocket-Friendly Tablet

It’s light on the pocket, literally and figuratively.  Being lightweight and very affordable, the Haipad is a great option for those who want a functional tablet for a fraction of a price.  Haipad is able to cut cost by using the most affordable processing platforms for mobile devices.  While very affordable, it still provides the basic functions that tablet-users look for.

Capacitive touch screen, Rear and Front Cameras, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Capability, and Expandable Storage make this a good enough tablet for the budget-constrained.  All Haipads run on Android OS which makes downloading apps easy and cost-free. In terms of speed, Haipad versions come with different processors so one can opt for the fastest one that would fit his budget.

Compared with other Chinese OEM (Original Engineering Manufacturing), the Haipad performs well.  The response time is not ideal but is decent enough to let you play your favorite games like Candy Crush and Temple Run without hitches.  Like other tablets, it can be used to keep you connected to your social media networks, to check and send emails, to read eBooks, and to browse the internet anywhere you are.

One downside to the Haipad is that it drains quite fast.  You’d need to have the charger with you always if you’d be using it long.  The price you’d be paying for it though makes it a worthy buy.  The Haipad would definitely be a good choice for those looking to join the latest tech craze but cannot shell out that much money.


There’s one online store that we trust in buying gadgets, Lazada. Find your choice of Haipad tablet HERE.

One of them is this HOT PINK tablet with keyboard case.

For our beloved fans, we would like to give you a discount when purchasing at Lazada! Use this code: LZDbrDgr and get P300 OFF your minimum purchase of P3,000! Happy shopping!

Big Protection for iPad Mini

Just because it’s smaller than the regular iPad does not mean you should care for your iPad Mini any less.  You have to give it the same care and protection as you would any other gadget of any size.

There are different iPad accessories for sale today that it could get confusing to choose even something as simple as a cover.  Many choose based on the kind of protection a cover gives while there are also those who choose based on look and fashion.

The Tech21 Leather Folio Case for the iPad Mini is something that balances both of these considerations.  It may not be flashy or eye-catching enough in terms of print, color, and design, but it definitely gives that classic sophisticated look.

The Tech21 Leather Folio Case from gives my iPad Mini the kind of protection it needs for my on-the-go lifestyle.  I would not want my gadget to get crushed or squished when I stash it in my tote.

The look is luxurious with the leather exteriors and the D3o interior lining.  The cover is convenient too since it has cut-outs to keep the ports free so that I can simply plug my gadget into my PC or to the power outlet without having to take off the cover.  The cover also doubles as a viewing stand that allows you to prop the iPad mini up into the best viewing angle.

This iPad Mini cover is not the only thing that you can find at There are also other MacBook accessories that you can check out in this online store.  You have to take care of your gadget to enjoy it to the fullest.

With the right accessories, you can be sure that your gadget is protected against damage.  These accessories need not be expensive.  You can find great deals in this online store to give you some savings.  There is even a comparison tool that allows you to check your options side by side and see which one gives you more value for your money.  For someone practical like me, this kind of service is a great way to get the right accessory for my iPad Mini and other gadgets.

Why Do You Have To Purchase Instagram Followers

Social media and networking is now a very important aspect of our daily lives. There are various platforms for connecting to and interacting with people in different parts of the globe.

And the number of people using these platforms is increasing daily, now we have the option to buy Instagram followers and likes, should we?

In the recent past, the only means of communicating with others online was through instant messaging and email. Then the social media giants like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram came on the scene. These social media networks have had significant impact on the methods used to interact with people online. Keeping in touch with people became easier and far more efficient. You can also use these social networking sites as a platform for doing profitable business. One of the newer social networking sites you need to pay close attention to is Instagram.

Here are some of the important reasons why you should purchase lnstagram likes and followers:

Instagram is faster, which is one of the major factors behind the sudden increase in the purchase of Instagram likes and followers. Immediately after you buy Instagram followers and likes, you start enjoying a rapid increase in productive activity. This is not always the case with other social networking platforms. It may take a considerably long period of time before you start gaining followers. Most people who use Instagram on a daily basis have several followers that they interact with. And these followers also like their pictures.

Instagram increases your popularity and maximizes your social capital. Numbers play a critical role on all social media networks. The more the followers and likes you have on your Instagram page, the better the reputation you will have among your fellow Instagram users. When you have a large following, you will ultimately become more attractive to others. In other words, the more followers you have, the more followers you will attract. Anyone that accidentally stumbles upon your page will naturally stop and get interested in becoming one of your followers.

Instagram broadens your exposure and expands your market. Social networking attracts people from various parts of the world. It is therefore an excellent platform for you to showcase your special talents and skills. Moreover, you can use it to effectively market your business and promote your products and services. If you are in business, you should definitely consider buying Instagram followers.

The only down side of buying Instagram followers. Even though buying Instagram followers has several distinct benefits, you should be aware of this disadvantage. You may end up spending more time trying to get to a specific followers page because you now have far more followers to go through. Furthermore, you may have a follower who posts a comment that is not directly related to the picture you posted on your page. The good thing is that these can easily be deleted.

However, this minor disadvantage should not deter you from going ahead to buy Instagram followers. The immense benefits and profit you can get from buying followers and likes is obviously far greater than what it costs to get them.

Article provide by Steve of

Three Advantages Of Using an iPad POS System for Your Small Business

The iPad isn’t just a cool way to read your e-books or to play Angry Birds. It can be used as a sophisticated tool to run your small business. There are a number of applications and tools that can help you manage customer relationships, marketing, finances, sales, and more.

One of the best tools the iPad offers small businesses is the iPad POS system, which turns your tablet into a fully functional point-of-sale machine. Here are 3 advantages to using the iPad POS system for your small business:

Cost Savings

A traditional POS system can cost upwards of $20,000, and few small businesses can afford that kind of investment. On the other hand, the iPad POS system costs about $1,000 — including the cost of the iPad. That’s a significant cost savings for small businesses who often have limited capital.


Unlike a traditional POS that relies on a clunky cash register, you can easily take the iPad POS system with you anywhere you go. It makes sales at trade shows, conferences, and other small events easy. You can make a sale virtually anywhere you meet your customers.

Ease of Training

The iPad is very user-friendly, and it is easy for people to learn how to operate. Using the iPad POS system makes it easier to train your employees to process payments, helping you to reduce errors and to begin making sales more quickly. Less training also equates to lower costs.

When you’re running a small business, you need all the help you can get to make your business successful despite your small scale and your limited resources. The iPad POS system offers many advantages to help you grow your business.

Changing The Background Of Your Gmail Account

You must be bored in looking at your email everyday. While checking your inboxes for important messages, sometimes you’ll smile or laugh or even cry and get angry or frustrated.

But why not put something on your email account to get you more inspired. Especially to clean your emails from thousand spams!

Here’s a fun way to do it!

1. Open your email account.

2. At the upper right corner, below your account name, you will see the settings icon. Then click Themes. See photo below.

gmail 1

3. There are several themes that you can choose. There are color themes, HD themes, classic themes but this time we will use custom themes. If you prefer the light background, the excess space is grey and if dark, the excess space is black.

gmail 2

4. After clicking Dark, choose how you will upload the customized background and the image that you’ll use. I preferred to upload a photo from my computer.

gmail 3

5. Refresh the page and viola! You have an inspiring email account background!

gmail 4

Isn’t a stress reliever too?

Experience An Extraordinary: Acer 23-Inch LED Monitor

Witness and experience the extraordinary as tech pioneer Acer announces the arrival of a sleek new 23-inch LED-backlit monitor: the Acer P238HL Olympic Games Edition.

With its dazzling HD visuals, elegant space-saving design, full digital connectivity, and energy-efficient display, the special-edition P238HL reflects Acer’s commitment to design excellence and technological innovation. It also carries the spirit of the world’s greatest sporting event, the Olympic Games, of which Acer is a Worldwide Partner and official supporter.

P238HL_05 copy

The Acer P238HL Olympic Games Edition is an extraordinary viewing machine for witnessing extraordinary moments. It features full 1920 by 1080 HD resolution, an outstanding contrast ratio of 100 million: 1, extremely fast 5 ms response time, extra-wide viewing angles (170-degrees horizontal and 160-degrees vertical), and a staggering 16.7 million colors—yielding bright, beautiful imagery from a spacious 23-inch display panel. The monitor also includes the Acer Adaptive Contrast Management interface, which analyzes every scene, adjusts images frame by frame, optimizes contrast, and enhances gradation to deliver the highest possible levels of clarity and detail.

The Acer P238HL is ideal for productivity-minded professionals with limited space at home or in the office, but the monitor is also versatile enough for use in design studios, research laboratories, exhibitions, home theaters, console gaming, and similar environments that demand rich, dramatic visuals.

Its distinctive photo-frame design definitely stands out everywhere. With an ultra-slim 1.75-mm-thin profile, a piano-black front bezel, dark gray wood-textured detailing, and a commemorative Olympics/Acer logo at the back, the special-edition P238HL exudes undeniable style and elegance, wherever it is placed or mounted.

These gorgeous looks give way to an array of digital connectivity features and cutting-edge display technologies. HDMI and DVI ports deliver immersive high-definition viewing and crystal-clear, razor-sharp graphics. White LED backlight technology, meanwhile, adds a dimension of energy efficiency to the monitor’s extraordinary display performance. The Olympic-edition P238HL is the latest in a series of Acer EcoDisplays, with mercury-free LED lamps, recyclable packaging materials, compliance with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive, and the ability to generate up to 68 percent power savings.

Indeed, if one monitor deserves to carry the Olympic emblem, it’s the Acer P238HL. The exclusive Olympic Games Edition of this visual wonder not only demonstrates a tech pioneer’s unique capabilities; it also brings awe-inspiring moments and breakthrough display performance to vivid, screen-leaping life.

Disclaimer: This post is the official Press Release by Acer. The author of this blog is not responsible to any of the content above.

SHARP Envisions A Promising Future

Sharp Philippines Corporation (SPC) embarks recently on a socially relevant campaign with its ASEAN flagship program “MY SHARP, OUR FUTURE”.

“MY SHARP, OUR FUTURE” is a major initiative of SPC to promote corporate social responsibility while helping the impoverished sector of society particularly homeless children, kids with severe illnesses and calamity victims.

SPC President Takahiro Tanaka urged,” We need to take care of our young generation to ensure their brighter future especially those who are incapable to have a decent living. Each of us can do something to build a promising future for them”.

To mark the global celebration of SHARP’s 100th Anniversary, Sharp Philippines Corporation commits to donate Php 20.00 for every purchase of plasma cluster ion products and LCD/LED TV during the campaign period from June 7 until September 15, 2012.

Donation of proceeds shall be awarded to a chosen beneficiary, which will be revealed during the 100th Anniversary of SHARP-WORLD and 30th Anniversary of Sharp Philippines on September 14, 2012 at the Manila Hotel.

To realize this vision, SHARP continues to strengthen its store visibility and dealers partnership to make SHARP products and services closer and readily available to consumers nationwide.

SPC Executive Vice President Kazuo Kito noted,” As SHARP Philippines Corporations continues to develop high-standard consumer electronic products, we also strengthen our partnership with appliance stores nationwide aside from our growing sales and service centers. This is to ensure that SHARP products and services are accessible to every Filipino consumer”.

SHARP Philippines Corporation has been active in delivering relentless community service by donating quality home appliances to charitable institutions. Two of the most recent beneficiaries were Elsie Gaches and Tuloy Foundation, which received Sharp refrigerator, washing machine and TV unit.

SHARP Phils-Elsie Gaches Turn-over Ceremony

Through donation of quality home appliances, SHARP Philippines Corporation, a major player in the consumer electronics industry for 30 years now, affirms to build safer and more livable shelter for children under the care of government and non-government centers.

For a brighter future of young generation, SHARP Philippines Corporation (SPC) is encouraging all Filipinos to partake in its serious commitment to improve the lives of socially disadvantaged children because for every SHARP product could mean a SHARPer future to them.

Disclaimer: This post is an official Press Release by Sharp. The author of this blog is not responsible to any of the content above.

Tired Of Using Fax Machines? Start Faxing Online Today!

The office’s fax machine might seem harmless at first glance, but anyone who has worked extensively with a traditional fax machine will tell you that looks can be deceiving. People who work with traditional fax machines can tell you some horror stories about their experiences.


These horror stories don’t have the typical evil monsters in the closets or bumps in the night. Instead, these tales are filled with paper jams, ink cartridge run-outs, lost fax messages, and a busy signal that prevents messages from going through.

If you are tired of using a traditional fax machine, you might want to consider switching to online faxing. The following are some benefits that can come from making the switch to online faxing.

No Use of Ink Cartridges

Online faxes appear in PDF or text format. This format allows people to read the message without having to rely upon a traditional fax machine that prints out the message when it is received. Sending an online fax eliminates the need to print every fax, which prevents businesses from having to deal continuously with ink cartridges to ensuring that there is enough ink to print the faxed message out.

No Paper Jams

Traditional fax machines require people to put the paper through a machine, which can sometimes cause paper jams. Many companies that offer online faxing only require you to have a scanned image of the message you wish to send. There is no need to physically place a message in a separate fax machine to scan the contents. Images can be scanned by using a smart phone camera, or a computer scanner, and eliminate the risk of having to deal with a paper jam as everything is sent digitally.

No Lost Faxes

There is always a risk that when a fax is sent using a traditional fax machine it can get lost. When you send an online fax, the company will sometimes archive the message that was sent or received. This feature allows businesses to instantly retrieve messages if they get lost, and re-send them or print them out. All you need is the date which the fax was sent, and access to the company’s online fax account.

The horror stories about traditional fax machines that are told around the office break room will continue to be shared for years to come. However, making the switch to online faxing can help you and your staff members avoid experiencing the terrible horror stories firsthand; leaving the tales of traditional faxing as a thing that is left for storytellers and office gossips all around the world.

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