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The Top Pathways Toward a Successful Career

Graduating high school and finding a job straight out of that experience isn’t possible in today’s employment world. There’s more competition than ever today, and you must be prepared with the right level of education to stand out to a hiring manager. There are many pathways toward a successful career so consider the best choice for you as the world becomes a landslide of different opportunities.

Internship Opportunities

If you’re able to find an internship, it can be an easy transition into a permanent job. Internships can be either paid or unpaid, but it’s the work experience that you’re looking to harness. Although you may have some schooling on your resume, hands-on experience teaches you a lot more about the working world. Add software experience to the resume while learning the ins and outs of an office or industry. Working hard in an internship means that you’re making contacts who can help you secure a permanent job in the near future.

Volunteering Your Time

It may not be possible to secure an internship at times. As an alternative, simply volunteer at a business that you’re interested in. Greeting clients, filing paperwork and other small duties give you a taste of the industry. When an employee is ill or on leave, you might fill in to cover their responsibilities. This opportunity gives you a chance to shine and possibly find a position in or near this particular company.

Community Training Services

Many communities have organizations that make it easier for citizens to find jobs. Training jobs help the youth by showing them a solid, work ethic. Basic skills are emphasized as they gain real-life experiences for the working world. These organizations are often connected to local businesses that can offer some positions to incoming youth. Simply verify that the organization has a footprint in the community as an employment leader. You’ll gain countless skills with these professionals.

College Degrees

A four-year degree is a valuable tool to have as you enter the workforce. These degrees cover a wide range of topics. Ideally, major in a subject that can translate into any industry, such as business or psychology. You’ll be able to apply for a variety of positions until the right one comes along. Go further with your education by applying for a master’s program. You’ll have even more opportunities in front of you.

Trade Experiences

Trade schools are still viable pathways toward a successful career. Electronics, medical and dental fields thrive on highly skilled individuals graduating from these institutions. Think about your dream career and what it might entail. Research a school that specializes in that area. Many classes can be completed in one or two years.

You can also look into master-and-apprentice relationships in the trades, such as construction or blacksmithing. These specialties take years to learn, but they’re often coveted by needy employers. Being able to build or forge a material is a talent that only a few people can accomplish with flair.

If you find yourself between jobs at some point, try to fill the time with some activities. Some of the simplest tasks, such as handing out food at a local shelter, can show off your personality to employers. They’ll see that you tried to help the community even during unemployment. Your career pathway can get back on track with a thoroughly detailed resume.

Sanerra: Ovialand's Newest Development in San Pablo City

For those who are looking for options to find a place to build a home that they call as their own, a real estate company is offering a new development in Southern Luzon.

From the success of Terrazza de Sto Tomas in the gateway of the Southern Metro of Sto. Tomas,
Batangas, Ovialand is proud to unveil its newest affordable premier development.

Located along the Maharlika National Highway in San Pablo City, Laguna, Sannera boasts of 55% open spaces using tropical modern asian design while keeping the lush greens the province is known for.

Sannera is a 5.2-hectare property that will have 340 premiere house and lot units. The project will also include a top-of-the-line swimming pool and club house facility similar to what is offered at Terrazza de Sto. Tomas development in Batangas.

Properties at Sanerra is priced from P1.7 million up to P2.9 million.

“We are bringing this development in San Pablo City to offer affordable premiere living for the more discerning market in the area. We want to promote ‘resort living’ in this residential community since Laguna is known for its hot spring resorts,” said Fatima Olivares-Vital, business unit head of Ovialand.

Ovialand stays true to its commitment in giving Filipinos the chance not just to own an affordable home with premier qualities, but at the same time the chance to invest their hard-earned money by ensuring the increasing appreciation of the property values of their developments. Not only are they growing their assets, they are also ensuring a gift that they can pass on to their children.

Ovialand chose San Pablo City for its latest project as it recognizes CALABARZON (Region IV) as a resolute region that is enjoying aggressive growth and development.

“Cities like San Pablo are experiencing strong economic activity. There is a new generation of successful businessmen, OFWs and Professionals from the area that are seeking the Premier lifestyle they deserve while they strive daily for success. That is the added value that we are giving them, aside from the value-for-money investment we are giving them, we also want to make sure that they can sit and relax while enjoying their wise investment,” explains Fatima Olivares – Vital.

What Is SEO and How Can It Help Your Business?

You have probably seen the letters SEO when you have been skimming some online articles. However, you might have never taken the time to actually find out what those letters mean. They stand for search engine optimization. You would be wise to learn as much as you can about SEO if you own an online business. The simple truth is that effectively using SEO could be the difference between your online business succeeding or failing. It is literally that important. Here is a little more info on what exactly SEO is.

1. What is SEO?

SEO is basically a way for your website to appear higher than it currently does on the rankings of various search engines. Why is this important? There have been numerous studies that have looked at the way that people perform online searches. The vast majority of people do not click on search results that are located lower than the 10th position in the search rankings. These results have proven the importance of being ranked higher in the search results. It means thousands of the unique visitors go to the highest ranked sites every month. The sites with the highest rankings will also sell the most products and make the most money. SEO places specific keywords and phrases on your website. Hopefully, the algorithms being used by the search engines will pick up on these keywords and phrases when someone performs a search for something that you sell. SEO takes a long time to work. However, it can boost the search ranking position of your site if it is done correctly.

2. Why should you pay for an SEO company?

The amount of money you can make if your SEO is done correctly is quite significant. It would be well worth the investment that you would make to hire a company to perform your SEO for you. It is important to understand that patience is key where SEO is concerned. It could take several months to see any major rise in the search results for your online business site. People need to know that your online business exists in order for them to start shopping there regularly. Therefore, higher search results would be the best way to let the world know about your business. Your site will be exposed to an enormous amount of people who never heard of it before if it begins to show up near the top of the search rankings.

3. How do you get started with making SEO part of your online business?

There are companies that specialize in performing SEO in the same way that there are many ecommerce web hosting services. The trick is to find a company that really knows what they are doing. You will need to read the websites of these companies very carefully to find out their level of experience. How many years have they been doing SEO? Talk to their former clients to see if they are satisfied.

Salamander: The First Filipino-Made Amphibious Tricycle

Years from now there will be charging stations situated throughout the urban areas but right now, people will have to resort to other methods instead,” said Lamberto Armada, the Chief Engineer at H2O Technologies.

This idea gave way to the creation of Salamander HydroPlus.

H20 Technologies, Inc. launched an innovative concept vehicle designed to meet a unique local need to be able to run on land and on water.

salamander (inside)




“The Salamander will carry a total of five passengers excluding the driver on both land and in water. Therefore, in a Barangay which may simply be waiting for floodwaters to subside, the Salamander would be perfect to allow workers to get back to their normal modes of transportation and make their way back to work,” said David Ong, Chairman of H2O Technologies in a press release.

salamander driver

H2O Technologies states that the Salamander concept can reach speeds on land of up to 80 km/h and up to 6 knots (11 km/h) on water using a marine-grade propeller. The designers also state that the Salamander can seamlessly switch from land to water propulsion using their own technology.

Moreover, H20 Technologies debuted two versions of the Salamander; one running on a 250cc motorcycle engine and another that runs on electric propulsion.

salamander inventors


You may visit H20 Facebook / H20 Official Website for more information.

VXI Takes Pride In Its Passion To Serve Community

Ever wondering what VXI is and how it can help you grow? Read more below to find out.

vxi front desk

In 2015, VXI has grown PH headcount by 16% from 2014 and now has a total headcount of 10,225 talented individuals (as of June 8, 2016). The company is yet again expecting 1000 more employment as it opens its flagship site in Five E-Com Center, Mall of Asia Pasay City.

Along with the employment contribution of VXI to the Philippines is its pride in nurturing people. VXI does not only apply expose its employees to different countries and their cultures, but also commit to the over-all development of everyone’s welfare.

vxi facilities

In fact, to further encourage employee satisfaction, VXI invested PHP 23.88M to support activities like fun and games, themes days, recognition programs, parties, and other value adding engagement activities.

These are just some of the advocates that the company fosters to grow the employee’s sense of work-life balance. Apart from employee engagement efforts. VXI ensures that all company members are well equipped with the best training and career upbringing.

VXI presscon


VXI Training Simulation Tool

Providing scenario-based and hands-on experience, this tool increases CSR speed to proficiency and reduces training duration , trains agents faster using  a self-paced, simulated mock call programmed on agent desktops while the employee is guaranteed to receive immediate coaching points and feedback. It also tracks learner progress using recorded scores and detailed simulation notes.

VXI official

“VXI has an excellent service track record with our clients and they are taking more of our services so we hold to prepare an excellent talent pool, which we compensate with above-industry standard pay, including other special benefits. People work for us and stay longer with us because they see opportunities for career advancement and growth, the chance to lead people. That’s the value that VXI offers in terms of jobs for those who want a career in the BPO industry,”  Morisson said.

Community Assistance 

VXI as a company of goodwill and generosity has done several social initiatives to protect and support the communities around it.  Apart from its minor silent efforts in helping small barangay’s around the country and VXI also participated in helping calamity-stricken areas.


VXI company that always strives to be better in it’s operations, it sonstantly endeavors to provide the best product and the most innovative solutions to its customers. VXI works for excellence as it hires and develops the best recruits in the country.

 Embrace your future with VXI. Be part of an exciting, dynamic, ever growing and truly global organization today.

Choose any one of our global locations and begin your career today! Visit for more information.

PMA’s 47th National Marketing Conference Says “Hello ASEAN”

“This will give our attendees opportunities to explore, on more concrete grounds, possible partnerships.  These businesses meet-ups are fertile ground for networking, exchanges, developments, and partnerships,” PMA President, Ms. Pinky Yee shared.

Pinky Yee

Recognizing an urgent demand to spread this knowledge, the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) set the theme of  its 47th  National Marketing Conference (NMC) this year as, “Hello ASEAN”. The conference will feature stories and scenarios from top-tier business experts and practitioners, marketing masters and disrupters, including CEOs of Philippine, Asian, and global brands that successfully launched or grown their businesses in the ASEAN trade sphere. The event will happen on July 28-29, 2016 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Newport City.

PMA also teamed up with the No. 1 Business Channel, Bloomberg, which recently opened its Philippine office after establishing its partnership with TV5 Network Inc. and Cignal. Being the first business news channel to air on a 24/7 basis in the country, Bloomberg TV Philippines is now set to reach out to its audience by co-presenting PMA’s 47th NMC.

The Philippine Marketing Association and Bloomberg Cignal TV Philippines present HELLO ASEAN, the 47th National Marketing Conference on July  28-29 at the Marriott Hotel  Grand Ballroom  in Newport City.

“Bloomberg is really privileged to take part in the Philippine Marketing Association’s National Marketing Conference,” Vice President and Head of Channel Management for Cignal TV, Ms. Sienna Olaso shared. “It is our privilege to meet the people in the marketing industry, because our network’s presence in the conference will definitely do something good for Bloomberg. By the same token, we hope that Bloomberg’s integrity and credibility can lend itself to the success of the event. We are looking forward to meet everyone in the event and we are all excited in Bloomberg.”

Jaime Bautista

Jaime J. Bautista Philippine Airlines (PAL) veteran

Some of the speakers who are set to give their invaluable insights on the ASEAN market are, Philippine Airlines (PAL) veteran Jaime J. Bautista who has a long and credit-worthy record of professional service in the travel and tourism business. He recently assumed the presidency of PAL in October 2014 after the Lucio Tan Group took over management control of Asia’s longest-running airline.


National Marketing Conference examines Family Business as key factor in Asian Business

HELLO ASEAN trains the spotlight on the ASEAN Economic Community — its strengths as a growing consumer base and the prevailing opportunities for business.  The sessions will appeal to CEOs and CMOs; the presenters and facilitators are all top notch branding experts and business consultants who will share brand stories and scenarios that are backed by meticulous research and actual case studies.

Family business consultant Eric Soriano has guided hundreds of companies in their transition from one generation to the next.

Prof. Enrique Soriano

Prof. Enrique Soriano (Certified Professional Marketer)

As Senior Advisor of the Wong and Bernstein Advisory Group, that services ASEAN organizations on branding, strategic leadership and organizational change, Soriano has enabled the seamless transition of countless Asian family businesses from entrepreneurial to corporate organizations.

The speakers will share their success stories and learnings from exploring and filling the gaps in the market. These insights will feature the strategies and tools that helped their companies conquer multiple challenges. 

Aside from the invaluable content that attendees will get from the conference and an accompanying trade exhibit, “Hello ASEAN” will feature the ASEAN Pavilion that houses the embassy representations from ASEAN member nations and other guest Asian countries.

Subsequent sessions will tackle how corporations can determine if they are ready for expansions overseas and if their products have what it takes to be a winning ASIAN Brand.

Speakers like Jimmy Bautista of Philippine Air Lines, Asia Brewery’s Chay Cruwel, Angelica Suiza of Under Armour and Citibank’s Bea Beh Tan will engage the audience with thought-provoking lessons from their own experiences.

Asian Brand advocate Joseph Baladi reveals brutal truths at 47TH National Marketing Conference

Foremost among the questions to be tackled in HELLO ASEAN is “How to Develop Asian Brands that ASEAN consumers will patronize”.

Joe Baladi (Asian Brand Advocate)

Branding expert Joseph Baladi shares thought provoking insights on “Asian Brands and How They Can Change the World”. Baladi, author of the best-selling “The Brutal Truth About Asian Branding”, has provided brand-building advice to leading global companies including Procter & Gamble, Mars, and Coca-Cola. Presently based in Asia, he is considered a leading voice for and advocate of emerging great Asian brands.

National Marketing Conference dubbed HELLO ASEAN

This growing and vibrant economic community considered to be the third largest in 2030 (after the US and China)  vowed to enable  the creation of  A Highly Integrated and Cohesive Economy that is People-Oriented  and People-Centred that will produce products and professionals of  World Class calibre.

Adopting this vision,  the Philippine Marketing Association chose the theme HELLO ASEAN for its 47th National Marketing Conference to be held on July 28-29, 2016 at the Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom in Newport City. Media giant Bloomberg Cignal TV Philippines  has signed up as its major partner.  The power packed program features top tier marketing gurus who will examine the intricacies of this diverse region and present possible scenarios for market penetration.

Other Notable Speakers

Joe Baladi (Asian Brand Advocate) -Baladi brings his extensive experience in business communications across multiple geographies to the conference with his talk on How Asian Brands Can Conquer the World.  This well- traveled marketing consultant is credited for shaping and repositioning major SME and MNC brands. He is a frequent speaker on the conference circuit, a regular guest on business television programs, and regularly contributes thought leadership articles to business magazines and newspapers across the region. As the CEO of BrandAsian, Joe divides his time in providing one-on-one business and branding advice and counsel to CEOs of some of the Asia’s largest companies.

chay_cruel_2x2idpicture3Joseph “Chay” Cruel (Vice President for Asia Brewery) – Non-Alco Marketing, Business Development and International Business, is responsible for the popular domestic non-alco products such as Cobra Energy Drink, Absolute Distilled Drinking Water, Summit Water, Sunkist, Nestea, and Vitamilk. He spearheaded the international business and strategic partnerships for Asia Brewery.

Prof. Enrique SorianoProf. Enrique Soriano (Certified Professional Marketer and a PMA Agora Awardee for Excellence in Marketing Education) – who will examine the nature of Asian Family Businesses. As the Executive Director of the W+B Advisory Group, a Strategic Consulting Group servicing ASEAN corporate organizations on strategic leadership matters, Soriano will discuss growth in Asian family businesses, organizational change, and competitive strategies.

Ms Angelica Suiza_Under ArmourAngelica Suiza (Chief Product and eCommerce Officer at Triple Pte. Ltd.) – With her expertise in omni-channel inventory resources optimization, she is responsible for providing category merchandising strategies for Under Armour in Southeast Asia  as aligned with the company’s aggressive global merchandising directions.

Lucien Dy TiocoLucien Dy Tioco (Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing at The Philippine STAR) -He oversees the sales and marketing programs  of The Philippine STAR across all platforms:  from print, digital, and most recently, television. His presentation will cover the overall strategic direction of media conglomerates , through his company’s own Brand  directions, as they venture overseas.

PMA hopes to focus the spotlight on the ASEAN region, which is seen as the 3rd largest consumer market after China and North America, but still overlooked by companies within the region. MNCs have been aware of this potential for some time as even Euromonitor acknowledges this region as one the fastest growing markets in the 21st century. Through its theme “Hello ASEAN”, the 47th NMC aims to shed light on these opportunities especially for those who are motivated by success and growth for their businesses.

Be part of HELLO ASEAN and discover what it takes to expand your Brand’s reach in this vibrant and growing economic landscape.

To avail of the early bird rate, register now with the Philippine Marketing Association secretariat at (+632)638-7700; (+632)634-5722 or email


How Can I Make My New Business Successful?

Entrepreneurs who pursue their vision of building a business will oftentimes find that the process is exciting and rewarding. However, growing a new business can sometimes prove challenging. One of the best ways to limit complications and increase success is by implementing proven business-building strategies that keep your new company in a state of growth. Here are three strategies that can help you make it happen:

1. Keep Your Office Stocked And Up To Date

One great way to ensure that your new business becomes successful is by keeping your office stocked and up to date. This practice will help ensure that you and your employees can complete daily operations quickly and correctly. If your company makes use of Reiner Jetstamp printing products, you can obtain new ones from online companies like Carpenter’s Time Systems.

2. Take Your Company Online

When a business is new, marketing is not optional. It is imperative. And to ensure that your marketing efforts are as successful as possible, it’s important to advertise your products in the online world. To make it happen, it’s a good idea to hire a digital advertising company. These companies can empower you to reach more and more members of your target audience, thereby enabling you to improve your bottom line, optimize brand recognition, and broaden your loyal client base.

3. Focus On Self-Improvement

If you really want your new business to become as successful as possible, it’s important to focus on self-improvement. Doing so will optimize your skill set, knowledge, and ability to operate effectively with other people. There are several ways that you can get on the road to self-improvement, and one is by reading self-help books. Another effective strategy is focusing on health optimization. Doing so will help ensure that your body functions optimally and your mind is sharp. There are several wellness techniques that you can implement to realize this goal right now, and one of them is exercising on your lunch break. You may also want to get in the habit of meditating regularly and drinking a green smoothie to optimize your vitamin, mineral, and nutrient intake.


Once you decide that you want your new business to be as successful as possible, it’s time to realize your professional vision. To ensure that you can, consider the value of keeping your office stocked, taking your company online, and focusing on self-improvement.

IMMAP Launches The Country’s First Digital Congress: The Power of X

To celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), the premier organization of digital marketing professionals in the country, will hold the first “IMMAP Digital Congress” or IMMAP DigiCon happened  on April 19, 2016 at Makati Diamond Residences   to encourage practitioners to amp up their skills in the rapidly evolving digital industry.

Carrying the theme “The Power of X: Digital Multiplied,” the IMMAP DigiCon fuses together other regular digital marketing conferences such as the Mobile Marketing Summit, Digital Commerce Summit and the IMMAP Summit into one grand event that is expected to draw around 3,000 delegates from various industries across the country.


Participants at the IMMAP DigiCon will gain the opportunity to listen to content provided by powerhouse experts and acknowledged regional and global thought leaders in the field of digital marketing.

A total of 100 speakers representing the various sectors of digital marketing’s diverse ecosystem will enlighten delegates on 10 tracks of topics: “Branding and Marketing,” “Content and Distribution,” “Start-Ups,” “The Digital Creative,” “Social and Search,” “eCommerce and Payments,” “The Digital Agency,” “CRM, Data and Analytics,” “Research and Measurement,” and “Media and Ad Networks.”

“We have long dreamt of establishing the country’s first digital congress, and now it’s finally happening after months of planning and painstaking work. We would like to thank the IMMAP DigiCon management committee for putting together this milestone event for our association’s 10th anniversary, and we’re looking forward to a successful event,” says Margot Torres, IMMAP President.

For his part, IMMAP Vice President and DigiCon Director-in-Charge Eduardo Mapa, Jr. said, “The array of speakers gathers the best of the best, the brightest of minds when it comes to digital marketing. We are glad that they are willing to speak during this event to help spread the word on the importance of digital marketing and, eventually, help transform the marketing landscape to make it even more vibrant and dynamic in the 21st Century.”

“What we are preparing for is the establishment of what we call a ‘digital economy.’ It is slowly and surely happening so everyone, whether in the traditional or digital marketing industries, should be able to embrace it and witness it. Our goal in digital marketing is to complement the tenets of marketing and hopefully transform and bring it to a whole new level. The road is tough, acceptance from companies is trickling, but we are moving forward. We hope that our event will help achieve that goal,” explains Donald Lim, co-founder of IMMAP and overall Chairman of the IMMAP DigiCon.

The first “IMMAP DigiCon, The Power of X: Digital Multiplied,” will be held on October 10-12, 2016 at the Philippine International Convention Center, Vicente Sotto Street, Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex, Pasay City. For more information and other event mechanics, go to or

Knowing the Forms of On-the-Job Accidents

When you think of on-the-job accidents, you may think first of people falling off ladders or having something heavy hit them on the head or back.

It is true that such traumatic accidents account for many of the workers comp cases in this country every year. However, work-related injuries can also result from more mundane, yet troublesome circumstances like overusing a joint or developing pain somewhere in your body.

If you wonder if you could have a job-related injury, you can know for sure by visiting the website of a workers compensation legal professional today.

Common Injuries from Stress or Overuse

Many jobs across the country require workers to use their hands, fingers, elbows, legs, and other body parts continuously and repeatedly throughout each day. After years of use, you could develop injuries like tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Treating such injuries can be time consuming and expensive. Even more, they can take you off the job for months until you are fully healed. You may have been unaware that these injuries may be covered under the current workers comp laws. You can know for sure by speaking with a legal advocate like a law firm or an Iowa lawyer that practices in this area of law.

You may be entitled to compensation that will help you cover the costs of your treatment and surgery. Your lawyer could also protect your job until you are able to return to work and earn an income again.

Consulting with a Lawyer Today

Setting up that initial first meeting with an attorney is an important step in reclaiming your life after an injury or accident. You start the process of gaining a legal advocate who knows the law as it applies to your case. You also have someone to whom you can express your worries and fears and have them addressed in a legal and competent manner.

If you are worried about the cost associated with meeting with an attorney, you may rest assured that the first meeting is free. This first meeting can help you decide if you want to proceed with your case.

On-the-job accidents and injuries take numerous forms. If you wonder if your injury or accident qualifies under the current law, you can find out for sure by using the attorney’s website. You can also set up an initial meeting with the lawyer.

Four Things Effective Shopping Cart Software Brings to Your Business

Websites are a great way to sell products and services. While companies across the world put a lot of effort into the look and feel of their digital storefronts, one important element often gets overlooked—the shopping cart.

Effective online shopping carts have the ability to enhance and elevate an online business. Besides allowing customers to easily purchase more than one item, the right shopping cart brings a few more things to the table.

Saving Money

The hallmark of any business is limiting expenses. Since the main purpose of a shopping cart is to process payments, effective ones offer low transaction fees, no monthly fees, and no setup fees. Keeping operating costs low are one important method of monitoring expenses. Basically, companies of every size need to be sure the price of doing business is worth the investment in maintaining the website.

Quick Access to Money

Once the transaction is settled and the payments are finalized, every business, real or digital, wants to get paid. Since getting paid often means waiting for credit or debit card transactions to clear other facilities, getting access to cash has to be quick and convenient. Many top quality shopping cart providers offer direct deposit of funds, which allows the company to easily keep track of cash flow and operate efficiently.

Purchasing Options

Effective shopping carts offer customers a number of different payment options. Since the branding of credit and debit cards includes several major and minor companies, those options need to account for a fairly broad spectrum of payment methods. Shopping cards that support all the major brands, like Visa and MasterCard, and some of the minor brands, like Paypal, can actually increase the number of customers that complete purchases. After all, increasing and optimizing sales are key factors in elevating profits.

Secure Transactions

Privacy and protection are two important buzz words that regularly float around the online business arena. For this reason, shopping carts that feature secure transactions are among the most popular. Customers want to be sure that payment information is protected effectively, and businesses want to make sure that the money is being properly collected and protected. Since both buyers and sellers have pretty large stake in every online transaction, shopping cards that feature top of the line security rank among the most popular and most efficient.

In the end, an online shopping cart should elevate and enhance a websites by offering friendly terms of service in regards to fees, support a number of payment options, and provide adequate digital security for customers and businesses. With companies jumping onto the Internet every single day, evaluation of the entire digital platform is a must. While designers and developers can help make sure the site looks fabulous, the shopping cart is what helps businesses do what they exist to do—get paid. Therefore, checking into all the cart providers is essential to identifying the best fit for the website and getting the business to the next level.

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