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Taking Your Buying and Selling Experience to the Next Level

It may be too early to make a list of possible gifts that you might consider sending to your family and friends, but this could avoid you from feeling drowned during Christmas rush!

As early as November, you may start buying some stuff and in the first week of December, it will be fun to begin wrapping and sending them! Too excited? No, just making sure your intended recipients will get your gifts!

While it’s great to visit malls and shop gifts where you can really look for something cheaper but with quality, sometimes, the more practical thing to do is to shop online.

This is how Lamido Philippines can serve you better. Not only you can find great deals to buy but you can also sell! Yes, you can be one of their trusted sellers!

A screen grab from Lamido site.

What do we expect from Lamido?

Lamido is considered as Philippines #1 marketplace for everybody to sell their products on the Internet.It is one of the many ventures owned by Rocket Internet designed to provide the best and safest marketplace for sellers, merchants and buyers.

In Lamido buy or sell services, you can choose fantastic articles from hundreds of segments, as: Fashion, Electronics, Jewelry, Accessories, Books and millions more. For those who love unique pieces you can find unique collectables or gifts as well. You can become a Lamido seller very easily. Just register and join thousands of people who successfully sell items on Lamido. A seller lists an item on Lamido, almost anything from smart phones to laptop accessories, books to rare coins, which allows buyers to purchase the item right away at a fixed price.

The best part in shopping online is to be assured that you’re in secured transactions which Lamido provides. It uses SafePay which is a secure payment method unique to Lamido Philippines that protects buyers from fraud. The process works as an escrow service where buyers pay their purchased items to Lamido. The payment is only released to the sellers once the buyer in perfect working conditions receives the items and is exactly what was posted in the listings.

 And to maximize Lamido shopping and selling experience, they have created an application so that you can use their services, anytime, anywhere. Download it here.

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