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Knowing the Forms of On-the-Job Accidents

When you think of on-the-job accidents, you may think first of people falling off ladders or having something heavy hit them on the head or back.

It is true that such traumatic accidents account for many of the workers comp cases in this country every year. However, work-related injuries can also result from more mundane, yet troublesome circumstances like overusing a joint or developing pain somewhere in your body.

If you wonder if you could have a job-related injury, you can know for sure by visiting the website of a workers compensation legal professional today.

Common Injuries from Stress or Overuse

Many jobs across the country require workers to use their hands, fingers, elbows, legs, and other body parts continuously and repeatedly throughout each day. After years of use, you could develop injuries like tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Treating such injuries can be time consuming and expensive. Even more, they can take you off the job for months until you are fully healed. You may have been unaware that these injuries may be covered under the current workers comp laws. You can know for sure by speaking with a legal advocate like a law firm or an Iowa lawyer that practices in this area of law.

You may be entitled to compensation that will help you cover the costs of your treatment and surgery. Your lawyer could also protect your job until you are able to return to work and earn an income again.

Consulting with a Lawyer Today

Setting up that initial first meeting with an attorney is an important step in reclaiming your life after an injury or accident. You start the process of gaining a legal advocate who knows the law as it applies to your case. You also have someone to whom you can express your worries and fears and have them addressed in a legal and competent manner.

If you are worried about the cost associated with meeting with an attorney, you may rest assured that the first meeting is free. This first meeting can help you decide if you want to proceed with your case.

On-the-job accidents and injuries take numerous forms. If you wonder if your injury or accident qualifies under the current law, you can find out for sure by using the attorney’s website. You can also set up an initial meeting with the lawyer.