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Your Leaky Problems Solved with Wearever

It’s not just the elderly who can suffer from leaks down there. Many younger people are embarrassed about experiencing incontinence.  This kind of disorder is associated with gall bladder problems as well as loss of muscle strength in the vaginal and pelvic area.  The involuntary leaks can be a source of embarrassment for many.  For many, wearing bulky adult diapers is even more embarrassing.  Fortunately for you, there are solutions out in the market to prevent these incidents.

I got a couple of Wearever incontinence panties recently and they do not look anything like the big and bulky panties our grannies used to wear.

The Seamless Shaper and the Women’s Cotton Comfort look like ordinary panties.  They are soft and comfortable.  These panties are made of cotton poly jersey that feels silky against your skin.  It makes use of Agion antimicrobial fibers that prevent odors by eliminating bacteria.  Its waterproof outer layer effectively blocks any leakage and the sewn-in Unique-Dri pad absorbs any leaks you might have during the day.  It’s actually like having a washable pad that stays feeling dry the whole day long.  There is no special care required for these panties as they can simply be machine washed and dried.  I found out, however, that it’s only good up to 250 washes – that’s roughly around 8-9 months if you use and wash a single panty every day.  Although, that’s also about the same time frame for changing even your ordinary underwear.

This brand is known for comfortable and quality apparel solutions for people with incontinence.  The Wearever apparel line has something for men and women.  They have men’s briefs and women’s panties all reinforced with sewn-in washable pads.  Anyone can actually wear these panties even if they do not have incontinence.  The Seamless Shaper that I got gave me that perfect “no lines” look when I wore my white booty-hugging slacks.  Those who are suffering from more than just moderate incontinence will be happy to find that this brand also carries other product lines for health concerns like diabetes and circulatory problems.  This North Carolina-based company continues to strive to give their customers affordable yet high quality apparel and accessories to help them deal with whatever health concerns they have.

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  • Diana Devlin

    Wow, I’m really impressed with the look of these panties. Nothing about them gives the impression they would be used for incontinence. And the fact that they also offer shaper support is an added bonus!

  • dreamer2229

    I am impressed that technology has improved to this extent. When I first started working with seniors and the disabled that needed this product, it really was adult diapers. this is so much less obvious.

  • Susan Wilder

    These look like a great product to me! I have problems that would be in line w/wearing these…..also, this brand carries special products for Diabetics and people w/circulatory problems, which I suffer from both….

    Would love to try these~thank you!

  • Jeanine

    I would have thought these were granny panties from the picture. At least they don’t look like adult size diapers. You’re right- incontinence can happen at any age!

  • Becky Schollian

    These look real comfy!! Slim sleek design would go nicely under clothes.I would definitely try these when & if I get to that issue.

  • Jennifer Mae Hiles

    I think it’s great that they have come up with a better design, it’s about time! No adult should have to buy/wear bulky diapers.

  • bg

    That’s great that if you need something like this you can still feel like you’re wearing panties and not be uncomfortbale or emabarrassed about it. I wouldn’t consider my mother elderly but she does have some leakage issues. I’ll have to tell her about these.

  • lisa

    Luckily I don’t need that. It’s good to know that these products are available for those that do.They look like regular panties.

  • desiree

    i would love to use these ia m going ot have srugery for weight loss and then i could use them beacuse i am having medical issue

  • laurie abbott

    Oh I wish I new about these months ago when my mother broke her hip and was having a hard time getting up even with help for awhile. We used disposable panties and these could of really help her she stayed so a shamed about having to wear they and was finally no longer needed she was happy. So I know people who need to wear them all the time would benafit from them

  • Krista Grandstaff

    These are actually pretty amazing…it’s nice to know that products are made so that they look well….as well as feeling comfortable, while being discreet.

  • Larisa Kudisheva

    I have very bad back pain that makes me feel like I have to go to the bathroom even if I have been there a second ago. It would be nice to have wearever just for my peace of mind.

  • Mer

    What a great product idea. I’m sure it’s nice to have underwear that feels as close to normal as possible when dealing with this.

  • Karen H in NC

    Like the sound of these panties. At my age, sometimes when I cough hard, I have a little problem. This product looks like my problem solver.

  • md kennedy

    I am surprised at how “low profile” these are – wish I’d known about them for my grandmother before she passed away.

  • kathy crenshaw

    It is really nice to see that even if you do have a lick you don’t have to wear the bulky diapers. These look like regular underwear, Thank you so much

  • Jennifer Ali

    WOW!! I could really use a few pairs of these panties…not for leakage,but for my tummy!! Thanks for this review!

  • Robin Wilson

    Fortunately I don’t have a need for these…yet. But glad to know that there is an alternative to bulky adult pads and diapers.

  • rebekah arnold

    I would love to try these I have embarrising episodes! I am going to order a pair and see for myself how well they work!

  • Cindy B

    It’s good to know that there is an alternative to the old-fashioned undergarments for those with this issue. These look comfortable and not bulky.

  • Maria Iemma

    I am so glad for these products. My 89 year old Mom is in need and she loves the feeling of security they afford her.

  • Michelle Elizondo

    I dont feel these are Granny panties. Why would they be if early twenties, thirties, and teenagers can wear them to?!

  • Sharon Siqueiros

    My mom sure would have liked these. She hated the fact that she was contributing to the whole overuse of disposable diapers and plastic which isn’t biodegradable.

  • Betty League

    I learned a lot in your review. I like the antimicrobial fibers that help
    prevent odors and the waterproof design. This product won my attention when you said that this underwear does not require any special care and it last through many machine washings. thank you

  • carrie steele

    wooo i sure could use a pair of these , i love comfy panties and hate when mine roll down so un comfy thank you

  • CarolynH

    These underwear appear to be more discreet than those of just a few years back that my patients wore for incontinence.

  • Amy L. Norman

    After giving birth twice, I honestly could use the undies not just for shapewear, but also for the lovely bladder control issues that follow it. At least they are not bulky like pads, and they might hold my tummy in a little bit. 🙂

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