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SvelT'i: Slim. Trim. Gleam

How we take care of our family and loved ones may reflect the way we care for ourselves.

When we’re healthy, everything follows – optimism, high productivity, better income, healthy relationships and among others.

SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre promote the value of self-care and its lasting advantages will assist you in better caring for your family.

For the founders of SvelT’i, beauty and the self-confidence it brings are also part of self-care that translates into healthy relationships.

An authentic positive appearance can boost your career. It also does wonders in your home life, especially with your spouse or significant other.

A Closer Look To SvelT’i

SvelT’i provides advanced health and beauty services using state of the art technology. They offer non-invasive body and skin rejuvenation therapies to improve body curvatures and reverse the signs of aging.

Their technique includes a blend of proven clinical approaches, versatile medical equipment, and specific treatment protocols to provide immediate and visible results that cannot be achieved even with regular exercise nor beauty regimens.

Professional consultants are available to discuss the appropriate course of health and beauty management therapies to help you achieve a svelte body and youthful skin.

SvelT’i maintain a high standard in clinical practices by ensuring excellence in everything they do. From your first consultation to each treatment or therapy and even until our post-care support, they make sure their services exceed your expectations & your SvelT’i experience gratifying.

 photo treatment rooms.jpg

A quick look at the treatment rooms in SvelT’i.

Ways to Achieve Confidence: Slim.Trim.Gleam

i-Curve by i-Lipo
It is an advanced non-surgical treatment for fat reduction and body shaping. It is based on the very latest laser lipolysis technology which uses dual-wave length low-level lasers to target the specific areas with the excess fat build up and stimulate the body’s natural response to fat-burning. The treatment also includes vacuum massage for cellulite and radio-frequency for skin tightening.

A revolutionary Q-Switched ND:YAG laser that features PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse (PTP) that offers a wide range solution to remove melisma, unwanted pigments, fine lines and wrinkles, acne marks and even tattoo.

It is an advanced non-surgical treatment designed to safely and effectively burn fat by increasing the body’s metabolic process.

Facial Treatments

  • Clarity White Facial
  • Moisturizing Facial
  • Vitamin C Facial Treatment
  • Collagen Facial Treatment
  • Gold Facial Treatment
  • Acne Treatment

Behind SvelT’i

svelti ambassadors

The founder of SvelT’i with the ambassadors.

There are two persons who push the value of achieving lasting happiness in self-care: President of SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre is Mr. Jorge Banzon Aquino, who combines his passion and interests in business and wellness, and Dr. Marjorie Lalaine Salazar who is the Medical Director for SvelT’i. She is motivated by her drive to impart and provide lasting values to her clients and their families as well by taking care of the health and appearance.

To know more about SvelT’i treatments, call (02) 332-7546 or 0918-8SVELTI. You may visit their clinic at 5F South Insula Condominium #61 Timog Avenue, Quezon City from Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm and Saturdays from 8am to 1pm.


Instagram: @svelti_ph

Planning To Buy A Condo or Live In An Apartment? Feng Shui Strategies For Auspicious Living

Living in an apartment or condominium in the city usually means having to make do with a small living space, and in Feng Shui small living space is often considered problematic.

Philippine Feng Shui expert in home and office analysis, Master Hanz Cua, says that making your apartment or condo unit into an auspicious living space is a challenge, but can definitely be remedied through some useful and practical techniques.

1. Organize, organize, organize. Clutter is the enemy of small spaces. When clutter accumulates, it eats up even more space, and your unit becomes cramped. Chi cannot circulate in cramped areas and becomes blocked. Always maintain the clean and orderly state of your apartment or condo to keep energy moving and your good luck flowing.

2. Have adequate lighting. Another important remedy for small spaces is light. Darkness emphasizes the cramped appearance of a unit. Positive chi is attracted to light, while darkness results in poor or sluggish chi flow.

3. Crystals help circulate energy. Crystal balls, geodes and faceted crystals make attractive decorations, but even more importantly, they encourage chi flow and draw in auspicious energy from outside.

4. Windows. Some apartment or condos have very large picture windows that can make a resident feel vulnerable and exposed. This is especially problematic if the windows face the Western sun. If this is the case, you need to put heavy curtains that can be drawn close for protection.

5. What’s your view? When you look out the window, what do you see? If you are fortunate that your unit is high up and overlooking a really nice view, good for you. But what if there is another building directly opposite your window—or a billboard obstructing the view, or the top of a factory vent that emits pollution? These are all highly inauspicious features. Hang a pakua mirror outside your window or veranda door if you have one, to deflect the negative energy emitted by the unfortunate feature. You can also put a small chi fountain on a table or stand next to the window with the offending view. The movement of the water “filters” the bad energy coming in from outside.

6. Mirrors. You can visually “expand” the area of a small unit by placing large mirrors to give rooms some depth. Do not put a mirror directly in front of the main entrance, however. This will cause chi and good luck that is coming in to bounce back out the door.

7. Decorate with plants. Live plants have the power to stimulate good energy. You can use potted plants (choose those with rounded leaves and no thorns) as decoration inside your unit. Make sure they are not too big or too small—and take good care of them. Unhealthy or withered plants bring yin or “decaying” energy which is no good.

8. Entrance to your unit vs. Front Face of the building. The typical design of apartments and condos is that the entrance to your unit is usually facing an inner hallway or corridor, while the actual “face” of the building may be a different orientation. This is an important consideration when you are trying to impose a bagua map on your unit and you need to know the true front of the building where you live. The easiest way to figure out where the front face of the building is to see which side faces the main road. The true front is the reference you need to use when figuring out where the nine sectors are located on your unit’s floor space.

Read Master Hanz Chua’s 2015 House Fengshui Guide.

Three Things To Look For In A Logo Sign Company

These days, many sports fans want to show enthusiasm for their favorite team with foam logo signs. If this is the case for you, it’s important to find a great logo sign company from which to purchase your products. To ensure that you select the most excellent and ethical logo sign company on the market, be sure you’re looking for these three things:

1. Affordable Prices

If you’re like most sports enthusiasts, you’re into sports paraphernalia but don’t want to pay exorbitant fees for your products. Since this is the case, it’s important that you find a logo company that offers affordable prices. Once you start your search process, consider a company like Collectible Supplies. This business buys in bulk so that it can offer great customers like you the deep discounts you deserve. Shop foam logo signs now by visiting their website today at

2. An Established Brand Name

When you start to look for the perfect company from which to purchase your logo products, be sure that you’re working with an organization that has an established brand name. This means that they should have been in operation for a while (ten years or more, preferably). It also means that the company should have a reputation for offering customers high quality products and absolutely amazing customer service. There are numerous ways that you can attain this information, such as visiting the logo company’s website and contacting one of its customer service representatives to ask detailed questions.

3. A Good Return Policy

Although you likely purchase your sports paraphernalia products with the goal of treasuring them forever, there is an at least small chance that you will need to make a return. In light of this reality, it’s critically important that you make your purchase from a company that offers an excellent return policy. Defining what a “good” return policy is can be difficult, but it typically involves being able to get a full refund if you return the item in new condition and with a receipt. Typically, companies will want you to make the return in 30 days or less.


If you love sports and like showing your enthusiasm with foam logo products, you should find a smart, savvy company to make your purchases from. To ensure that you can do so, make sure you look for the aforementioned attributes in a logo company before making your final purchases.

7 Cool Sneakers for the New Year

It’s now year 2015, are you still wearing your same old shoes? Don’t freak out. Here are seven examples of fun, fresh and form-fitting footwear that will answer all of your needs for 2015 and beyond.

1. Saucony Ignition 5

Blast off with the Ignition sneaker from Saucony. They come with padding for the insides and carbon rubber for the outsides, making them perfect for heel-strike transitions on every level, and they even boast reflective details so you can go jogging in the dark without fear.

2. Adidas Crazy 8

You’ve never seen shoes like this before! Dyed bright pink and woven with white, these shoes are sure to make a splash even as they protect your feet from heavy activity with their textile linings and EVA insoles.

3. New Balance 610V2

If your sneakers never seem to be comfortable enough, try the New Balance 610V2. They’re stuffed with state-of-the-art cushioning technology, and that’s on top of the mesh uppers and compression-resistant midsoles that come with all New Balance shoes.

4. Skechers Twinkle Toes: Sugar Canes – Heart N Soul PS

Your little girl will adore these glittery too-cool-for-school sneakers. Sequins form a pink heart on both sides; shiny overlays attract the light in every room; colorful stitching ties it all together for a princess look that’s still nice and ready for action.

5. Vans Galaxy Authentic Lo Pro

Walk on the stars when you purchase these galaxy shoes from Vans. Made with comfortable canvas uppers and waffle outsoles, they’re both stylish and great for an active life where your footwear needs to keep up with your daily activities.

6. Adidas Climacool Aerate 2.0

Runners, these Adidas are for you. Not only are they perforated for less sweat and more airflow, but they also come with cutting-edge climacool technology that allows for incredible ventilation throughout the entire shoe. Your feet will never suffer in the heat again!

7. The North Face Hedgehog Guide GTX

The Hedgehogs live up to their name by offering a completely waterproof and wind-resistant shoe for the most serious of hikers and outdoors enthusiasts. Even the toe comes capped with PU-coated leather!

These are just seven great shoes that will keep you hiking, biking and jogging up a storm throughout 2015. Check out companies like Sneaker King to learn more and browse even more options.

Wedding Invitation Ideas For Everyone

Wedding announcements and invitations should be as unique as the bride and groom themselves.

Be creative and express yourselves while staying within your wedding budget with Wedding Paper Divas. Save big on save the date notices, thank you notes, wedding announcements, invitations and RSVP cards while still showing the world how amazing you are as a couple!

You might want to incorporate elements of your first date or the wedding venue in your personalized wedding announcements. Standard wedding invitations may fit your style or you might want to change design elements or start entirely from scratch.

Many couples customize their invitations with print styles and colors to match their wedding colors. You can go far beyond this with the help of expert designers and stylists online. Create custom take-home souvenirs for wedding guests, too, such as coasters, gifts and mini-photo albums. Focus on what styles and themes fit your personalities best.

The wedding is about your big day and what will make the two of you happy. Every detail of the day is about your preferences, interests and what makes a lifelong joyous memory for you. Wedding Paper Divas coupons help make your dreams possible without breaking the bank.

As you browse for wedding invitation ideas, remember the examples you see are merely starting points for your own creativity. There are infinite fonts, colors and designs to help make your wedding stationery uniquely your own. Depending on your personality, you may want to include photographs, sweet treats or even a short announcement video with your wedding invitation.

Some creative couples print their wedding announcement or invitation on a balloon, to become visible only as the balloon is inflated. Others print their wedding information on a wearable like a handkerchief, T-shirt, cap or napkin so guests have a permanent reminder of the special day. Whatever your final decision, make it as unique and beautiful as your own special day.

How Olivia d'Aboville Bloom the Holidays with Eco-Friendly Lights

Do think that this lighting is expensive? No. They are made of recyclable materials beautifully crafted as Christmas lights and now displayed in one of the prestigious mall in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Olivia d'Aboville

Light installations made of recycleable materials (photo credit to the owner)

The one who created it is none other than the famed textile artist Olivia d’Aboville.

Olivia is a staunch supporter of environmental efforts. A young French-Filipino artist based in Manila, Olivia specializes in tapestry and textile structures, adapting various techniques to create her own woven forms. Even when she was still a design student in Paris, recycling had already been a major component, if not an influence, on her pieces.

Christmas lights

Olivia d’Aboville with her eco-friendly masterpiece! (photo credit to the owner)


Recycled Art & Green Design

“I do a lot of recycled art and then progressively incorporate different materials to my work,” Olivia shared when asked about the nature of her art. “Plastic is really an element that I like working with, and also the fact that I am a textile designer makes everything I do have some sort of textile technique within the piece.”

From plastic spoons to water bottles and cocktail stirrers, she is drawn to mass produced objects, manipulating and recycling materials to create new work. She is very sensitive to light, fluidity and movement and is mostly known for works inspired by the theme of the ocean. The use of LED lighting is systematic in her works.

In partnership with SM Supermalls, Olivia d’Aboville recently found a new home for her spectacular art installation called Giant Dandelions.

A Dance of Plastic Blossoms

With close to a hundred colorful giant flowers made from recycled water bottles, the SM Aura Skypark lawn was recently transformed into a bed of vibrant, chromatic visual and aural feast. A forest made up of 90 larger than life light flowers, the Giant Dandelions are a brilliant masterpiece where people can freely walk through, take photos, and just be plain captivated.

“The set up is very much influenced by the peacock. That’s what we tried to recreate by working with a lot of blues and greens. We started in the center and the lights will dissipate and change color,” shared d’Aboville when asked about her interactive work on display. “We’re also influenced by the music. When the music is more whimsical, you have these little lights coming along, blinking and changing colors.”

Lightning at dawn.


The installation features flowers of different heights, from 160cm to 210cm high, with dandelion heads made from approximately 9,000 recycled water bottles cut and connected to one another by a nylon weave. Each flower is also lit by a color changing LED strip.

A Sustainable Ecosystem

The Giant Dandelions were launched in line with SM Supermalls’ efforts in caring for the environment. SM Cares, a division of SM Foundation, does its part in supporting communities, providing them opportunities to take part in recycling efforts.

An example of such is a project implemented back in 2007. With the Trash to Cash Recycling Market, SM had continuously raised awareness on environmental efforts and provided a public incentive on recycling all waste materials properly. Having gained widespread participation from customers and communities, the initiative is held simultaneously in all malls every first Fridays and Saturdays of the month. This remarkable project allows market patrons to exchange waste and recyclable household items for cash and useful household goods.

Truly a sight to behold, Olivia D’Aboville’s Giant Dandelions is a main attraction that’s not to be missed. The light show is set to music playing every hour from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM from November 16 to January 16, 2015 at the Sky Park of SM Aura Premier.

For more information about the SM Supermalls Christmas celebrations, visit or follow the #MerrySMChristmas hashtag and the @smsupermalls account on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

One Healthy Christmas Basket

Got an idea for a healthy gift this Christmas? Read on below!

For most Filipinos, giving gifts to family, friends and loved ones during the most celebrated season in the Philippines is definitely a big deal. They go to great lengths to make sure that their gifts are outside the ordinary, spending much time to make sure that they are truly one of a kind.

(photo credit to the owner)

One popular gift fare is the so-called “Christmas Basket” of various sizes, filled with assorted goodies such as candies, canned goods, wine, and biscuits. Imagine the excitement of those lucky enough to be on the receiving end of these baskets, a gift-giving tradition that has been part of Filipino culture whenever Christmas time comes.

But instead of giving the “usual” Christmas Basket, you may want to try out something that’s on the healthy side, but equally enjoyable if you want to fill your tummy before Christmas Day: McVitie’s Digestives, UK’s favourite tea time biscuit, is an absolutely perfect item to give out this season.

Apart from seeing the usual ingredients for spaghetti, fruit salad and ham, your loved ones and friends would be surprised to find McVitie’s Digestives in their basket. While a pack of McVitie’s is surely unique, it would also be a healthy gift before people start to indulge on the most sumptuous meals this season. McVitie’s Digestives has fewer calories than most biscuits, less fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients, zero cholesterol and transfat that can potentially harm the body. It also has more fiber that helps propagate proper digestion.

Putting the entire McVitie’s Digestives variants such us McVitie’s Original, Whole wheat, Milk Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate in cardboard boxes with simple design patterns could make your gift look elegant.

(photo credit to the owner)

Going local is also one good option in packaging your McVitie’s Digestives. The Philippines has an array of local produce that can be used as baskets for your goodies like abaca, sinamay, and even the bayong. You can even go crazy in putting other colorful and decorative wrappings in your basket like shredded paper or twine to add color to your present.

So take your pick, either go crazy or go classy in decorating your Christmas basket is your choice. For as long as you’re giving away McVitie’s Digestives, you can never go wrong in giving your loved ones and friends enjoyable yet healthy treats this Christmas, and show them how you say “Happy Holidays!” You may also want to avail of McVitie’s “Buy One Take One” promo and grab as many boxes of McVitie’s Digestives as you want in selected supermarkets this December.

For more info about McVitie’s Digestives, visit or click “Like” on their Facebook page, Distributed in the Philippines by Delfi Marketing Inc., McVitie’s Digestives is available in leading supermarkets nationwide.

Disclaimer: This post is the official Press Release by McVities. The author of this blog is not responsible to any of the content above.

Why Dolls Have Stood the Test of Time as a Gift

A pony may be the ultimate birthday or Christmas dream gift but when it comes to a more realistic option a doll is always first choice. Whether it’s a vintage porcelain figure or a classic Barbie, a doll is still one of the most requested girls’ toys.

A girl’s best friend

Although children now live in an always-connected online world the endurance of that little doll as a gift has in no way been diminished. Dolls allow girls to create their own world with an ever-present friend and they provide a great deal of entertainment at very little cost. In fact in terms of value for money and long-term use a doll is a wise (and fun!) investment as a toy. The other bonus is the wealth of choice available and you’re always going to find something to suit your child’s imagination and your budget.

(photo credit to the owner)

Added fun with accessories

Dolls such as Barbie provide long-term entertainment value mainly due to the amount of accessories available. Low cost add-ons mean you can buy gifts throughout the year or whenever Barbie needs a change of career, such as from an air-hostess into fashion model. Other dolls can be treated to new clothes, toy prams, plastic cars, miniatures houses and, well, pretty much anything imaginable! Who knows, your daughter’s doll might even end up being a collector’s item in the future.

An enduring gift

Many of these toys will become a cherished childhood plaything and some will be kept for years after your child has grown up. There’s definitely something familiar and comforting about that favorite doll that has been well looked after during childhood and brings back happy memories as an adult. Of course some toys can actually go on to become collector’s items and those vintage models can be worth a lot of money. But for a child it’s not about the money, it’s about having a constant companion and a familiar friend who’s always there, ready to be played with.

If you’re stuck for a present for your daughter, granddaughter or niece then look no further than the gift that will stand the test of time. Girls will always remember the person who bought their favorite doll and it may not be a pony but it’s definitely the next best thing.

Image by Softness, used under the Creative Commons license.

How NaturHouse Can Help You Get Back In Shape

If you’re aiming to get back in shape, here’s an inspiring story for you.

Ethan Manzano, a 29-year old certified public accountant and audit manager shared with us his weight-loss journey.

“Two years ago, I used to weigh around 205 lbs., “ he said.  “It was about that time that I agreed to try out Natur House Philippines, which was just about to be formally launched then.”   

He admitted that it might take some time before he could lose the 20 lbs. that he hoped to lose. However with patience, passion, drive and determination, he was able to achieve his ideal weight of 175 lbs, which is proportional to his height of 5’8”.

He recalled during his college days, he had a fit body when he still had the time to play basketball and engage in other physical activities. When he started to work, he noticed that his metabolism slowed down and his busy schedule made it difficult for him to engage in sports.  His stressful environment also proved to be the reason why he turned to eating as a way to come with stress.

Good for him, he was able to discover food supplements of Natur House, a global brand with more than 2000 outlets worldwide . Naturhouse was more than a food supplement. With the aid of their personalized nutritionists, Ethan was introduced to a healthier lifestyle.

Every week, while Ethan was on the weight-loss challenge program, he was told to engage in physical activities like brisk walking and jogging and to strictly follow a diet regimen which was changed every week, depending on the results of his body to the diet.

For the first week, he only ate fruits, vegetables, cereals, white meat and drank two liters of water every day.  These and with the help of food supplements in the form of tablets and liquids provided for him by NaturHouse that week and with exercise, Manzano lost 5 pounds in just one week. Amazing!

In the second week, his diet was almost the same and he was given a new set of supplements. On the third week, he was allowed to eat fish, pork and beef with less oil and half a cup of rice during lunch.  Finally, on the fourth week, he was allowed to eat anything and everything, albeit in moderation.  On the last day after he was allowed to eat anything, he was asked to take a crash diet of just eating three mangoes or a big watermelon for one day.  The following week, his diet was back to normal where he could eat anything in moderation with the right food supplements from NaturHouse.


“What makes Natur House unique from the other weight-loss centers in the market is that it is not only a food store but it provides a personalized service based on the clients’ body weight or structure,” says Rick Cabanban, Natur House Philippines Project Leader.

Natur House, located at SM North EDSA in Quezon City, provides the client with the assistance of a licensed dietitian and nutritionist inside the store who gives a free assessment.

“They create a personalized diet plan and recommend the food supplements based on the assessment. These nutritionists tailor-fit the diet and the supplements based on the needs of the clients and they don’t believe in single supplement. They encourage variety, ” he explains.

Consulting a nutritionist at Natur House is free of charge. Usually, a nutritionist at a medical center who will give you a diet plan will cost you around P1,500, that’s for a trial program only.

“It is expensive to consult a nutritionist, but now it can be achieved. Our target markets are B and C. During the cost of the method or program system, say the problem is four kilos overweight, we guarantee .6 to one kilo loss weight. So another two months for stabilization (maintenance), that would cost roughly P1,125 per week. That is still cheap as compared to other slimming programs. Here, you just spend 15 minutes per week to a nutritionist who will recommend you the right products,” he says.

Filipinos are really health-conscious. However, they don’t know the food supplements to be considered. “Most of us have the tendency to self-medicate. Sometimes we starve ourselves and when we don’t see the results, we get frustrated. In Natur House, the nutritionist calls the client to check. If there’s any problem, we restructure everything,” Cabanban says. Natur House also encourages its clients to eat five meals a day. During maintenance period, the client goes back to regular eating method.”By that time, the clients’ body has already gotten use to eating in small portions and everything in moderation.”

A global health brand with more than 2,000 outlets worldwide and over four million clients, Natur House has finally reached the Philippines, the foreign company’s first venture in Asia. It is also planning to open 140 stores nationwide, either company or franchised-owned.

One of the best-selling products at Natur House is the Garcinia Cambogia food supplement from the highest quality plants in Asia which contains an extract called Hydroxcitric Acid (HCA) which blocks fat development by inhibiting the enzyme ATP citrate lyase from converting carbohydrates into fat. When we eat too much carbs and sugars, the body just puts these away as fat. The  fat-making process is halted by the HCA in Garcinia Cambogia. Cholesterol is a result of having too much sugar and fat in one’s diet,” said Cabanban.

“Our price range is comparable with other food supplements in the market. The idea is we have the same objective but to get a free nutritionist is an added feature. Natur House does not require any franchise fee when you want to open a business selling our products.  Our advocacy is healthy eating and provide jobs for nutritionists,” adds Cabanban.

Like Natur House on Facebook to get updates!

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