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Enjoying A Well-Balanced Life #PhilCare360 @philcareph

Family, work, health, relationships self … sometimes, it can seem impossible to be successful in one aspect of your life without sacrificing another. How many mothers have been torn between their career and their children? How many have taken their health forgranted as they struggled to climb the corporate ladder? If you too are having a difficult time enjoying a well-balanced life, here are two things you can start doing NOW to jumpstart your way to balanced living:

Think Positive, Stress Less

How many times have you been told to think positive when you’re overwhelmed by work or by worries? Plenty of times, I bet! This is because positive thinking really does keep stress away. By focusing on happy thoughts, you achieve a sense of clarity and become more focused with what needs to be accomplished. Every day, start your morning with a positive thought and reinforce it with happy thoughts throughout the day. It’s really very easy to find something to be happy about even in the midst of a chaotic work or home environment. Make a habit out of it and you’ll never stress about anything ever.

Eat Healthy and Stay Fit

Keep yourself fit and healthy with proper diet and regular exercise. When you’re physically fit, it’ll be much easier to look after your emotional well-being. Studies even show that those who exercise regularly are happier and less anxious. Studies also show that happiness and exercise boost the immune system and help release endorphins.

These may seem to be focused on keeping yourself well and happy. You must understand though that to have a healthy relationship with others – whether with family, friends, or colleagues – you must have high self-esteem and a happy disposition. Start with these keeping yourself happy and fit, and everything else will fall into place.

And while pushing for that discipline, you need a partner who can provide you effective wellness program like PhilCare 360.

PhilCare360 is a program which not only provides excellent medical benefits to members, it is also designed to motivate people to take on an active lifestyle. What it wants is to let people achieve a holistic state of health, or what we call wellness. In tangible terms, apart from the providing benefits, PhilCare will launch projects such as corporate and public workout sessions, healthy eating programs, and the likes.

A wellness box provided by PhilCare 360 inspired me to be more health conscious.

philcare 360 wellness box

jumping rope




health card

And not just for individual consideration, employees’ wellness should also be the priority of companies. Companies that promote wellness can also look forward to better productivity. A healthy and motivated set of staff results in less absenteeism, greater focus, reduced overtime, and an overall culture of creativity and professionalism.

Taking note of a study by National Business Group on Health in the US has affirmed the thought that wellness programs both reduce increase productivity at the same time increase savings for companies. In fact, the same study said that for every every $1 a company puts into corporate wellness programs, $3 is saved through decreased sick days, increased worker productivity and employee retention.

In the Philippines, the need to improve workforce productivity has become a matter of necessity, something that every company should strive to achieve. This is because the country still lags behind its neighbors in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) in labor productivity, according to the International Labor Organization citing separate studies conducted from 2005 to 2010.

When it comes to wellness, thousands of companies and individuals choose PhilCare as their partner in their decision to attain a healthier quality of life. This is because PhilCare pioneers in products and services that are meant to help people reach total wellness — a sound mind, an active and fit body, and a positive disposition.

When you sign up to be member of PhilCare, you also become part of comprehensive and well-rounded health care initiatives and wellness programs brought to you by their carefully-selected roster of health partners.

Visit PhilCare site to know more.

PhilhealthCare, Inc.
Penthouse, PhilPlans Corporate Center, 1012 North
Triangle Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Office Trunkline: +63 (2) 802 7333
24/7 Customer Service Hotline: (02) 462 1800
Outside MM (Smart/PLDT): +1 800 1888 3230 Toll Free

Sharp's "One Touch" Innovative Business Solutions Showroom Now Open

Sharp (Phils.) Corporation, one of the country’s leading brands in electronics and home appliances, never fail to impress many as it opens an intelligent hub of solutions that will benefit both the business and academic sectors in the Philippines.

Located in Pasig City, a stone’s throw away from the city’s business districts, the Sharp Business Equipment Division (BED) Total Business Solutions showroom is a pioneering effort by Sharp. It features the company’s latest line-up of innovative imaging solutions, all designed to keep in touch with today’s modern communications needs, whether in corporate offices, commercial spaces, or classrooms.

With the theme “One Touch to Your Innovative Business Solutions,” the opening of the showroom affirms Sharp’s commitment to help the Philippine business community make their workplace practices more efficient, using Sharp’s newest large-format and high-performance LCD and LED monitors. These highly interactive and intuitive products have a variety of purposes that are meant to enhance productivity and facilitate growth.

Among the products at the Sharp BED showroom include the Interactive Display Panel Touchscreen Whiteboard (PN-L702B), an LCD monitor that allows for easy sharing, collaboration, and communication, a perfect setup that will complement today’s offices and classrooms. With excellent image quality and ease of use, these monitors can function as a totally interactive whiteboard or as part of a videoconferencing system, and brings easy communication and “touch-and-show” efficiency during discussions or presentations.

The Standalone Display (PN-A601) LCD monitor, meanwhile, is a 60-inch professional LCD screen designed to offer compelling visuals as a public display and digital signage in shopping centers, transport hubs, and commercial areas, with ultra-high brightness for unmatched visibility even in brightly lit surroundings. The full HD screen comes with UV²A or Ultraviolet-induced Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment Technology which provides exceptionally detailed images, high energy efficiency and local dimming. It is ideal for promoting products, displays of important announcements, and other applications, allowing for the display of truly bright whites, vivid colors, and deeper blacks.

And just like the Standalone Display (PN-A601), the Video Wall Multi-Screen Display (PN-V601) boasts of an ultra-slim bezel on a 60-inch professional LCD monitor, perfect for signages and other multi-screen configurations. Multiple screens can be attached to each other to create a perfect and professional video wall so you can catch the attention of people and help you establish your brand in public places such as malls, commercial centers, airports, museums, even during concerts and other wide-audience gatherings. Its full-array LED backlight provides more uniform brightness, and can be used for stand-alone or network systems.

The 32-inch 4K2K Desktop Display (PN-K321) employs Sharp’s cutting-edge IGZO Technology with two distinct benefits: extraordinarily high resolution and energy efficiency. This technology supports increased pixel transparency and reduced current leakage for lower power consumption. Boasting four times the resolution of a 1080p full HD screen, the PN-K321 allows users to view four full HD screens on a single and seamless display. This product is absolutely ideal for viewing (either portrait or landscape) of pictures and images, landscapes, layouts, even drawings with detailed information, and other demanding professional applications that require clear-cut precision and round-the-clock operation.

The Sharp Multi-Touch Desktop Display (LL-S201A), on the other hand, is a highly responsive, 19.5-inch multi-touch, Full HD LCD screen that offers lightning-quick response to writing and touch gestures in various styles—Standing, Pen-Writing, Horizontal—depending on the user’s preference and requirement. It can be used in viewing creative work, facilitating lively face-to-face discussions in schools and corporate meetings, medical services and consultations, and can connect seamlessly with the Sharp Interactive Display Panel via the Windows 8 operating system.

Finally, completing the portfolio of products found at the Sharp Business Equipment showroom is the 90-inch Sharp Quattron (LC-90LE740X), the biggest LED TV in the country. It is a 3D-capable TV with UV²A X-Gen Panel, with AquoMotion 200 for better detail and less blur. Enjoy viewing of pictures, videos, and other corporate presentations and make them come alive with exceptional clarity and cinema-quality images through its 1080/24p signal input, plus SRS TruSurround HD, Bass Enhancer and Audio Engine LSI for enhanced audio quality.

We at Sharp know just how important it is not just to be an outstanding business, but one that truly stands out, despite the ever-evolving needs and wants of the consumers. That is why we decided to open Sharp’s very first Business Equipment Showroom – to give you all your business solution needs at one touch. We’re sure that each product here can serve your business beyond your expectations. While they may function differently from one another, rest assured that all of them bear the hallmark qualities of a Sharp Business Equipment, or any Sharp product, for that matter – innovative, reliable, easy to use, versatile, and efficient,” notes Mr. Takahiro Tanaka, President and General Manager of Sharp (Phils.) Corp. during the opening.

For more information about the Sharp Total Business Solutions showroom and its exceptional products, visit

Extreme Weekend Sports for Thrill-Seeking Children

If your child is already showing signs of being an adrenaline junkie, there are two things you can do: (1) Discourage all risk-taking behaviour and actively prevent them from partaking in any ‘dangerous’ sports and activities; or (2) Accept that your child is going to be the type of person who lives on the edge and allow them to participate in supervised extreme sports.

Though this might be counter-intuitive to some people, the healthier option in this case is (2). Keeping your child from following their passions and pursuing activities they enjoy can damage them emotionally and stunt their personal development.

So the question now is: which sport? If you yourself are involved in any extreme sports, the choice is typically an easy one. But if the thrill-seeking scene isn’t your thing, have a look at our list below for three options available to you.

Mountain Bike Riding

Cross-country, uphill, downhill… If, like most children, your kid is comfortable with regular cycling, mountain bike riding should strike you as an ideal extreme weekend sport for them to try out. With obstacles, rough terrain, slopes, ramps, and tough turns, mountain biking should provide your child with the thrills and challenges they crave. However, your typical pedestrian bicycle isn’t going to cut it, so head into a store like 99 Bikes to buy the right bike and important safety equipment.

Skateboarding & Roller-skating

Though not as intense as mountain bike riding, skateboarding and/or roller-skating are sports that can be exhilarating and fun for younger children who love excitement. The feeling of air rushing past, combined with the range of tricks you can learn, make this a popular choice. As an additional bonus, skateboarding and roller-skating are relatively safe extreme sports compared to others, so you can spend less time stressing! Just make sure to remind your child to be cautious if they are skating near any roads.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Living in Australia, this option isn’t available to a lot of us. However, if you do live somewhere (or close to somewhere) that gets snow during winter, this is an ideal choice for your fun-loving child. As well as being enjoyable and fast-paced sports, skiing and snowboarding will improve your young one’s strength and balance. Plus, if your child loves some variety or gets bored easily, they can swap between the two. If they’re also interested in mountain biking, this works out very well too, because many skiing slopes transform during non-winter months into excellent cycling tracks. This means your child’s desire for extreme sports can be satisfied throughout the year.

There’s no denying the element of danger involved in extreme sports. However, if your child simply needs some extra excitement during their weekends, these are three of the best options. It’s often best if you can participate in your child’s chosen pursuit along with them. But, if their thrill-seeking gene definitely didn’t come from you, the basic act of supporting them in their interests and activities is great for boosting their confidence and sense of adventure. Take as many safety precautions as you need to, but – at the end of the day – you need to let your child be true to themselves.

What to Consider When Shopping for a Wedding Guest Dress

Receiving a wedding invite from a friend or a relative is a joy to experience while witnessing the union of two people in love. Watching them say their “I do’s” can be as exciting and ecstatic because you can feel that you are an important person to the newlywed couple. Days before the nuptial happens, you have to prepare your accessories and dress so you will look gorgeous on this special occasion. Don’t be a wallflower on this day by wearing an ordinary Sunday dress. Remember this is a special moment where most guests are in their best attire.

Wedding guest dresses are customized so you can have an option on what to wear even during the last hours. Choose a fabric for the dress that is made of soft cloth to avoid scratching your skin during the wedding day. The style should be comfortable and fit to your body to give you easy movement while hobnobbing and exchanging pleasantries with fellow guests. It should also define your personality and age. When shopping for a wedding guest dress, always consider comfort as the occasion can last for hours from the church ceremony to the reception.

JenJenHouse is known for their stylish wedding dresses for the guests so if you are in search of an outfit, spend more time in browsing the pages of their website because the style is numerous. You can go for an A-Line and princes scoop neck or an off-the shoulder floor length dress made of tulle material. Wear a knee-length sheath one-shoulder satin dress to look sultry. Look fabulous in a mermaid floor length dress accentuated with lace beading.

Dresses for the wedding guests can be browsed at where you can shop them at low prices. Attending a wedding affair does not mean that you have to spend a lot of dollars since you can shop them through this website.

Spend a few hours to enable you to find the exact dress to suit your skin tone and built. See to it that the style of the dress does not go out of style so you can wear them in other social event.

The 5 Most Famous NBA Players of All Time

America’s basketball players are indisputably some of the best in the world. You can almost see the terror on the oppositions faces when the Dream Team walk on to court at the Olympics. While the sport has seen so many skillful players throughout the years, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at five of the most famous NBA players of all time. Disclaimer: I know there is much heated debate out there about the NBA’s all time crème de la crème; this is my own selection.

Michael Jordon (1984–2003)

For 17 years, Jordon wowed us, purely and simply. He also delighted us with his charismatic personality as evidenced by his impact on popular culture. In 1992, Gatorade launched an advertising campaign featuring the tagline “Everyone Wants to Be like Mike”; and it stuck.

Known for his aerial acrobatics, Jordon’s legacy includes six NBA titles, five MVPs (Most Valuable Player awards) and 10 scoring titles. He is arguably, one of the best basketball players of all time. Of course I am not biased at all; you won’t see me walking around the house during a Lakers game in my team sportswear !

Magic Johnson (1979-96)

If Johnson did not share the 1980s with fierce rival Larry Bird, it’s most likely he would have won more than three NBA Championships and five MPVs. But there’s the catch. Had it not been the intense rivalry and excitement of watching these two superstars go head to head, American basketball may not have recovered as well as it did from its 1970s slump.

Bill Russell (1956-69)

Russell is undeniably the best defender in the league’s history. While Russell’s offensive stats were nothing to write home about, his defensive skills took the Boston Celtics to a record 11 NBA Championships. This is even more impressive given these Championships were won in just 13 seasons, an unparalleled sporting achievement in American history.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1969-89)

His career spans a staggering 20 years. During that time, his lethal and signature shot, the ‘sky hook’, earned him 38,387 points and an NBA record. In the 1970s he won five of his six MPV awards on the Milwaukee Bucks. He repeated this performance in his second decade while playing for Michael Jordan’s formidable Los Angeles Lakers.

Larry Bird (1979–1992)

Larry Bird is hands down the best sure shooter the NBA has ever seen. Consider these stats: 29.9 points for a season, 52.7% of shots from the field (including 91.6% from the line), three straight MPVs and three NBA Championships. Need I say anymore?

So there you have it folks, my top five NBA players of all time. Pardon the pun, but you can shoot me down all you like, this is my list and I’m sticking to it!

Photo credit is to the owner/s.

Honda New XRM Series Launched

For motorcycle enthusiasts, this new offer by Honda will surely make you consider replacing your old “baby.”

As the country’s number 1 motorcycle manufacturer and distributor, Honda Philippines, Inc. is consistently providing motorcycles of the highest quality. In every bike produced, Hondais committed to the highest goal of fulfilling every customer’s dream. And in the pursuit of realizing these Filipinos’ dreams, Honda has won the trust of customers –becoming Number 1, both in motorcycle industry sales and in the heart of Filipinos.

The Honda XRM Series has been unchallenged since it was first introduced as XRM110 in 2002. On 2003, it was the first motorcycle in the Philippines equipped with Automatic Headlight On (AHO). On 2004, it has already gained the number 1 position in terms of sales. On 2005, HPI reached 1 millionth production unit with the XRM. On 2007, Honda Philippines, Inc. launched XRM125 – equipped with Euro2 compliant engine which is again the first in the Philippines. On 2008, the No. 1 most trusted motorcycle model in the Philippines with its new stripes was introduced. And then on 2010, giving the customers the power of choice, XRM trinity with 3 model variants – the Dual Sport, the Off road model and the Motard were launched.

Filipinos love for the XRM is just unmatched. Specifically designed and developed for Philippine road conditions, Honda XRM is and will always be the country’s On/Off under-bone motorcycle king. Honda XRM is just unstoppable. This bike is made to challenge the extremes – from the paved roads of Metro Cities to the toughest terrains of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao country roads. All these can be negotiated by this powerful, rugged yet easy to ride bike.

Tough, powerful and sporty, the Honda XRM also the most modified model in the country– making it the bike with the most available accessories in the market. From the country’s no. 1 motorcycle brand, Honda launches another innovation in ingenuity with the new Honda XRM125. This bike is now equipped with the face of the world-famous CRF Series motorbikes – a fusion of toughness, powerful agility and style!


This powerful, highly economical, environment-friendly and durable bike comes with 3 variants – the XRM125 Dual Sport which is the peoples’ bike, the XRM125 Motard which is a sleek ride for urban riders and the special edition XRM125 Dual Sport Extreme (DSX) which is designed to go beyond. All bikes are developed and designed with CRF DNA that will surely give Honda’s valued customer the real joy of riding both on/off road condition.

The built-to-last feature of XRM is now upgraded to CRF characteristics that will provide customers with years of trouble-free, low maintenance and riding enjoyment. Now, attention focus on the new headlight and front fender, which project the dynamic off-road look of Honda’s most popular CRF machine.

The frame provides a low seat height and easy to reach ground that is appealing to Filipino riders. The broad comfortable seat offers ample room for two. The handle bar is ergonomically designed for safety On/Off road maneuver.

Braking duties for XRM125 Dual Sport is handled by wide front disk brake while for Motard and Dual Sport Extreme is a combination of rear and front disk brakes. Tyres are rugged, dual purpose treads designed to provide an easy comfortable ride on both roads. Total packaging and combination is so dynamic that is poised to stand out from the crowd and be another top selling model.


Introductory price for the new XRM125 is Php 64,500 for Dual Sports Model, Php 69,800 for Motard and Php 67,900 for Dual Sports Extreme. The new Honda XRM125 is readily available at all Honda 3S Shops Nationwide.


From XRM125 that suits the Filipino lifestyle, to XR125L that is ready to step-up for the next challenge, to CRF250L that conquers greater heights, Honda Philippines, Inc. has now sealed the Philippines’ On/ Off road bike line-up. Thus, we give the Filipinos the freedom to choose.


To provide the best ownership for XRM125 variants, customers will be able to enjoy HPI’s three-year warranty and the most affordable Php25 Tune-up service available only at Honda 3S dealers nationwide.

3 Tips For Choosing the Best Vehicle for Your Business

When a business reaches a level of maturity that necessitates a common vehicle, it’s an exciting time, signifying successful growth and the possibility of reaching more places, dealing with bigger clients and representing the company with a sleek new purchase. While some people use cars to travel from A to B without lending much thought to what their choice says about them, a business owner must be more discerning – there are so many choices to make. To brand or not to brand? Automatic or manual? Luxury or functional? Who drives and when? Should certain rules be applied and do we require fuel records? Do we require one, two, three, or four? Will a fleet deal be advantageous? Some of these questions can’t be answered in any online article. Others, however, can, as you’ll see below.

Luxury or Function

Comfort is important to everybody, whether they’re driving to and from work, or travelling to sign the next big break in the business. Little extras like heated seats, air con, navigation and a decent sound system can mean the difference between a calm, cool professional and a frazzled mess at the end of the line. Though we’re hardly suggesting you order three or four Mercedes Benz with all the trimmings, looking into the best deals for your needs won’t go astray. Big brands offer a range of mid-range cars, complete with a luxury veneer, without the price-tag.
Suggestion: VW Golf 2013
Consider: Mazda 3 2013

One, Two, Three or Four?

Your vehicle needs are determined by the size of your business. Long past are the days where corporate giants dominated the fleet field, as Australian badges adjust to our entrepreneur lifestyle. Ford Business Solutions, for example, offers business centric packages for a range of organisational models, packed with features like Road Side Assistance and customer discounts. There are several inviting options out there, so don’t think your business is limited by its size. Small giants CAN reign supreme.


Business owners are a practical group, exploring the long term implications of any purchase before investing another twenty large into a vehicle. While going the distance is at the forefront of a savvy buyers mind, business owners must also consider branding – Will it be identifiable? Will the car in question be used as a zippy billboard? If so, to what extent? Should the car be a specific color to correlate with the company image? What about custom licence plates? Motorists are not restricted to one segment of society; advertising a website, phone number, business name and email address, alongside a snappy logo and an attractively colored car will stick to the minds of at least five people. While they might not register a call themselves, they may know somebody who will. Word of mouth, the slowest social media in the world, is highly successful.

Nobody can tell you which car will suit your business. Fuel economy, carbon footprints and space are all natural criteria entries for discerning buyers. Talk to your local dealership representative, be honest about your needs and don’t accept anything less than what you desire. Your car will represent your business.

Lucido-L’s Sparkling Debut In The Philippines

For most Filipino women who are really conscious of their hair, introducing this new hairstyling brand will surely click big time!

Lúcido-L Hair Supplement is now available in the Philippines!

It is said to be the answer for soft, manageable, beautiful hair. It lessens the hassles and reverses the damage brought about by other hair treatment products.

The launch, held at SM Makati City, opened up with a hair fashion show, followed by short speeches from Lucido officials. There were also free hair treatment sessions for guests and visitors.

According to Hirotsogu Ohashi, General Manager for Mandom Philippines Corporation, Lúcido-L aims to provide long lasting, moisturizing treatment by restoring your hair’s natural moisture retaining system.

“The main reason for split ends and curls falling flat is due to lack of moisture in our hair,” Ohashi said. “Healthy hair should have the ability to retain moisture. This is where Cell Membrane Complex, or CMC, plays a vital role. A CMC-like ingredient is present in all Lúcido-L products.”

How does CMC work? CMC exists among cuticles and cortex cells to help them bond with each other, and also works as a path to transport water to cells.  When CMC is lost due to hair damage, cuticles and cortex cells break away, reducing the water-maintaining ability of the hair.

Lúcido-L Hair Treatment Oil is recommended for permed hair and helps maintain a soft, bouncy look. It softens and smoothens by repairing dry and damaged hair while you sleep, as CMC-like ingredients fill up the damaged strands.

Lúcido-L Hair Styling Milk is for girls who want pretty, tamed hair all day long. It contains Hyaluronic Acid that coats and deeply penetrates hair strands, keeping them soft and tangle-free. Lúcido-L products have a light, fruity-floral fragrance.

Mandom Philippines Corporation is a production partner of Mandom Corporation, an Osaka-based manufacturer and distributor of hair care, skin care, perfumes and deodorants, cosmetics and other personal care products.

Lúcido-L Hair Make Supplement is exclusively available at all Watsons outlets.

Vacuum Cleaners: Cylinder vs. Upright?

A good vacuum cleaner doesn’t need to be difficult to find though it’s best to make some decisions early on to make the process even easier. The main decision would be whether to go for an upright or a cylinder cleaner and whilst an upright cleaner may work for some people, it won’t for others. It’s best to work out which will be more beneficial before obtaining a product you are not happy with.


The weight of a vacuum cleaner can obviously differ depending on brand and style, however it is known that most upright vacuums are heavier, especially as the user needs to move the entire appliance to use it. A cylinder vacuum has a lightweight hose and head attachment which is controlled by the user and means that the main vacuum doesn’t need to be moved much whilst the cleaning process is underway. The floor bears most of the weight and because of that it is not as heavy for the user. If weight is an issue, cylinder vacuum cleaners will likely be the more sensible option; lightweight upright options are available but sometimes this can affect the power of the suction and usually means that the additional attachments for stairs and other accessories aren’t offered.


With an upright vacuum cleaner there are fewer hoses and wires to get tangled around furniture, or your own legs. The wire to the plug socket – should there be one though some vacuums now come as wireless appliances – can usually be held comfortably against the handle of the machine, preventing it from getting in the way. A cylinder tub can be quite bulky and more difficult to control, however the hose can reach more places, be more effective on upholstery and less awkward when it comes to stairs or other narrow spaces.

Force on dirtier surfaces

The hose on a cylinder vacuum allows for more pressure to be put onto the floor when hovering, which usually results in a very clean carpet. An upright vacuum cannot have additional pressure put onto it but the suction force on an upright is usually better as the motor is closer to the carpet and the suction doesn’t have to be feed through a long hose. The wattage power behind the vacuum needs to be higher with a cylinder vacuum to ensure it has better cleaning capabilities, yet due to the proximity of the motor and the dirt storage on an upright cleaner a higher wattage isn’t as important.


With less floor space taken up and often coming with brackets for attachments, upright vacuum cleaners usually store better and there will be no tripping over a hose head which is sticking a foot out from where the cleaner is stored. When it comes to putting the vacuum cleaner away retractable cords are a great solution as they are quick and easy. Cylinder Vacuums are more likely than their upright equivalents to come with retractable cords, the latter more often having cords which need to be wrapped around the appliance manually.

With a wide range of vacuum cleaners available it’s not going to be difficult to find your perfect one. With these tips you should have a better idea of what will work for you and your home, now all that is left is to find one in your price range and make the other big decisions such as bagged or unbagged and what colour to go for.

7 Creative and Personalized Gift Ideas

These days there is so much junk in the shops that we often would prefer to receive something that has been made by the person themselves. As the person giving the home-made gift we get to have fun designing and creating something that we know will be a one-off! Here are 7 creative and personalized gift ideas.

Custom Designed iPhone Cases

A lot of people have an iPhone now days, but there are not many cases for iPhone 5 around that are really different. Custom designing your own iphone case is a great gift idea that will show your friend or loved one how much you care, because you have spent time putting your creativity into making something personalized just for them.

Name A Star

For the person that has everything, we are often strapped for ideas when it comes time to give them a gift. If you are having trouble finding something different to give to your friend or family member, why not name a star after them? Its relatively easy to do online and its one gift that they will never lose and will never ever forget.

Personalized Gift Basket

Rather than getting the generic gift basket from the chemist, or food shop and risking there being something that your friend or family member might not like, why not make your own. Making a personalized one just for them will allow you to choose items that suit them perfectly.

Favour Gift Book

One way of showing that we love someone is by giving the gift of our service to help them. Make up a gift favour booklet with coupons for them to call on you to assist them in helping out with certain things in their life. From a massage, baby-sitting, to washing their car or vacuuming their house, there are heaps of different ways that you can promise your help and often this will mean more to them than receiving a gift.

Oxfam Gifts That Give Twice

Oxfam have some really interesting gift ideas that give twice. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can buy a goat for a small village, a water pump, feed a family for a year, or any one of the other ways to help people who are less fortunate than you. This is one way that we can offset the imbalance caused by living in a capitalist society.

Latitude and Longitude

The latitude and longitude bracelets and necklaces are a beautiful way of letting a loved one have something to remember that you are thinking of them. The necklace or bracelet is engraved with the latitude and longitude coordinates of your choice. Some people buy these for friends and family in the defense force so they can think of home when they look at it, or for someone who is travelling on a long trip overseas.

Bridesmaid to Baby Shower

So the wedding has been and gone, you enjoyed being a bride maid for your friend or family member, but what are going to do with the bridesmaid dress? A great gift idea is to have the dress made into a quilt and gifted back to them at their baby shower.

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