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Style Guide: 4 Tips on Choosing Mother of the Bride Dresses

Mother of the bride usually feels anxiety and stress that brides feel with their upcoming wedding. One thing you can do to lighten up the burden is to choose your own dress that you will wear for your daughter’s big day. You have to look right and beautiful so that the entire guests will revere the bride’s beauty with yours. There are many options that you can check out when it comes to dresses for the mother of the bride.

Here are some tips to guide you as you choose the perfect dress for a very special day.

Stay within the theme of the wedding. While it is encourage that you express yourself with the choice of your dress, you should also dress appropriately for the occasion. Keep in mind that beach weddings will require a different dress from a garden wedding too so choose your colors, style and fabrics according to the theme of the wedding.

Flatter your appearance. Choose a dress that will show off your best points, but of course tone down on the sexiness as it might make you look out of age. However, being too timid when it comes to choosing a mother of the bride dress might lead to an old-fashioned and boring look.

No whites and ivory. This color is reserved for the bride of course! Some ladies prefer this plain and subdued color because they do not want to look too loud or colorful. But white, ivory and champagne are for the use of the bride only. Go for earth tones such as nude or tan or some cool blue colors such as periwinkle, navy and cobalt.

Don’t buy out of trend. Just because it’s on trend it will look good on you. Remember that not every trend will suit your appearance and unless you bought a dress several days before the wedding, you might not feel like wearing it once the fashion has passed. Choose a classic and elegant piece that you can wear for other special events.

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