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Getting a Healthy Surprise Regularly

I’ve heard about fashion box subscriptions through which people get regular boxes of goodies in the mail in exchange for their membership fees.  Other girls like getting flowers and candies, but I could not complain one bit when I got my box of healthy snack items from Healthy Surprise.  It’s a reminder for me to make healthier snack choices – after all, I do have to set a good example for my little ones.

Subscribing to Healthy Surprise is easy.  They even ship internationally so you can enjoy their healthy treats anywhere you are in the world.  You can simply sign up at the Healthy Surprise website, choose your healthy box package, and provide the payment and shipping details.  They have a Starter Box that costs only $33 a month.  Their bigger boxes, the Healthy Box and the Large Box, costs $66 and $99 a month respectively.  When you compute your monthly grocery expense on snacks, these amounts do not seem expensive at all.

Your snack choices include foods that are gluten-free, organic, and all natural.  Among those that you can have are the Alive & Radiant Foods Kale Krunch, the Fearless Organic Super Chocolate, the Pitaya Plus Dragonfruit, the That’s It Fruit Bars, and the Home Free Mini Cookies.  With all these yummy healthy treats, you won’t have room for those junk food that are not good for your body.  Your healthy snacks are sure to keep you energetic and nourished throughout the day.  You will not get bored with your snack boxes because you will receive a new set of snacks every month straight from the Healthy Surprise snack partners.   The snacks that you will get are not just samplers.  You will get a box of full-sized snack items every time.  The Starter Box is enough for one or two persons for an entire month while the Large Box can give you enough snacks for four people for a month.   This is a hassle-free way to get your monthly stash of snacks.  You do not have to go through several grocery aisles to pick out your healthy choices.  All the healthy snacks you need for a month is delivered right to your doorstep.

I think it’s about time for every active Mom to shift to healthier eating habits starting with these Healthy Surprise snack boxes.  Order your box now and enjoy the same healthy snacks that I’ve been enjoying ever since I received my first Healthy Surprise snack box.

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  • Diana Devlin

    I love that they are making monthly subscription packages for healthy eating, and not just for makeup and skincare. This would be a great subscription for me because I have a very healthy diet and do not buy any junk food. Plus, I’ve also been exploring products that are Fair Trade and from what I see in the photo, many, if not all of those products are Fair Trade items.

  • arra odeza

    how i do wish they have that here in the philippines 🙂 i love to subscribed to get those healthy snacks

  • Becky Schollian

    YUMMY!! i have a friend that is a memeber of Health Surprise. She is always bringing us wonderful snacks to try and they are delicious!!

  • Jennifer Mae Hiles

    I think this is a great idea. I also think it would be another great graduation gift. My niece is leaving for college in the fall and I think it would be fantastic if she received a healthy surprise every month!

  • lisa

    These boxes seem to be very popular right now. It would be kind of fun to get a box full of goodies in the mail.

  • bg

    I love these subscription boxes for healthy snacks. I’m always looking for new things to keep in my desk drawer for snacking and this is a great way to discover new products.

  • Krista Grandstaff

    I love that these aren’t just starter packs…and are actual full size items. I also like the idea of getting all of the goodies in one box, at once…I hate going to the grocery/whole foods/gnc, local organic grocers…just to get a sampling of goodies!

  • Mer

    I love subscription boxes for the surprise aspect, didn’t know there were versions with healthy items! I may have to try this.

  • alison dudley

    I have been disappointed with some other types of sub boxes in the past, but this looks like something I could get behind. Healthy and fun!

  • kathy crenshaw

    If you have a gift to get someone this would be perfect. I can’t believe all of that in one small box. Plus side is that it is all healthy and good for you at the same time. Thank you

  • Jennifer Ali

    Ooh…..gluten free,all natural too? I really enjoyed reading your review,and it was/is very informative too. Thank you so much for this review.I have enjoyed reading several if your reviews. Thank you!

  • Sherry Compton

    What a great and convenient way to try new things like kale chips and dragonfruit. Both sound interesting to me.

  • md kennedy

    This would make such a great gift for a student away from home, as well as for any family. And I like that there are two sizes so that if you have a larger family there will be no (ok, less!) fighting over who gets to try what!

  • Paula V

    I’ve seen more and more of these healthy box subscriptions lately. I’ve not heard of this company. Great idea though.

  • Robin Wilson

    Seems like there are more and more of these subscription services every day. Some not so great, but this one looks like a very good one for healthy snacks for the family.

  • Cindy B

    I have to admit that a lot of “healty” snacks taste like sawdust to me 🙁 I’d love to try an assortment like this and find something I love!

  • Maria Iemma

    I am not much for subscribing to things and I have tried healthy snacks and they do not taste as good to me. I have heard of this before though and I have been thinking of giving them a one time try.

  • Sandy Cain

    Now THIS is what should be advertised on TV during kids’ shows, instead of potato chips, and other greasy, fatty, unhealthy snacks!

  • Ann C

    I love this idea. Healthy snacks sent right to your door. I like that you can choose the size (cost). You get more then what you pay in any store.

  • Dorothy Teel

    THese boxes are very convenient open your eyes and tastes to the many different items that are available for use in our world. Would be nice to be able to try products and see if you like them before your buy them. I just hate to subscribed to anything on a monthly basis, Got hammered years ago by a book club and have been gun shy ever since…LOL

  • clenna

    My daughter needs to eat glutin free and yeast free products, so this is a great line for me to know about. I’d love to try these snacks.

  • Tammie Pyrzewski

    I like this concept, you can’t lose with any of this, it’s healthy, size controlled, home delivered,great priced. Awesome!

  • Robin O

    This is a brilliant idea! I would love to have somebody pick out healthy new snacks for me to try. Thanks for the review!

  • Betty League

    I like your review on Healthy Box. I am always looking for healthier snacks and these snacks are shipped right to my door. Thank you for the information on the different size boxes and there prices. This gave me an idea of how this company works. thank you

  • Kathy (Kangaroo Mama)

    I love the $33 option. I’d love to get a bigger box but I think $33 is much more affordable for me. I love trying new healthy snacks so this would be perfect!!!

  • M.Clark

    This looks like a great way for people to get a variety of healthy snacks all at once, I’d love to try it.

  • anne conover

    Subscription boxes are crazy popular right now and I love to see that most of them are organic, gluten free, etc…I’m currently doing the 30 day fitness challenge with Arbonne so snacks like this would help me keep my eating plan in check. I am gluten, soy, dairy, and sugar free!

  • Tammy Graham @ LoveMy2Dogs

    This would be a wonderful package to receive in the mail every month. It would definitely give you that reminder to stay on track and that little extra boost that you need every now and again.

  • Stacy W

    I love fun and healthy snacks to try. This subscription sounds just like my plan at Whole Foods each week. I get one good for you, healthy treat that I haven’t tried before and I make myself pick something ‘out of the box’ from what I would normally select. How great that they will just send it to me!

  • Nancy

    I could use some healthier snacks then what I currently eat. Sometimes it just harder to find healthy alternatives.

  • carrie steele

    i have been trying to eat healthy with the kids and its summer time and trying new snacks and walking more with them , some times a lite snack in the heat of summer is better than a full meal, would love to try these, they sound amazing thank you fro the review and sharing

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