VXI Takes Pride In Its Passion To Serve Community

Ever wondering what VXI is and how it can help you grow? Read more below to find out.

In 2015, VXI has grown PH headcount by 16% from 2014 and now has a total headcount of 10,225 talented individuals (as of June 8, 2016). The company is yet again expecting 1000 more employment as it opens its flagship site in Five E-Com Center, Mall of Asia Pasay City.

Along with the employment contribution of VXI to the Philippines is its pride in nurturing people. VXI does not only apply expose its employees to different countries and their cultures, but also commit to the over-all development of everyone’s welfare.

In fact, to further encourage employee satisfaction, VXI invested PHP 23.88M to support activities like fun and games, themes days, recognition programs, parties, and other value adding engagement activities.

These are just some of the advocates that the company fosters to grow the employee’s sense of work-life balance. Apart from employee engagement efforts. VXI ensures that all company members are well equipped with the best training and career upbringing.


VXI Training Simulation Tool

Providing scenario-based and hands-on experience, this tool increases CSR speed to proficiency and reduces training duration , trains agents faster using  a self-paced, simulated mock call programmed on agent desktops while the employee is guaranteed to receive immediate coaching points and feedback. It also tracks learner progress using recorded scores and detailed simulation notes.

“VXI has an excellent service track record with our clients and they are taking more of our services so we hold to prepare an excellent talent pool, which we compensate with above-industry standard pay, including other special benefits. People work for us and stay longer with us because they see opportunities for career advancement and growth, the chance to lead people. That’s the value that VXI offers in terms of jobs for those who want a career in the BPO industry,”  Morisson said.

Community Assistance 

VXI as a company of goodwill and generosity has done several social initiatives to protect and support the communities around it.  Apart from its minor silent efforts in helping small barangay’s around the country and VXI also participated in helping calamity-stricken areas.


VXI company that always strives to be better in it’s operations, it sonstantly endeavors to provide the best product and the most innovative solutions to its customers. VXI works for excellence as it hires and develops the best recruits in the country.

 Embrace your future with VXI. Be part of an exciting, dynamic, ever growing and truly global organization today.

Choose any one of our global locations and begin your career today! Visit for more information.

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