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Why Dolls Have Stood the Test of Time as a Gift

A pony may be the ultimate birthday or Christmas dream gift but when it comes to a more realistic option a doll is always first choice. Whether it’s a vintage porcelain figure or a classic Barbie, a doll is still one of the most requested girls’ toys.

A girl’s best friend

Although children now live in an always-connected online world the endurance of that little doll as a gift has in no way been diminished. Dolls allow girls to create their own world with an ever-present friend and they provide a great deal of entertainment at very little cost. In fact in terms of value for money and long-term use a doll is a wise (and fun!) investment as a toy. The other bonus is the wealth of choice available and you’re always going to find something to suit your child’s imagination and your budget.

(photo credit to the owner)

Added fun with accessories

Dolls such as Barbie provide long-term entertainment value mainly due to the amount of accessories available. Low cost add-ons mean you can buy gifts throughout the year or whenever Barbie needs a change of career, such as from an air-hostess into fashion model. Other dolls can be treated to new clothes, toy prams, plastic cars, miniatures houses and, well, pretty much anything imaginable! Who knows, your daughter’s doll might even end up being a collector’s item in the future.

An enduring gift

Many of these toys will become a cherished childhood plaything and some will be kept for years after your child has grown up. There’s definitely something familiar and comforting about that favorite doll that has been well looked after during childhood and brings back happy memories as an adult. Of course some toys can actually go on to become collector’s items and those vintage models can be worth a lot of money. But for a child it’s not about the money, it’s about having a constant companion and a familiar friend who’s always there, ready to be played with.

If you’re stuck for a present for your daughter, granddaughter or niece then look no further than the gift that will stand the test of time. Girls will always remember the person who bought their favorite doll and it may not be a pony but it’s definitely the next best thing.

Image by Softness, used under the Creative Commons license.


  • Leah

    It seems like each generation has its special doll! For me, it was my Cabbage Patch Kid, but I think little girls now like Bratz or Monster High Dolls.

  • ellen beck

    Favorite dolls can last through childhood if they are well made. I have some of my Mother in laws dolls and they are still in good condition. I bought my niece an American Girl Doll and I hope she saves it for her children someday.

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