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Use Sunscreen to Protect Yourself from UV Rays

There are so many benefits that come from using sunscreen. The danger that is presented by UV rays has been well documented. And yet, even with all of this research, there are still many people who are brave enough to go outside without applying sunblock.

People come up with all sorts of excuses as to why it is okay for them to skip using sunblock. However, anyone who has had skin cancer, or anyone who has endured a severe sunburn, understands that none of these excuses are valid. The truth of the matter is that if a person does not wear sunscreen today, they will regret it later.

Some of the reasons why people should wear sunscreen include the fact that the ozone layer is getting depleted. The ozone layer is a protective covering that was designed to protect the human body from harmful rays. Now that this covering is not as powerful as it was in centuries past, people need to take action in order to protect themselves by wearing sunscreen.

Statistics clearly show that skin cancer rates around the world are on the rise. These same statistics point to the fact that individuals who use sunscreen are able to prevent or decrease the development of cancer. This alone is a powerful reason for buying travel size sunscreen bulk.

People in modern society are rightly concerned about their appearance. There are very few things that can damage facial skin like overexposure to the sun. When a person’s face is overly exposed to the sun, they will eventually develop brown spots and discolorations on their skin. Red veins will start to appear on the skin, and their skin will look blotchy. Skin that is overly exposed to the sun becomes wrinkled and begins to show signs of premature aging.

Of course, a measure of sun exposure is good. It allows the body to get vitamin D. However, if a person is outdoors 30 minutes a day two times a week, they will get enough vitamin D from the sun to meet their body’s needs. Additionally, eating a meal that has fish, liver, eggs, and dairy will also help the body get the vitamin D that it needs.

It is important for people to take steps to protect themselves from sun damage. Sun damage can be irreversible. It is unsightly and in worst-case scenarios can be fatal.

Free Website Builder For Your Business

Whether you have a business you want to promote or if you have a portfolio site you are looking to build using a free website builder is one way to get started regardless of your programming and designing knowledge.

Using a free website builder is a way to implement custom web design to fit with any vision you have in mind for the site you are looking to launch.

No Programming Knowledge Necessary

Having a free website builder to use is ideal whether or not you have programming and design knowledge. Website builders available today give you the ability to create the website you envision with simple drag-and-drop items and objects that are easy to implement. Changing colors of images and inserting your own also gives you complete control over the final look of the site you want to launch.

Templates and Themes

Free website builders give users the option of selecting a pre-made template or theme to create the site you have in mind. Many themes available with web builders today are organized by category to help individuals locate the look that best suits the type of products, services or content the site is likely to produce. Selecting a template or theme from a library of hundreds or thousands provides more inspiration and a way to get started on the editing process of your site and its content immediately. Once you have the ideal template and theme applied to your site it is then possible to add text, images and other forms of media within minutes.

Preview Your Site Before Publishing it Live

One of the major advantages of using a free website builder is the ability to preview all of the pages you create for your website prior to publishing them live online. Having the option of previewing your site and its page functionality is a way to ensure your website is displayed properly to all visitors who land on your site, regardless of the type of browser they are using and whether they are on a mobile browser.

Utilizing a free website builder is a way for you to create an online and digital presence whether you are doing so for personal reasons or if you are building a brand from the ground up. With a free website builder it has never been easier to share content, information and even products with those who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Finding the Guitar that Complements You

As a musician, your guitar is an extension of yourself. It is a piece of equipment that will become inseparable once you are serious about your music. You can make magic, express yourself, and take yourself to another place each time your fingers strum across the keys. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or you have been playing for years.

You need the guitar that is the right fit, will give you the sound that you want, and that makes you feel comfortable. Click here for more info about Luthier’s Collection. You’ll find a comprehensive selection of unique guitars. Now it’s time to explore your options.

(photo credit to the owner)

Making Music Your Way
When you pick up your guitar, it has to feel right. At Luthier’s Collection, you’ll have a broad selection to help you choose the best instrument for you. Whether you want to try your hand at a James Taylor, have to have a Cedar Top, are in love with an Abalone Rosette, or think it’s time for an Adirondack Spruce Top, you will find all of these models and more at Luthier’s Collection. Browse your options and it will be plain to see that making a decision is going to be the greatest challenge. With so many amazing models at your fingertips, you’ll want to try them all.

Make Your Collection Complete
If you are a collector and have an ample selection of guitars already at your disposal, Luthier’s Collection is the place for you to search for your next great find. When you need a guitar and you want a model that you can count on, you need Luthier’s Collection.

It’s All About the Sound
You need a guitar that will sing to you, that will make its way into your soul. You need an instrument that consumes you and simply makes you want to play more. View your options at Luthier’s Collection and don’t settle for second best. Find the model that really makes you buzz with excitement. Discover what you can do with something new. Enhance your playing and show off your versatility.

As a musician, you are always going to be growing. Your choice in guitar is vital. Luthier’s Collection can help you to make the most out of your talents. Check out your choices and take your music to the next level.

#FulcrumGallery: When Buying Artworks Online Proved To Be Highly Satisfying

Hanging a painting in your home or office wall does not only serve as a decoration, but it also reflects your personality or make a statement.

Looking at the original work of art by several artists is like taking your breath away. By touching them, you can feel their passion and creativity. Original works may be really expensive but they are worth it.

Nowadays, artworks doesn’t only sell in physical galleries but they are now online.

A visit to will make you overwhelmed with over 200,000 works of art! Mostly are original art and they also have fine art prints.

Having a keen eye for beauty of nature, I prefer to get the Malibu Sun by Mike Calascibetta. It’s one of thousands shore art in

fulcrum gallery painting

Upon opening the Malibu Sun artwork, it created an impression that are really on this business. They knew how to please their customers who love art.

The option for their customers to customize it – if you would like it as a canvas print, a museum wrap, gallery wrap or framed canvas. Also you can choose the size of the stretcher bar and even the canvas brushstroke. When done choosing the size and how your canvas would be presented, you can preview it.

Their scenic posters are powerful images on canvas or framed that celebrate the beauty of a special moment or a sublime scene. These fleeting images are immortalized on canvas and can always be admired and the best artwork at tends to grow on you. They create a powerful impression from the very beginning, but the more you admire the scenic printing, the more valances you will discover and the more impressive the image will seem.

There are dozens of scenic paintings belonging to famous artists, with many of them creating the masterpieces in the second half of the 19th century. Impressionist painters such as Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh were prolific at the time and left us with an impressive collection of scenic prints. Without trying to produce an exact replica of a beautiful scene they were admiring at the moment, they added their own feelings and emotions into the mix, and what resulted was a symphony of colors.

Some of the artworks in are now on discounted price so better start browsing!

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iACADEMY: A School For Game Changers

Do you dare to be a game changer? Before you answer, let me tell you about iACADEMY.

(photo credit to iACADEMY)

It’s not knew to us that there is a swelling demand for competitive professionals. Filipinos are competitive but some may have lacking of appropriate skills and the problem with the so-called job mismatch remain. This resulted to high unemployment and underemployment rates.

mitch andaya

Dean Mitch Andaya of School of Computing

iACADEMY can help in producing more qualified, competitive professionals with their teaching strategies.

Dean Mitch Andaya of School of Computing stressed how they allow a huge percentage of practicing professionals to become part of the academy. “We teach based on experience, not on textbooks,” said Andaya.

Unlike other educational institutions, iACADEMY believes that teaching should be industry relevant, honing the skills of the students based on what are really on demand.

What’s more encouraging to enroll at iACADEMY is that students can gain actual work experience before they graduated. “Hindi matatapos ang training hours sa clerical lang o pagtitimpla ng kape,” Andaya added.

The school is conveniently located in the heart of the business district in Makati City, Philippines. Strategically easier to find a company where you can have your trainings or you’ll never know, a firm that could hire you right away!

iACADEMY offers the following in-demand courses:

School of Computing

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with specialization in Software Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Game Development with Specialization in Game Programming and Design
  • Bachelor of Science in IT, Major in Web Development

School of Business

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; Financial Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; Marketing and Advertising

School of Design

  • Bachelor of Science in Animation
  • Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts and Design
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design & Technology

A Tour to iACADEMY

A quick tour to their rooms and facilities gave us an impression that the iACADEMY courses are worth enrolling.

324 Senator Gil J. Puyat Ave.
Bel-air, Makati City Philippines 1209
Email them at or call (02) 889-7777

What the Professor-Practitioners Has To Say

Nicole Aquino, chairperson of School of Fashion Design and Technology, said they provide each student of their own sewing machine. This will give them ample time to design and create.

Eric Halcon, chair of School of Business, emphasized the importance of focusing on marketing and advertising disciplines to succeed.

Ryan Abeledo, chair of Multimedia Arts program, said they provide course tracks to ensure that students knew where they are heading to. They are make sure the softwares use in teaching are up to date.

Dane Romley, chair of School of Animation, proudly mentioned that most animation were done in the Philippines. He pointed out that iACADEMY is the only school that offers a degree in animation.

If you’re a game changer, enroll at iACADEMY. And I wish I could enroll too. 😛

Visit iACADEMY to know more.

Apply online here.

The Beauty of Crystal Earrings

So you’re all dressed in that utterly fabulous outfit that seems to come straight out of the cover page of a fashion magazine. You’ve put on your makeup so flawlessly and set your hair perfectly. Still, something seems to be missing…

Sounds all too familiar? I’m sure we’ve all had days like this one. Well, next time this happens to you, try whipping out your jewellery box and putting on those exquisite crystal earrings. I’ll bet my Birkin (if I had one, that is) that a pair of crystal earrings is that missing element in your totally fab outfit.

What’s great about crystal earrings is that they’re so versatile you can wear them with almost anything. Teardrop crystal earrings are great for work and for casual day-outs. They add enough charm while still allowing you to exude an air of confidence. For party nights, dazzle the crowd with hoop earrings encrusted with crystals or attention-grabbing chandelier earrings. Aside from varied styles, crystal earrings come in scores of colors and cuts that easily complement any outfit. Any fashionista is bound to have a dozen or so pairs of these earrings.

Isabelle Grace Jewelry is generous enough to send one of their best pieces – Baguette Crystal Earrings. The bold beauty of this majestic Swarvoski baguette cut crystal earring makes it a stand-out piece for any jewelry lover.

(photo credit to Isabelle Grace Jewelry)


Stones available in 3 colors, Aquamarine, Golden Shadow, and Crystal Night. You may pick from antique gold, or antique silver finish. 1.5 inch drop. It’s originally priced at $88.00 but they are on sale, so you can get it for $29.00 only! Hurry!

(photo credit to Isabelle Grace Jewelry)

Isabelle Grace Jewelry is all about accessories that are effortless, elegant and timeless. And because they believe in quality as much as looking good, each earring, necklace and bracelet is made by hand in the USA. There’s no assembly line, no mass production. Instead, their designs are made of the best materials and expertly crafted by people who love making beautiful things. And that will never go out of style.

Moreover, crystal earrings are also believed to have healing properties and to bring balance, and to fortify one’s spirit. Wearing these crystals not only add beauty and sparkle to your outfit, they also bring a host of spiritual and physical benefits. Now, what could be more beautiful than that?

The Benefits of Wearing Comfortable Athletic Sneaker

Memory foam insoles, freon-filled midsoles, flexible cushioning, impulse sensors – these are just some of the features found in most athletic shoes today.

With the current advanced technology and cutting-edge shoe engineering, there’s really no reason why you cannot find the perfect shoes to wear.  Whatever sport you’re into, here are two reasons why you should always – and I mean ALWAYS – choose comfort and quality over style and design:

Better Performance. With comfortable athletic sneakers, you are able to keep your focus on the game without getting distracted by heel pains or worrying about twisting your ankle. High-performance shoes are able to distribute pressure and to absorb shock enabling you to make those sprints or high jumps with less effort.   Features that you need would vary depending on your sport, i.e, stability for tennis and shock absorption for running, but comfort is essential for whatever type of athletic shoes you choose.  The wrong shoes can impede your performance and can even prove detrimental to your health.

Good Overall Health.  Shoes that fit comfortably will aide in the proper movement of your body.  Those that do not fit put unnecessary pressure on your ankles, knees, hips, and back. They might also alter your body posture if used continuously. Make sure that your shoes are the perfect size and are comfortable to avoid health issues.

You do not want to have shin splints, aching heels, sore blisters, or calluses instead of having that medal you deserve.  So when you’re buying athletic shoes, do keep in mind that you should go for “comfort at first fit” and not “love at first sight.”  If it’s not comfortable when you try it on, it won’t be comfortable even after several uses.

This is when you can rely on Therafit Shoes.

therafit alexa shoe

I had an opportunity to received their Alexa Women’s Sneaker Black/Citrus Green shoes and as expected, their are not only stylish but durable and gives my feet an utmost comfort.

Alexa, is Therafit’s new limited edition women’s athletic sneaker, combines fun, fashion and function in one amazing shoe. This lightweight trainer, in black with citrus green, is sure to have heads turning as you walk throughout your day. Reviewed as one of the most comfortable shoes for women, Therafit’s patented technology helps relieve stress on your lower body with the goal to improve posture, increase support and reduce pain. Great for working out, walking about, or any other leisure activity, you are sure to love Therafit’s cushioned comfort.

personalized comfort

Therafit Footwear products are designed for optimal support and cushioning with the goal of providing you with reliable comfort, protection and relief from arch pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, pronation and other foot pain symptoms.

Find Therafit Shoes on

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Kids Academy #FreeKidsApp: A Fun and Easy Way to Learn

While the traditional way of teaching kids remains to be the best, modern technology also offer great experiences. There are many kids applications available online that you can downloaded for a fee or at no cost. But there’s one thing you must consider, choosing those that are really helpful to your kids. This is what Kid’s Academy maintain in creating applications for kids.

kids app

(photo credit: Kid’s Academy)

Bingo ABCs alphabet phonics song with farm animals cards for toddler

This is a fun and easy way to teach children to learn to read letters. The main character, Bingo, is an adorable dog that both my kids love. How the little girl sings also impresses my young daughter as she mimicked her. Let’s sing it again, B-I-N-G-O! Download FREE app here.

kids app

(photo credit: Kid’s Academy)

Preschool and Kindergarten learning kids games free for toddler

We find it effective in teaching kids to trace numbers and letters using this app. The letters are bold which can easily attract kids. Each word has a thing that represents it and this could make a child understand more the letter. My 3-year old son also gets excited when he got rewarded with fireflies! Download FREE app here.

kids app

(photo credit: Kid’s Academy)

ABCs alphabet phonics & Montessori learn to read app for toddler

With workbooks (Easy Mazes, Rhyming Words, Uppercase Letters, Lower Case Letters, Short Vowels, Long Vowels, Writing Words)

Here’s a complete app that you will surely love for your kids! Best for children 4 to 7 years old. It’s an interactive way to teach children to write and read. Workbooks are so colorful and encouraging that can keep up the interest of young learners to continue until they finished them! Download FREE app here.

kids app

(photo credit: Kid’s Academy)

Taking Your Buying and Selling Experience to the Next Level

It may be too early to make a list of possible gifts that you might consider sending to your family and friends, but this could avoid you from feeling drowned during Christmas rush!

As early as November, you may start buying some stuff and in the first week of December, it will be fun to begin wrapping and sending them! Too excited? No, just making sure your intended recipients will get your gifts!

While it’s great to visit malls and shop gifts where you can really look for something cheaper but with quality, sometimes, the more practical thing to do is to shop online.

This is how Lamido Philippines can serve you better. Not only you can find great deals to buy but you can also sell! Yes, you can be one of their trusted sellers!


A screen grab from Lamido site.

What do we expect from Lamido?

Lamido is considered as Philippines #1 marketplace for everybody to sell their products on the Internet.It is one of the many ventures owned by Rocket Internet designed to provide the best and safest marketplace for sellers, merchants and buyers.

In Lamido buy or sell services, you can choose fantastic articles from hundreds of segments, as: Fashion, Electronics, Jewelry, Accessories, Books and millions more. For those who love unique pieces you can find unique collectables or gifts as well. You can become a Lamido seller very easily. Just register and join thousands of people who successfully sell items on Lamido. A seller lists an item on Lamido, almost anything from smart phones to laptop accessories, books to rare coins, which allows buyers to purchase the item right away at a fixed price.

The best part in shopping online is to be assured that you’re in secured transactions which Lamido provides. It uses SafePay which is a secure payment method unique to Lamido Philippines that protects buyers from fraud. The process works as an escrow service where buyers pay their purchased items to Lamido. The payment is only released to the sellers once the buyer in perfect working conditions receives the items and is exactly what was posted in the listings.

 And to maximize Lamido shopping and selling experience, they have created an application so that you can use their services, anytime, anywhere. Download it here.

A Must-Have Holy Land Jewelry

It will always be an interesting and exciting fact, especially for younger generations, on learning how Jesus Christ was born and live as a normal person.

There are testimonies which were passed from generations to generations and bible and books were published to present how our Christ came into our world to save us.

We have learned that Jesus Christ was born in a humble manger in Bethlehem in Judea. Historians may have different versions on where exactly Jesus was born but one thing is very right, a savior came and never walked away.

About Heart of Grace Cross

It’s a blessing to receive a jewelry from Holy Land. Just the touch of it made me proud to be a Christian. Heart of Grace Cross is a beauty that will always remind me to believe that a savior is alive and embracing those who may or may not believe in Him. A reminder to live in Christian way.

nativity stones gift

Unboxing a Holy gift.

nativity stones wear

Wearing a Holy Land jewelry is also a way of pronouncing your religion and encouraging others to believe in Him.

nativity stones necklace

This cross is both lovely and unusual, a modern pendant with an old-world feel. The design of a heart carefully placed at the center of the cross symbolizes that the love of Christ is within our hearts forevermore. But that’s not all – a Nativity Stone has been carefully set within the heart! You will have the opportunity to share the story of Jesus’ miraculous birth, when people ask about the stone. How excited they will be to hear that the stone is an authentic Nativity Stone that was excavated just feet away from the star that marks Christ’s birthplace in the Manger Room in the Cave of the Nativity.

Where Nativity Stone Came From?

In 1963, a wall was excavated in the Manger Room of the Cave of the Nativity in Bethlehem, just a few feet away from the star that now marks the birthplace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The stones excavated from that one-time renovation were given to a well-known philanthropist in the USA. Known as the Nativity Stones, these stones have been authenticated by authorities in the Holy Land and at the Vatican.

A Beautiful Gift

Nativity Stones were carefully set in exquisite pendants to wear close to your heart. Regardless of it’s price, Christian jewelry products made with Nativity Stones are great gift to your loved ones or to yourself!

Included with your order for each pendant: 22″ Rope Chain, Certificate of Authenticity, Explanatory Booklet.

nativity stones authenticity

Where To Buy?

Heart of Grace Cross and more of its kind are available at The Holy Land Mall (established in 2010), an Israeli company based in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Tel Aviv and now with offices and representation in the Philippines to serve their customers far more better! They see it as an obligation to share those wonderful treasures from the Holy Land with other believers around the world. The Holy Land Mall jewelry articles have a unique story, and a unique power, as they are stones from the historic and holy places of Israel, the homeland of Jesus Christ.

Follow them for product offers and promos:





Easy and Safe Payment

Pay thru online banking, over the counter banks, over the counter non-banks with Dragonpay partners.

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