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Safeguard your Family’s Future with Cocolife Future Savings Platinum

Previous studies have shown that the life span of people is getting younger nowadays. You may have recently encountered news of your friend who passed away at a young age due to heart attack or too much stress or died in a freak accident.

If something happens to you, have you ever thought about the future of your family? Of course you do not want to bring along this worry even in the second life, right? This is not an exaggeration but a reality check.

Your family needs to be independent and their future must be secured, especially your children, even after you’re gone. It may be easier said than done but would it be better to start investing now for the future?

Whether it’s for replacing lost income, paying for your child’s education, saving up for your dream travel, putting up your own business or making sure your spouse get the much-needed financial security, Cocolife Future Savings Platinum can help safeguard your family’s future.

Commitment in Creating Solutions With You

Cocolife remains committed in creating solutions for each and every financials need of our fellow Filipinos. With Cocolife Future Savings Platinum, we aim to provide our clients with optimum insurance protection freeing your loved ones from financial woes in the event of a sudden loss. It ensures that they can enjoy the same lifestyle they had with you. The living benefits/cash bonuses provides you with extra funds so that you can enjoy a more fulfilling life, fund your dream travel, start a business, prepare for education expenses, establish emergency medical funds.

It’s for you and your family’s Financial Freedom, Security and Protection. It’s FSP.

Exclusively available for Mall Clients

Cocolife Future Savings Platinum is exclusively available for mall clients, with minimum coverage of P 100,000.00 payable for 10 years. It rewards client as much as 200% of life insurance coverage upon maturity should the insured survives age 100.

With Cocolife Future Savings Platinum, clients will also enjoy scheduled cash bonuses:

  • 10% of the coverage at the end of the 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th policy years
  • 50% of the coverage at the end of the 15th policy year
  • 10% of the coverage starting at the end of the 20th policy year and every 5 years thereafter up to maximum age 99.

Policyholders may also attach the following riders to enhance their coverage:

A. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rider

The Accidental Death and Dismemberment is a comprehensive rider providing a wide range of benefits from death to injuries caused by accidents. Accidental coverage is provided until age 65, or until termination of the policy to which the rider is attached, whichever comes first.

B. Waiver of Premium Upon Disability

This rider will pay the future premiums of the policy in the event that the insured sustains total and permanent disability. The rider doesn’t reduce or otherwise affect the amount payable in any settlement of the policy or any dividend or any non-forfeiture or loan values under the policy.

C. Payor’s Benefit Rider

  1. Payor’s Benefit Rider Due to Death of the Payor

This rider waives the future premiums due until the Child Insured attains age 25, if the Payor dies before the policy anniversary nearest his 60th birthday.

  1. Payor’s Benefit Rider Due to Death and Disability of the Payor

This rider waives the future premiums due until the Child Insured attains age 25, if the Payor, before the policy anniversary nearest his 60th birthday, dies or becomes totally disabled and has been continuously so disabled for at least six months.

Issue Age of Child Insured           :               1 to 17 years old
Coverage Period                      :       until the end of the payment period of the basic plan, or until Payor attains age 60,or until Child Insured attains age 25, whichever is soonest

D. Terminal Illness Living Benefit Rider

This rider provides emergency medical funds by advancing as much as 50% of the death benefit in case the insured contracts a terminal illness, but not exceeding Ps 500,000 per insured.

Issue Age of Insured      :               1 to 55 years old
Payment Terms             :               no premium payments required
Coverage Period           :               until Insured attains age 65 or two years prior to  the    maturity date of the plan, whichever is sooner

  • Terms of Payment

Premiums for this plan are payable for 10 years with the following Modal Factors

Modal Factor

Annual                                           1.0000
Semi-Annual                               0.5300
Quarterly                                       0.2750
Monthly                                         0.0975*

* Monthly mode is available only for credit card auto-charge arrangements

  • Issue Ages

Issue ages are based on the Insured’s age nearest birthday.  Premiums are available for ages 1 to 55.

  • Underwriting Selection

All applicants shall be underwritten on an individual basis.  The existing non-medical and medical limits shall apply depending on the age nearest birthday and the amounts of each life covered under the policy.

Note that the Death Benefit, or 200% of the Face Amount, shall be used as the underwriting basis for this plan.

  • Substandard Issues

Substandard ratings shall be assessed on each life, as the case may be. Substandard Extra Premium Rate is expressed as per 1000 of the basic plan’s face amount and as computed as follows:

Substandard Extra Premium  = Substandard Premium Rate
(Basic Plan’s Face Amount) ÷ 1000

Among the Top 50 Most Saleable Products in Life Insurance*

Cocolife Future Savings Platinum ranked third among the traditional plan in the life insurance industry, and among the top 50 most saleable life products in the Philippines.



Cocolife, the biggest Filipino-owned stock life insurance company, and the first ISO-certified Filipino life insurance company, offers a complete range of insurance and financial services. It has subsidiaries in the non-life business (UCPB General Insurance), pre-need (Cocoplans), mutual funds (Cocolife Asset Management Co., Inc.) and Security services (Ultra Security Services).

Cocolife boasts of close to four decades of experience and expertise with more than 1,500 highly-trained agents and 253 field managers, a steadily expanding network of fully computerized area and branch offices numbering 64 nationwide.

Aside from providing the most competitive life, non-life and pre-need products in the Individual Market, COCOLIFE has successfully carved a strong niche in Group Insurance and pioneered the EPDI program (Employee Payroll Deduction Insurance) for corporate accounts. It is also an accredited provider of life insurance to migrant workers. Currently, Cocolife is ranked number one in Group Life and Accident & Health, number six in Traditional Life Insurance and one of the country’s leading providers of healthcare services.

Cocolife is a prominent market leader in the industry, ranking number 5 in terms of Net Worth,  number 10 in Total Premium Income, out of 34 insurance companies in the Philippines. To date, total assets are close to P25 billion, with Premium Income over P7 billion, and a Networth of over P9 billion. These impressive results are attributed to sound management, prudent investment practices, and efficient cost control.

To learn more about the Cocolife Future Savings Platinum, please contact:

(02) 812-9015 local 114 or local 594
(02) 864-0968

Globe (+63917) 844-7704
Smart (+63998) 843-4588
Sun (+63932) 844-1731
Text: Globe (+63917) 556-2058

* Most Saleable Products for Individual Line (Actuarial Department)

Ensuring Proper Hydration and Ventilation with Top Quality Industrial Gear

Just like cars, the machines that you use in your shop need to be kept well-maintained if you want them to last for years. Because they are powered by motors, they need the same lubrication and ventilation components that you use in your own personal vehicle.

When it is time to maintain or repair the machines in your factory, you may wonder where you can find high-quality filters, hoses, valves, and other gear needed for the job. You can find the availability of parts and supplies you need by shopping at virtual retailers like specialized industrial parts retailers, Donaldson filters dealers, factory marketplaces, and elsewhere online.

Critical Selection of Parts

As when you shop in local stores, you want to know that you have a variety of inventory from which to choose. You may not want your choices to be relegated to just one or two options. You may want several from which to choose so that you get the parts you need at a price you want to pay.

When you shop online, you can narrow your search by the category of parts for sale on the website. For example, if you need filters for your machines, you can click on the filter picture and go to a page that shows you the full list of filters and accessories for sale. Each listing has its own picture and price point so that you know what it looks like and how much it will cost you. You get the same experience of shopping in a local store but on your terms and at your leisure. You also get access to information you need to make a good decision faster and with less effort.

Specialized Shopping Options

If you know that you will not be able to find what you need on the website, you can use the special ordering options available to you. The company has parts experts who can search for and find the filters and more that you need even if it is not listed on the website.

You can also use the international shipping option if you need the items that you buy shipped to Mexico. The live chat agent can also help you finalize your purchases to be shipped internationally.

Shopping online can be your best option for lubrication and ventilation machine parts. You can find a wide variety by going to the website today.

More Cooking at Home with Midea and Solane's Partnership

When it comes to convenient and friendly-user appliances, there is one brand that many households trust – Midea. On the other hand, there is one name which for a long time have help families to cook their meals daily – Solane.

These brands are working together to give Filipino homes the enjoyment of having their food cooked for satisfying consumption.

Midea recently took part in Solane’s Dealers’ Convention held at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. At the event, Midea gave raffle prizes— an Induction Cooker, a 20L Digital Microwave Oven, and a 20L Manual Microwave Oven— to Solane dealers and distributors. The two brands have sealed a promo partnership that every household would enjoy.


Midea gave away raffle prizes for the Solane Dealers’ Convention (L-R) Marketing Manager for Isla LPG Corp., Ms. Valeri Villano; the winners, Mr. Efren Galon and Mr. Rey Panlilio; and Midea Assistant Product Manager for Kitchen Appliances, Ms. Roanne Hallig.

Midea recently added a new product to their lineup of kitchen appliances that could make any home a center for feasts and many other gatherings. They have 3 new gas range models that are meant to bring out the chef in every family member. It include the two 50cm gas ranges –one with 4 gas burners and a 58L oven, and another that has 3 gas burners, a hotplate, and a 58L oven. The last one is a 60cm gas range with 4 gas burners and a 65L oven.

Anyone in the family who loves to cook and bake will enjoy this gas efficient and stylish gas range in their kitchens. Filipinos are known for the heavy loads they put on their gas ranges whenever they have a gathering or a party, Midea ensures that their gas ranges have the durability to withstand the test of Filipino-style cooking.

One of their models, which has the hotplate, is ever ready whenever you run out of cooking gas. This hotplate allows consumers to cook their meals just by using electricity, and knowing that it is made by Midea, they can be sure that it will not cost much on their electric bill.

With Midea and Solane working hand in hand in giving Filipinos more enjoyment in cooking, the two have partnered for a promo that would provide families with more gas to use in cooking.

Midea Solane

Midea showcased their newest lineup of kitchen products at the Solane Dealers’ Convention (L-R) Willie Sarmiento ( CFO, Isla LPG Corp), Shoichi Watanabe ( CEO, Isla Petroleum Gas), Valeri Villano (Marketing Manager, Isla LPG corp), Roanne Hallig ( Asst Product Manager- Kitchen, Midea Philippines), and Ruben Domingo (CEO, Isla LPG Corp).

For every purchase of one of Midea’s new gas ranges, the customers could get a gift cheque that gives them one free Solane gas tank, which they can claim from any registered Solane outlets or distributors.

Now more families can enjoy more cooking at home and more feasts for their friends and loved ones. The promo will run later in March.

For more information on Midea’s products check out their website at and Facebook page MideaPhilippines.

Beauty and All-Natural Glow by HyC 150

Everyone aims to build a self-confidence and make it last. One way to achieve this is to improve self and there are many ways to make it happen.

There’s one supplemental drink that will help in bringing out the beauty from witihin – HyC 150, manufactured by FINE Japan Co., Ltd., it is a perfect product that combines all the needed vitamins and substances to keep your whole self-fit and fabulous.

In order to promote healthy, younger looking skin for the Filipinos, HyC 150 took part in the 5th Don Cristobal Fashion Show last December 20, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center at the SM Mall of Asia where fashion and wellness went together hand in hand for the theme, Fashion and Earth.

Just like how HyC 150 can help you look flawless, the fashion runway event showcased different works by designers who have perfectly made clothing style to nature-themed outfits that had an all-natural appeal to the eyes of the fashion elites down to the aspiring crowd. More than just giving you a flawless and natural look, HyC 150 also gave young, aspiring and even professional models to continue being themselves in any scenario they are in – like walking on the runway with grace and poise. Like the 5th Don Cristobal Fashion Show, HyC 150 has upheld its promise to make our skin glow radiant and blooming with an all-natural touch of nature and fashion.

5th Don Cristobal Fashion Show

(photo credit to HyC)

With only one sachet added to your favorite drink or simply on water, HyC 150 is proven and tested to be safe and efficient. HyC 150 is a recipient of the prestigious Monde Selection award where it is guaranteed of quality and safety for its consumers – a global achievement proving that HyC 150 is what you need to achieve and be one step closer to a more beautiful, younger looking, naturally-maintained skin.

HyC 150 is distributed in the Philippines by BrightEay Enterprises. For more information, visit; like us on Facebook (; follow us on Twitter #HyC150 or Instagram @HyC150, or call (02) 546-7297, (02) 861-6298, or 0917-7750779. Available at leading drugstores nationwide, online at Lazada (, or its own online store with free delivery nationwide.

GAOC: A World-Class Dental Center in the Philippines

When one failed to practice correct oral hygiene, it is expected that dental problems are next to occur. However, some of us would bear the unbearable pain just to keep the dentist away.

It is worth to wonder why the fear of checkups when dental experts could help you ease your extreme pain. Maybe this is how we were brought up – visiting dentist will hur you more.

But a dental center exists that changes the whole ball game and eliminates these fears and apprehensions – the GAN ADVANCED OSSEOINTEGRATION CENTER or simply GAOC.

As you enter the GAOC’s state of the art dental center located on the ground floor of the posh The Residences in Greenbelt, Makati City, all your fears are swept away.

The spacious receiving area will make anyone at ease with its modern and clean design. Big monitors show prominent individuals each giving their endorsement of the service provided by the GAOC, its Doctors, its staff, and services. Reception and the initial consultation, the first steps, are processes in themselves that reassure patients have found the right dental partners because dental programs are specifically created and tailored for each patient.

 photo GAOC Lobby greenbelt.png

GAOC Lobby in Greenbelt, Makati City

GAOC is the brain-child of Dr. Steve Mark Gan. A young and dynamic oral surgeon educated in both the Philippines and the United States who started GAOC in 2001. He brings with him a fervent desire to succeed in his chosen field by ensuring that each and every patient is given the quality attention that they deserve.

 photo GAOC and Dr. Gan.jpg

GAOC and Dr. Gan

“Each Dentist and the staff at GAOC are committed to assisting our patients and provide solutions that will fit their needs. We listen to what they want to achieve and provide the world-class solutions that we have made available and offer in the Philippines!” says Dr. Gan.

 photo GAOC consultation room.png

GAOC consultation room

GAOC is actually a “One Stop Shop” oral health center, as it has a state of the art X-ray room that provides a 360-degree view of one’s mouth. Extensive, state of the art, fully equipped surgical rooms allow dentists and assistants freedom of movement during major dental surgeries performed in-house.

“This makes all our procedures time efficient and convenient as we do not have to outsource the service and make the patient return for another visit,” says Dr. Gan. “We also have a company laboratory partner that prioritizes our requirements for dental implants, crowns and dentures using the highest Japanese, Italian and German technologies and artisans to ensure that these look natural” he added.

 photo GAOC Dental Surgery Room.png

GAOC Dental Surgery Room

 photo GAOC xray amp ctscan room.png

GAOC xray amp ctscan room

Over the years, GAOC has built a reputation for quality as attested to by business leaders like Mr. Lucio Tan and politicians like former President Joseph Estrada. Actors and Actresses have flocked to GAOC seeking that perfect statement smile they need to maintain. These include Boy Abunda, Piolo Pascual, Derek Ramsay, Sarah Geronimo, Kim Chiu, John Lloyd Cruz and Lovi Poe among others, all of whom provide proof of the high quality of services and results provided by GAOC.

GAOC provides the following world-class services: General Dentistry, Implant Dentistry & Oral Surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry among others. All provided by 27 professional, experienced, highly skilled, locally and globally certified Dental Medical Doctors (DMD’s) led by Doctor Steve Mark Gan himself. Highly competent support staff ensures the highest global standards are implemented and maintained in GAOC.

 photo GAOC Dr. Gan in action.png

GAOC Dr. Gan in action

“We believe in providing the ultimate premium experience in dental solutions and highest global standards of services for all our patients’ dental needs. And in GAOC it is not just a smile, it is always a statement that we strive for in our results!” according to Dr. Gan.

For more detailed information, visit:
Follow their social media accounts for updates:

GAOC also have outlets in Robinsons Magnolia Mall in Manila, and St. Lukes Medical Center in QC.

Salamander: The First Filipino-Made Amphibious Tricycle

Years from now there will be charging stations situated throughout the urban areas but right now, people will have to resort to other methods instead,” said Lamberto Armada, the Chief Engineer at H2O Technologies.

This idea gave way to the creation of Salamander HydroPlus.

H20 Technologies, Inc. launched an innovative concept vehicle designed to meet a unique local need to be able to run on land and on water.

salamander (inside)




“The Salamander will carry a total of five passengers excluding the driver on both land and in water. Therefore, in a Barangay which may simply be waiting for floodwaters to subside, the Salamander would be perfect to allow workers to get back to their normal modes of transportation and make their way back to work,” said David Ong, Chairman of H2O Technologies in a press release.

salamander driver

H2O Technologies states that the Salamander concept can reach speeds on land of up to 80 km/h and up to 6 knots (11 km/h) on water using a marine-grade propeller. The designers also state that the Salamander can seamlessly switch from land to water propulsion using their own technology.

Moreover, H20 Technologies debuted two versions of the Salamander; one running on a 250cc motorcycle engine and another that runs on electric propulsion.

salamander inventors


You may visit H20 Facebook / H20 Official Website for more information.

Giving Moms The Gift Of Sleep

There is nothing quite as difficult and as fulfilling as it is to be a parent. For mothers, it means having to balance her commitments to her spouse, family, work, household, and social life. They are an embodiment of the empowered women – women of strength, patience, perseverance, and passion.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Uratex held a special party for mommy bloggers at the Ronac Lifestyle Center, Magallanes. The event aims not only to raise awareness on how to achieve better sleep but to also to give participants a well-deserved break from their hectic schedules.

Premium Touch Sublime bed

(photo credit to Uratex)

Orthocare Harmony bed

(photo credit to Uratex)

At the Uratex Premium Gallery, participants went to a mini-workshop wherein they learned more about the essence of good sleep. They got a chance to try the XSensor Machine, an image – pressuring device that helps sleepers detect which mattress best fits their needs. While relaxing on a Uratex Premium Mattress, they watched a short informational video by Dr. Keith Aguilera, ENT/Sleep Specialist from the Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine on tips for a healthy sleep. The rest of the afternoon was spent with fun-filled pampering activities – a well-deserved break for our hard-working moms.



About Uratex Philippines

For more than 48 years, Uratex remains to be the country’s industry leader in manufacturing quality foams and mattresses that help everyone sleep better. As a commitment to excellence, it continues to innovate itself by using the latest technologies to deliver exceptional comfort and support in each mattress. For more information, visit

Hydrate Your Skin All Throughout The Summer!

If the blazing summer heat and burning rays of the sunshine keeps you from having fun this summer, don’t fuss. Your secret weapon is HyC150 to protect you.

Summer is definitely here.

You’ll probably raring to hit the beach for a quick getaway with the barkada or do more outdoor activities.  For the working folks, there’s planning frenzy for team buildings and office outings.

Generate ready to beat the blistering sun that can cause the most harm for your head.   It is at this time that our skin is most vulnerable, so better protect it the best way you can without missing all the fun.

How do you combat the harmful effects of the blistering sun? Use protective gear all the time.  This includes the must haves sunblock, sunglasses to protect your eyes and appropriate headgear.  Above all, hydration is key to allow your body to recuperate from the hotness.  You wouldn’t want to go away along the beach out of dehydration, wouldn’t you? So it’s best to hydrate because it not only flushes out dangerous body toxins, but also keeps the skin moisturized, smooth and silky even in the searing heat of summer.

Maintain in mind as well that before you head out to the beach and brave the blistering sun, it’s safer to drink a safe yet powerful supplement to maintain your skin nourished and supple despite the summertime rut.

Try today’s 2015 Monde Selection award-winning diet and health supplement that’s all natural with vitamins and minerals to keep your healthy—Premium HyC150 from FINE Japan Co. Ltd.

HyC150 has two powerful components that prepare it more powerful than any other supplement today. It has 5,250mg of Collagen in every sachet, the element that helps delay ageing to maintain your skin smooth and delicate. Collagen helps stop the early emergence of wrinkles and age pores, both signs of aging, and aids in

Counteracting any adverse effects of nature’s elements against the skin. Hence for those who will lead off to the beach this early, keep in psyche to take HyC150 for utmost security.

There’s also 150mg of Hyaluron, your natural moisturizer that keeps the bones and tissues fully lubricated so you can move freely and pain-free while hydrating the skin so it remains nourished, healthy and youthful, while helping grow hair that’s strong and silky.

Aside from Hyaluron and Collagen, HyC150 also has Ubiquinol, the energy booster to help block several harmful toxins from entering our bodies. With Ubiquinol, the blood vessel walls are fortified, same with the nerve tissues, organ linings against pollution’s injurious effects, provides nourishment despite an unhealthy and poor diet, and of course in combating the normal ageing problems.

There’s also Vitamin C that serves as the main antioxidant to protect the body from a number of cancer types while providing for a stronger immune system.   Plus Elastin, the protein found in the body’s connective tissue that helps maintain skin springiness and elasticity. Also Biotin, that makes hair radiant and scalp healthy, an essential element to help keep hair glowing and admirable even under the heat of

Lastly, there is the precious nutrient called Pearl Coix which is the most sought-after skin whitening ingredient in  HyC 150.  Pearl Coix brigthens skin giving you that wonderful natural glow and enviable rosy cheeks that gives you the X factor.

HyC 150 is distributed in the Philippines by BrightRay Enterprises. HyC150 is available at selected Watsons stores nationwide and e-commerce site “Like” them on Facebook (; follow  on Twitter (#HyC150) or Instagram (@HyC150), or call (02) 5467297, 09177750779 for inquiries.


Expect A Movie-Watching Experience Like No Other

A battle for supremacy like no other.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a great sequel to Man of Steel and a great prequel to a Justice League film franchise. The main flaw is its formulaic plot, resembling so much of The Dark Knight Trilogy. Hello? Lex Luthor acting like The Joker? But other than that, go to the cinema and enjoy the more than two hours of superhero awesomeness, because we deserve it! What a thrilling time to be alive!

A clash for supremacy between two of the world’s greatest super heroes, a monumental collision to earn the faith and confidence of the masses of the world as to who will be their ultimate savior.

Only the night belonged to guests of Devant, makers of the most technologically innovative and smart TVs in the country today, for the special block screening of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” last Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at the posh Greenbelt 3 Cinema 5 in Makati City.


The Merchandising Team of Anson's (Devant's Dealer)

Devant’s corporate partners, bloggers and other VIPs all showed up in an exciting evening to be among the first to watch the thrilling and most anticipated movie event of the year, where Batman and Superman clash in an epic collision for supremacy and power.

And that’s not all as premium loot bags and exciting raffle prizes were given away by Devant for lucky moviegoers prior to the screening, much to their delight.

Grand Prize Winner Ms. Joan Velasco of Robinsons Appliance of a 24inch Devant LED TV

Devant also reminded their guests that the “Battle for Supremacy” promo is still ongoing. For every purchase of Devant’s big-screen TVs like the 65-inch UHD200 Ultra HD TV, the 55 and 50-inch UHV200 Ultra HD TVs, the 58 and 50-inch DTV700 Smart TVs, customers can enjoy quality home entertainment by pairing them with equally impressive home entertainment accessories, all offered at special add-on prices.

Enjoy clean and distinct audio of your favorite films, concerts or sporting events with the DV-5270 Devant 5.1 Channel multimedia speaker (270W), DV-280 Devant 2.1 Channel multimedia speaker (80W), and DV-5160 Devant 5.1 Channel multimedia speaker (160W).

Amaze yourself, friends and family with the AD-448 Android Dongle or MPC-01 Mini PC accessories, while watching movies or TV series marathons and listen to every word, note or shrill through Devant’s incredibly sounding SB-110 Devant 2.2 Channel Soundbar System (110W) and SBS-200 Devant2.1 Channel Soundbar System (200W).

And the honest word is these incredible Devant TVs come with built-in Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting–Terrestrial (ISDB-T) receivers, the Japanese standard for digital TV and radio broadcast. ISDB-T is the digital broadcast platform approved by the Philippine government through the National Telecommunications Commission as it makes the big switch to digital broadcasting and communications.

This makes Devant the first TV brand in the country whose built-in ISDB-T receivers are ready to receive 1080p resolution digital broadcast signals minus a set-top box, cable or satellite connection.

Other benefits of the ISDB-T receivers include the Channel Variation Track feature, where each TV channel’s frequency band can be divided into 13 segments resulting to new multiple channels, and this standard, together with Devant’s LED technology, guarantees superb audio system for clearer, cleaner sound levels. The Reception Clarity Plus feature assures strong resistance against poor reception conditions, the Electronic Program Guide provides consumers with regularly updated broadcast schedules of broadcast stations running on ISDB-T, and Devant TVs also allow ISDB-T recording to record high-resolution digital feed through an external drive.

The “Battle for Supremacy” promo of Devant runs until May 15, 2016. “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is now playing in all cinemas nationwide in 2D, 3D and IMAX.

For more information about Devant home entertainment products, visit


Helpful Hints In Buying Casters

Casters are on wide variety of things that many people use in their daily lives. They are essential to the way we are able to easily move things around from one place to another.

For example, you are getting the advantage of casters every time you push a shopping cart. The front two wheels of shopping carts contain casters to give them a sharper turning radius. They can also be found on hand trucks in every retail and grocery store.

You may find that you need to buy some new casters to replace the old and battered ones that you have been using. Here are some helpful hints for buying casters.

1. Strength

Casters have different strength limits. Ideally, you should try to buy casters that are as strong as possible. This will prevent you from getting into a situation where you overload your cart and the caster breaks under the pressure. This would not be a pleasant situation and it would put you behind schedule. The one major problem with the strongest casters is that they are typically large. This means you may not be able to fit them properly onto the cart that you need to attach it to. In this case, buy the strongest caster that will fit correctly.

2. Buy in bulk

It can be troublesome to buy a new caster every time one breaks down. This is why you should buy them in bulk. This means that you will always have some handy in your storeroom. You will be able to make a quick repair. This is much better than the alternative of waiting several weeks for the caster that you ordered to arrive. Also, ordering your casters in bulk will save you money. Most stores will give you a discount if you order a large number of casters.

3. Read installation instructions

Installing things like casters and pallet jack wheels may not be quite as easy as it seems. In other words, they may require special tools in order to install them safely and correctly. It goes without saying that failure to put them on correctly could be a disaster waiting to happen. It would be wise to have someone install them who has some experience in doing this. It is always better to be safe than sorry where these matters are concerned. However, reading the instructions is a must if you are going to perform the installation yourself.

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