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Subic Ay! Festival 2018: A Mix of the Old and the New

While most of the towns in the Philippines celebrating fiesta yearly, it’s different in the town of Subic in Zambales.

The Subic Ay! Festival rarely celebrated — only every 3 years. This justifies the need to have it observed more than just a day. It deserves preparation for week long activities.

Subic Mayor Jefferson “Jay” Khonghun said the festival is a mix of old and the new – a blending of the modern and the traditional—to show that the people in town are also evolving and adapting.

“Also, we are trying to bring in all possible aspects of community life to the celebration, so that all the residents, whether young or old, could relate to the occasion and, thus, would participate in the activities,” Mayor Khonghun was quoted saying.

Because community festivals is supposed to be thanksgiving for bountiful harvest, Subic Ay! Festival 2018 started with Barangay Product Exhibit, Food Festival and Night market.

Since the festivity is for the people, medical mission (with dental), feeding program and multi-services caravan were conducted.

Subikenyos zoomed to municipal hall to avail the services in the medical mission.

Subic Ay! Festival 2018

Free medicines.

Subic Ay! Festival 2018

Free dental.

Subic Ay! Festival 2018

Free eye glasses.

Subic Ay! Festival 2018

Among the highlights of the festival includes the Drum and Lyre Competition, Float Parade, and Ginoo and Binibining Subic pageant.

It was in the Day 3 of the festival when farmers and fisherfolks took the spotlight with the Karakol, Bangka race, Cultural show and Street Dance.

Fluvial parade during the Araw ng Mangingisda at Magsasaka. (photo credit to Alex Galang)


Subic Ay! Festival 2018

(photo credit to the owner.)

The last days of the festival were filled with heavy entertainment and star-studded variety shows.

The 7-day affair was a total success, thus, Mayor Khonghun is planning to conduct the Subic Ay! Festival every other year.

(photo credit to the owner.)

Safeguard your Family’s Future with Cocolife Future Savings Platinum

Previous studies have shown that the life span of people is getting younger nowadays. You may have recently encountered news of your friend who passed away at a young age due to heart attack or too much stress or died in a freak accident.

If something happens to you, have you ever thought about the future of your family? Of course you do not want to bring along this worry even in the second life, right? This is not an exaggeration but a reality check.

Your family needs to be independent and their future must be secured, especially your children, even after you’re gone. It may be easier said than done but would it be better to start investing now for the future?

Whether it’s for replacing lost income, paying for your child’s education, saving up for your dream travel, putting up your own business or making sure your spouse get the much-needed financial security, Cocolife Future Savings Platinum can help safeguard your family’s future.

Commitment in Creating Solutions With You

Cocolife remains committed in creating solutions for each and every financials need of our fellow Filipinos. With Cocolife Future Savings Platinum, we aim to provide our clients with optimum insurance protection freeing your loved ones from financial woes in the event of a sudden loss. It ensures that they can enjoy the same lifestyle they had with you. The living benefits/cash bonuses provides you with extra funds so that you can enjoy a more fulfilling life, fund your dream travel, start a business, prepare for education expenses, establish emergency medical funds.

It’s for you and your family’s Financial Freedom, Security and Protection. It’s FSP.

Exclusively available for Mall Clients

Cocolife Future Savings Platinum is exclusively available for mall clients, with minimum coverage of P 100,000.00 payable for 10 years. It rewards client as much as 200% of life insurance coverage upon maturity should the insured survives age 100.

With Cocolife Future Savings Platinum, clients will also enjoy scheduled cash bonuses:

  • 10% of the coverage at the end of the 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th policy years
  • 50% of the coverage at the end of the 15th policy year
  • 10% of the coverage starting at the end of the 20th policy year and every 5 years thereafter up to maximum age 99.

Policyholders may also attach the following riders to enhance their coverage:

A. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rider

The Accidental Death and Dismemberment is a comprehensive rider providing a wide range of benefits from death to injuries caused by accidents. Accidental coverage is provided until age 65, or until termination of the policy to which the rider is attached, whichever comes first.

B. Waiver of Premium Upon Disability

This rider will pay the future premiums of the policy in the event that the insured sustains total and permanent disability. The rider doesn’t reduce or otherwise affect the amount payable in any settlement of the policy or any dividend or any non-forfeiture or loan values under the policy.

C. Payor’s Benefit Rider

  1. Payor’s Benefit Rider Due to Death of the Payor

This rider waives the future premiums due until the Child Insured attains age 25, if the Payor dies before the policy anniversary nearest his 60th birthday.

  1. Payor’s Benefit Rider Due to Death and Disability of the Payor

This rider waives the future premiums due until the Child Insured attains age 25, if the Payor, before the policy anniversary nearest his 60th birthday, dies or becomes totally disabled and has been continuously so disabled for at least six months.

Issue Age of Child Insured           :               1 to 17 years old
Coverage Period                      :       until the end of the payment period of the basic plan, or until Payor attains age 60,or until Child Insured attains age 25, whichever is soonest

D. Terminal Illness Living Benefit Rider

This rider provides emergency medical funds by advancing as much as 50% of the death benefit in case the insured contracts a terminal illness, but not exceeding Ps 500,000 per insured.

Issue Age of Insured      :               1 to 55 years old
Payment Terms             :               no premium payments required
Coverage Period           :               until Insured attains age 65 or two years prior to  the    maturity date of the plan, whichever is sooner

  • Terms of Payment

Premiums for this plan are payable for 10 years with the following Modal Factors

Modal Factor

Annual                                           1.0000
Semi-Annual                               0.5300
Quarterly                                       0.2750
Monthly                                         0.0975*

* Monthly mode is available only for credit card auto-charge arrangements

  • Issue Ages

Issue ages are based on the Insured’s age nearest birthday.  Premiums are available for ages 1 to 55.

  • Underwriting Selection

All applicants shall be underwritten on an individual basis.  The existing non-medical and medical limits shall apply depending on the age nearest birthday and the amounts of each life covered under the policy.

Note that the Death Benefit, or 200% of the Face Amount, shall be used as the underwriting basis for this plan.

  • Substandard Issues

Substandard ratings shall be assessed on each life, as the case may be. Substandard Extra Premium Rate is expressed as per 1000 of the basic plan’s face amount and as computed as follows:

Substandard Extra Premium  = Substandard Premium Rate
(Basic Plan’s Face Amount) ÷ 1000

Among the Top 50 Most Saleable Products in Life Insurance*

Cocolife Future Savings Platinum ranked third among the traditional plan in the life insurance industry, and among the top 50 most saleable life products in the Philippines.



Cocolife, the biggest Filipino-owned stock life insurance company, and the first ISO-certified Filipino life insurance company, offers a complete range of insurance and financial services. It has subsidiaries in the non-life business (UCPB General Insurance), pre-need (Cocoplans), mutual funds (Cocolife Asset Management Co., Inc.) and Security services (Ultra Security Services).

Cocolife boasts of close to four decades of experience and expertise with more than 1,500 highly-trained agents and 253 field managers, a steadily expanding network of fully computerized area and branch offices numbering 64 nationwide.

Aside from providing the most competitive life, non-life and pre-need products in the Individual Market, COCOLIFE has successfully carved a strong niche in Group Insurance and pioneered the EPDI program (Employee Payroll Deduction Insurance) for corporate accounts. It is also an accredited provider of life insurance to migrant workers. Currently, Cocolife is ranked number one in Group Life and Accident & Health, number six in Traditional Life Insurance and one of the country’s leading providers of healthcare services.

Cocolife is a prominent market leader in the industry, ranking number 5 in terms of Net Worth,  number 10 in Total Premium Income, out of 34 insurance companies in the Philippines. To date, total assets are close to P25 billion, with Premium Income over P7 billion, and a Networth of over P9 billion. These impressive results are attributed to sound management, prudent investment practices, and efficient cost control.

To learn more about the Cocolife Future Savings Platinum, please contact:

(02) 812-9015 local 114 or local 594
(02) 864-0968

Globe (+63917) 844-7704
Smart (+63998) 843-4588
Sun (+63932) 844-1731
Text: Globe (+63917) 556-2058

* Most Saleable Products for Individual Line (Actuarial Department)

Converge Powers AXA Life’s Internet Needs

To be more competitive in respective field, a company must make the effort to acquire the best service it can use to achieve its goals and serve more customers. This is what AXA Life Philippines did when it engaged with the leading pure end-to-end fiber optic Internet provider Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. as its prime Internet service partner.

Alan Smyth, Group Head – Corporate Sales at Converge ICT Solutions, Inc., said AXA Life subscribed to Converge ICT’s 100Mbps dedicated Internet offering for AXA Life’s headquarters. The insurance firm also chose the iBiz fiber broadband plan for its branches, mainly in Luzon.

He said AXA Life, one of the country’s largest and fastest-rising insurance companies, first looked at the traditional DSL-type of Internet connections. “Since we don’t have DSL, we offered our fiber-optic broadband connectivity instead. It turned out to be better for them. Now, they are able to enjoy higher bandwidth compared to what they used to pay for.”

Also, with Converge ICT’s pure fiber Internet, Smyth said AXA Life agents became more productive. A lot of them use AXA-developed Web applications to do everything online, including uploading of contracts. This made signing up a new customer become even faster.

Smyth added that when AXA Life saw how Converge ICT’s network looked like they were impressed even if the company hasn’t expanded yet nationwide. “They saw that we have a more modern network that is able to meet their requirements.”

Just like any connection, Smyth admitted that there may be possible glitches. But if and when they do happen, Converge ICT guarantees that they are resolved faster. “We have a dedicated account manager and a support and restoration team made up of tech personnel that will provide support to AXA Life,” Smyth adds.

Grace Uy, Chief Financial Officer of Converge ICT, for her part, gave credit to Converge ICT’s modern network and affordable yet competitive rates. “But in this age, it’s not just about the speed and rates but also about the best customer experience. These are the most likely reasons why AXA Life chose Converge ICT.”

Jesus Romero, Chief Operating Officer of Converge ICT, echoed that customer experience has always been Converge ICT’s key business proposition. “We have always provided the best customer experience. From selling to the first customer engagement, to implementation and after-sales, we always try to make the customer happy. I hope others will see this, how we can support their digital engagement, their connectivity requirements and challenges. We will constantly look at ways how to make them as flexible as possible,” Romero declares.

Grace Yao Uy Converge CFO, Jesus Romero Converge COO, Ivan Buenaventura AXA Chief Information Officer, Melanee Torrelino AXA Service Delivery Manager, Alan Smyth – Converge Enterprise Sales Head

As for AXA Life Philippines Chief Information Officer Ivan Buenaventura, they engaged Converge ICT to see if the company can offer them an improved Internet experience. “We had a very expensive and non-flexible Internet connection for the last 5 years. It was pretty stable but we tried Converge ICT to see how they can help make our Internet experience better.”

He also cited Converge ICT’s after-sales service capability as a distinct advantage aside from cost efficiency. “They respond directly and promptly to solve our issues in less than a day. They were well rounded, had good coverage, and very stable. Of course, the fast connectivity and outstanding after sales support are well appreciated,” he commented.

Converge ICT is fairly new in the game but still, AXA Life went with Converge ICT as the company’s primary Internet provider, according to Buenaventura. “There’s Converge and there are the old ones, but our users doesn’t know that. It’s really more for redundancy especially during connection outages.”

He relates that during the first week going live, they had a major regional outage. But Buenaventura found Converge ICT’s responsiveness as very good. “We were provided constant updates as to what happened and they resolved it in less than a day. Since then, we did not experience any big outages anymore.”

Buenaventura also expressed satisfaction that he is even willing to make Converge ICT the primary Internet provider for the AXA Regional Shared Services Center located in Makati. And he is willing to partner with Converge ICT for the connectivity needs of AXA Life branches nationwide. “Right now, it’s just the Luzon area. Eventually, if Converge ICT covers Visayas and Mindanao, I would definitely tap them as my primary Internet provider.”

Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. started in 1992 and already has a congressional franchise. The company has many Tier 1 international peering partners to ensure fast and reliable connectivity and also partnered with top domestic peering partners such as PLDT and Globe. It currently has the 3rd largest Internet backbone in the country to help further improve the Internet experience of Filipinos.

For more details about Converge ICT, Inc. and its Internet offerings, visit

Shopback’s 9.9 Cashback Day

Never miss the chance to get the best online deals as Shopback treats its patrons to “9.9 Cashback Day” from September 7 to 9, 2017.

Enjoy the best in fashion, beauty, home, groceries and travel deals from over 400 online stories, topped with up to 99% Upsized Cashback bonus for every purchase.

Shopback takes online purchasing to a whole new level as buyers enjoy cash rebates for every transaction. No need to visit different websites when making purchases. ShopBack works like a virtual mall with top e-retailers all in one dashboard. This means you can buy your favorite Sephora lipstick, or choose an outfit from ZALORA while arranging your vacation via

Aside from the tremendous bargains, shoppers at 9.9 Cashback Day are also entitled to join the “The Smarter Way to Chill Promo”. Get a chance to win a trip to Siargao for two and a four-day/ three-night stay at Kermit Surf Resort Siargao (includes surf lessons and island hopping), and exciting merchandise from Gwapitos.

To join sign up for free at and start shopping by clicking on a partner merchant. Complete the transaction and Cashback will be credited to your Shopback account within 24-48 hours. Shoppers with at least Php 999 worth of purchases are entitled to join the raffle draw.

The largest online loyalty platform in Southeast Asia, Shopback promises to unleash the most amazing deals for “9.9 Cashback Day”. Download the Shopback app and discover a smarter way to shop from September 7-9, 2017.

Log on to for more details.

The Top Pathways Toward a Successful Career

Graduating high school and finding a job straight out of that experience isn’t possible in today’s employment world. There’s more competition than ever today, and you must be prepared with the right level of education to stand out to a hiring manager. There are many pathways toward a successful career so consider the best choice for you as the world becomes a landslide of different opportunities.

Internship Opportunities

If you’re able to find an internship, it can be an easy transition into a permanent job. Internships can be either paid or unpaid, but it’s the work experience that you’re looking to harness. Although you may have some schooling on your resume, hands-on experience teaches you a lot more about the working world. Add software experience to the resume while learning the ins and outs of an office or industry. Working hard in an internship means that you’re making contacts who can help you secure a permanent job in the near future.

Volunteering Your Time

It may not be possible to secure an internship at times. As an alternative, simply volunteer at a business that you’re interested in. Greeting clients, filing paperwork and other small duties give you a taste of the industry. When an employee is ill or on leave, you might fill in to cover their responsibilities. This opportunity gives you a chance to shine and possibly find a position in or near this particular company.

Community Training Services

Many communities have organizations that make it easier for citizens to find jobs. Training jobs help the youth by showing them a solid, work ethic. Basic skills are emphasized as they gain real-life experiences for the working world. These organizations are often connected to local businesses that can offer some positions to incoming youth. Simply verify that the organization has a footprint in the community as an employment leader. You’ll gain countless skills with these professionals.

College Degrees

A four-year degree is a valuable tool to have as you enter the workforce. These degrees cover a wide range of topics. Ideally, major in a subject that can translate into any industry, such as business or psychology. You’ll be able to apply for a variety of positions until the right one comes along. Go further with your education by applying for a master’s program. You’ll have even more opportunities in front of you.

Trade Experiences

Trade schools are still viable pathways toward a successful career. Electronics, medical and dental fields thrive on highly skilled individuals graduating from these institutions. Think about your dream career and what it might entail. Research a school that specializes in that area. Many classes can be completed in one or two years.

You can also look into master-and-apprentice relationships in the trades, such as construction or blacksmithing. These specialties take years to learn, but they’re often coveted by needy employers. Being able to build or forge a material is a talent that only a few people can accomplish with flair.

If you find yourself between jobs at some point, try to fill the time with some activities. Some of the simplest tasks, such as handing out food at a local shelter, can show off your personality to employers. They’ll see that you tried to help the community even during unemployment. Your career pathway can get back on track with a thoroughly detailed resume.

Sanerra: Ovialand's Newest Development in San Pablo City

For those who are looking for options to find a place to build a home that they call as their own, a real estate company is offering a new development in Southern Luzon.

From the success of Terrazza de Sto Tomas in the gateway of the Southern Metro of Sto. Tomas,
Batangas, Ovialand is proud to unveil its newest affordable premier development.

Located along the Maharlika National Highway in San Pablo City, Laguna, Sannera boasts of 55% open spaces using tropical modern asian design while keeping the lush greens the province is known for.

Sannera is a 5.2-hectare property that will have 340 premiere house and lot units. The project will also include a top-of-the-line swimming pool and club house facility similar to what is offered at Terrazza de Sto. Tomas development in Batangas.

Properties at Sanerra is priced from P1.7 million up to P2.9 million.

“We are bringing this development in San Pablo City to offer affordable premiere living for the more discerning market in the area. We want to promote ‘resort living’ in this residential community since Laguna is known for its hot spring resorts,” said Fatima Olivares-Vital, business unit head of Ovialand.

Ovialand stays true to its commitment in giving Filipinos the chance not just to own an affordable home with premier qualities, but at the same time the chance to invest their hard-earned money by ensuring the increasing appreciation of the property values of their developments. Not only are they growing their assets, they are also ensuring a gift that they can pass on to their children.

Ovialand chose San Pablo City for its latest project as it recognizes CALABARZON (Region IV) as a resolute region that is enjoying aggressive growth and development.

“Cities like San Pablo are experiencing strong economic activity. There is a new generation of successful businessmen, OFWs and Professionals from the area that are seeking the Premier lifestyle they deserve while they strive daily for success. That is the added value that we are giving them, aside from the value-for-money investment we are giving them, we also want to make sure that they can sit and relax while enjoying their wise investment,” explains Fatima Olivares – Vital.

Acer Chromebook Tops CNET’s ‘Top 25 Battery Life Laptops and 2-in-1 Hybrids’ List

You may think that your laptop brand has durable and long battery life and 2-in-1 hybrid. However, you might reconsider if you read CNET’s new list.

CNET recently published its “Top 25 battery life laptops and 2-in-1 hybrids and the #1 spot went to the Acer Chromebook R 13 with a distant lead of 13 hours and 2 minutes of battery life, providing more than an hour of additional battery life compared to the next closest competitor.

Three other Acer notebooks also made the list including the Acer Aspire S 13 with 9 hours and 46 minutes, the Acer Chromebook 14 with 9 hours and 30 minutes, and the Acer Chromebook R 11 with 8 hours and 11 minutes.


Join the Predator 21 X Sweepstakes

Owning a Predator 21 is rewarding. But winning one by joining a sweepstakes is much more rewarding.
Acer Philippines Inc. (APHI) announces the launch of the “Win your own Predator 21 X IEM Quiz” Sweepstakes.

The sweepstakes, spearheaded by Acer and Intel to celebrate the Intel Extreme Masters 2017, will see one lucky Predator fan from Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, or Australia win a Predator 21 X laptop—the world’s first laptop with a curved display.

The promo will be held on the Predator Philippines Facebook page, and will run from March 3 to March 17, 2017.

Acer and Predator fans are invited to join the sweepstakes and win the highly-coveted beast of a machine that is the Predator 21 X.

Ensuring Proper Hydration and Ventilation with Top Quality Industrial Gear

Just like cars, the machines that you use in your shop need to be kept well-maintained if you want them to last for years. Because they are powered by motors, they need the same lubrication and ventilation components that you use in your own personal vehicle.

When it is time to maintain or repair the machines in your factory, you may wonder where you can find high-quality filters, hoses, valves, and other gear needed for the job. You can find the availability of parts and supplies you need by shopping at virtual retailers like specialized industrial parts retailers, Donaldson filters dealers, factory marketplaces, and elsewhere online.

Critical Selection of Parts

As when you shop in local stores, you want to know that you have a variety of inventory from which to choose. You may not want your choices to be relegated to just one or two options. You may want several from which to choose so that you get the parts you need at a price you want to pay.

When you shop online, you can narrow your search by the category of parts for sale on the website. For example, if you need filters for your machines, you can click on the filter picture and go to a page that shows you the full list of filters and accessories for sale. Each listing has its own picture and price point so that you know what it looks like and how much it will cost you. You get the same experience of shopping in a local store but on your terms and at your leisure. You also get access to information you need to make a good decision faster and with less effort.

Specialized Shopping Options

If you know that you will not be able to find what you need on the website, you can use the special ordering options available to you. The company has parts experts who can search for and find the filters and more that you need even if it is not listed on the website.

You can also use the international shipping option if you need the items that you buy shipped to Mexico. The live chat agent can also help you finalize your purchases to be shipped internationally.

Shopping online can be your best option for lubrication and ventilation machine parts. You can find a wide variety by going to the website today.

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