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The Gift of Beauty Every Month: GlossyBox Review + Giveaway!

Women, and some men, spend a lot of money on beauty products on a regular basis. It is not a surprise that the best brands are enjoying a great deal of attention. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a boxful of these goodies right on your doorstep every month?

That’s exactly what you will get when you subscribe to GLOSSYBOX.

Glossybox is the largest beauty subscription service in the world, and the global leader in luxury beauty sampling. The samples are beautifully packaged in high-end gift boxes, creating a memorable experience each month You do not have to spend precious time at the beauty counter of your favorite store, pondering over which products to buy. The experts will choose the best and the latest products from the world’s leading brands.

All you have to do is to subscribe to GLOSSYBOX, choose your package, and wait for your gift box to be delivered to you every month. You do not have to worry about anything as the products are chosen by experts based on your beauty profile.

The 5-6 beauty products are picked especially for you. And they are not miniature testers, mind you. They are deluxe-sized beauty products much like what you would get when you shop from your local stores. Since GlossyBox has tie-ups with world-leading beauty brands like Bulgari, Burberry, Estee Lauder, Missha, and Opi, you get your products for a lot less than you would spend on them from other retailers.

For March box, I got these beauties (Bamboo Volume Plumping Strand Expand, Scent 7 Soap Bar, Brook Street Nail Polish, Scent 7 Hand Cream and LipLift Peel)


With such promise of convenience, quality, and affordability, subscribing to this beauty box gives you nothing less than practicality in shopping for your beauty products.

There are several subscriptions to choose from:

$60 for 3-Month Subscription
$220 for 12-Month Subscription
$21 for a Monthly Subscription

And for the month of May, Glossybox is in collaboration with Bergdof Goodman! For those who are subscribed or will subscribe with monthly, 3,6, and 12 months, you will receive $25 to Bergdorf Goodman in every Glossybox! Redeemable at Bergdorf Goodman and All products in the box are available at Bergdorf Goodman. Valid Through: May 1st- 31st, while supplies last

Hey beauties, what are you waiting for? You cannot miss their luxurious brands! Didn’t I tell you that there’s a Glossybox for MEN too?! YES! The Men’s GLOSSYBOX contains a few simple grooming products to suit every dude’s daily needs, including: BVLGARI Cologne, Nuxe Men Eye Cream, Redken for Men Firm Grasp, texturizing hair clay, Redken for Men Clean Brew, extra cleansing shampoo for men, Sisley Moisturizer, and Zirh Pre-Shave Oil! That’s only $40 per box! Check out the poster below to know more!

And here’s a treat to our dear readers. One will win a Glossybox! Ends May 10, 2014. Open to US only! The winner will have 48-hours to respond to our email notification otherwise we will have another draw! Glossybox is responsible for the prize fulfillment. Enter using the giveaway form below.

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  • Robin Wilson   /   May 3, 2014., 12:01 pmReply

    I've always wanted to have a Glossy Box so I would be selfish and keep it. Well...I might share with my sister.

  • Mary Anne Tapang   /   May 3, 2014., 12:11 pmReply

    If I won a Glossybox, I would definitely use it because I want to use high end beauty products like this.

  • Yuri A   /   May 3, 2014., 2:10 pmReply

    Still thinking about it. Maybe it depends once i got the prize if ever I win. If i need some of the stuffs, I'll keep, If not I'll give it to my sis or Mom. hehe

  • Mona Verdida   /   May 3, 2014., 3:06 pmReply

    If I won a Glossy Box, I'll definitely use it because I've never had a Glossy Box before and I intend to use every product in it to experience what they can do. :)

  • Jackielyn Catalla   /   May 3, 2014., 3:38 pmReply

    hope to won for added beauty this summer.

  • melandria romero   /   May 3, 2014., 4:46 pmReply

    i definitely want it for myself.

  • sherry ann gole cruz   /   May 3, 2014., 8:22 pmReply

    i would love to give this to my mother,a gift for mothers day!

  • Hazel   /   May 4, 2014., 7:40 pmReply

    Will give some of the items to my mom and some for myself! It all boils down to reviewing the products so I could feature them on my blog though!

  • Ann C.   /   May 4, 2014., 9:47 pmReply

    Wonderful giveaway! too bad i from Manila..Goodluck to the lucky one! :)

  • dee ira   /   May 5, 2014., 10:18 pmReply

    as a dauhgter i wnt to win this because i want it to give it to my mother in law im now a mother and i want to be happy the mom of my husband to appreciate how thankful i am to have a mother in law with a good heart for always there for us with my children and my husband thanks for this giveaway for sharing your blessngs with us

  • Ellen Pablo   /   May 6, 2014., 10:27 amReply

    If you won a Glossybox, will you use it or will you send it as a gift to someone special to you? Definitely I WILL Use first , then I Will recommend it to my friends & office mates .

  • Rosvie Beltran   /   May 6, 2014., 11:21 amReply

    If I won a glossy box I would definitely use it especially that I am applying for a job. It would help me to boost my confidence more because I look very presentable and fresh.

  • Kim Nunez   /   May 6, 2014., 4:38 pmReply

    I will give it to my mom :)

  • kristine Domingo   /   May 7, 2014., 1:18 pmReply

    i like gloss box hope i'll win..

  • kristine Domingo   /   May 7, 2014., 1:25 pmReply

    I will give it to my MOM for Mother' Day as a gift.

  • Bernadette Zareno-Balino   /   May 7, 2014., 3:59 pmReply

    I would share it with my mother, this would definitely give a smile on her face

  • Lovelyn Pagulayan   /   May 7, 2014., 4:57 pmReply

    I would definitely give it to my mom as a gift for Mother's Day :)

  • Glaiza Pesquera   /   May 7, 2014., 11:00 pmReply

    I would love to shre and give it to my sister!!!

  • helen gatbonton   /   May 8, 2014., 9:36 amReply


  • Charmane Agbayani   /   May 8, 2014., 8:18 pmReply

    I would share it to my sister .. birthday gift :-)

  • Jonalyn Repalda   /   May 8, 2014., 10:01 pmReply

    I would like to give it to my mama as a mother's day gift :-)

  • lovely joy merced   /   May 8, 2014., 11:07 pmReply

    I would keep it for myself, teehee :)

  • Jam   /   May 9, 2014., 12:09 amReply

    I'll keep it for my self. It'll be a great help for me to find job. I'm not that selfish tho, I'm planning to share it with my mom. :)

  • Soleil Taguines   /   May 9, 2014., 4:31 amReply

    If I win, as much as i would like to keep it and use it for myself, I think i would give it as a gift to my mom for Mothers Day and also because she is turning 60. I must remind her that being a mom and being a senior citizen doesn't equate to losing interest in taking care of oneself.

  • Yna Bronozo (@yns023)   /   May 9, 2014., 10:19 amReply

    If ever I win I will give it to my MOM it will be like my Mother's day gift for her and to Thank her for being the best Mom to our family.

  • Bienvenido C. Masaluñga Jr.   /   May 9, 2014., 10:22 amReply

    I will give it as a gift to my one and only girlfriend. :)

  • Ann C.   /   May 9, 2014., 10:47 amReply

    Thinking if i wanna give this to my mom or i'll use this product :)

  • Genelynn Gundaya   /   May 9, 2014., 12:49 pmReply

    I will give it as a gift to my mom this mothers day.

  • Rhea Liza Muñ0z   /   May 9, 2014., 8:30 pmReply

    I will give it to my sister as a sign of my gratitude to her... she surely love this

  • Annalyn Villegas   /   May 9, 2014., 10:18 pmReply

    i would love to win this type of products. This would be a great mother's day gift for a 24/7 mom :)

  • Abby Matic   /   May 9, 2014., 10:35 pmReply

    If you won a Glossybox, will you use it or will you send it as a gift to someone special to you? Of course I will used it it's the first time I will get a product from GLOSSYBOX use it then recommend. :)

  • Virginia G   /   May 10, 2014., 1:28 amReply

    luxurious set of make up in an affordable price? wow. but i hope that shipping won't take that long.