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Spa Scrubbing Right in Your Own Home

It’s not all the time when you have the time or the money to go and have a spa treatment.  I would not complain if I had such a luxury to enjoy.  But, for most ordinary women, a spa treatment is often treated as a reward that comes a little less frequent than we want it to.  Good thing though, I can now have a mini spa treatment at home with the TEI Spa UltraCleanse Sea Salt Scrub Set that I got recently.

This package from is something that I really appreciate.  It’s a skin care kit that I can use to slough off dead skin and ease the stress off my body after a full day at work.   The UltraCleanse is a handheld gadget that comes with a 360 degree rotating brush and other attachments for buffing and exfoliating the skin.  The package also comes with a tube of the Sea Salt Scrub that promises to give gentle cleansing even for sensitive skin.  Although it is battery operated, there is no risk of damaging the gadget while in the shower since it is waterproof.

The UltraCleanse is not difficult to operate.  It is also light enough not to cause my arms to get even more strained.  The main purpose of the tool is for exfoliation but its movement on the skin also stimulates blood circulation – it really feels like a gentle massage.  The facial brush attachment can be used with the gentle cleanser you normally use.  It deep cleanses the skin by getting deep down into the pores.  It clears away the dirt before the skin is exfoliated with the facial buffer attachment.  The tool can be used for the rest of the body with the body brush attachment to polish the skin and prepare it for the rest of your skin care regimen.  And for those abused feet, you can use the pumice stone attachment to slough off the dry and damaged skin as well as the calluses on your feet.  My feet was refreshed and rejuvenated after using the tool.

I must say, I took quite some time in the shower when I first used this tool – it was so relaxing.  My skin felt silky smooth afterwards.  I felt clean and fresh.  This is one product that I would not think twice about recommending to everyone.

You can find out more about this handy pamper-me gadget and other beauty products at  Connect with this online store through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  • Mer   /   May 27, 2013., 7:28 pmReply

    This does look nice! I like the idea of being able to pamper myself with a nice deep clean on a regular basis.

  • laurie abbott   /   May 28, 2013., 2:10 amReply

    Thanks for sharing these easy to treat your self to a spa day I live no where near a spa and this is very helpful

  • natalie nichols   /   May 28, 2013., 6:17 amReply

    I should get one of these for my mom for her birthday! Thanks for posting.

  • Tammy Dalton   /   May 28, 2013., 10:46 amReply

    This looks great and after reading your review I know it's something I would enjoy, because I sure as heck cannot afford a spa day, but I could afford this!! Thank you for your review!!

  • Evelyn Chuter   /   May 28, 2013., 11:04 amReply

    I would love one these massage kits. But my granddaughter would like one more. The loves these kind of massage stuff since she was 9 years old.

  • dianne   /   May 28, 2013., 1:46 pmReply

    cool!!! i don't need to go out for a spa :)

  • Donna   /   May 28, 2013., 2:11 pmReply

    Thanks for the review. This looks like it would be a good product.

  • Susan Johnson   /   May 28, 2013., 2:18 pmReply

    I can't afford to go get a pedicure or body massage, so an UltraCleanse set would be great for me, especially since you recommend it after trying it out. Thank you for your review.

  • md kennedy   /   May 28, 2013., 4:25 pmReply

    This looks awesome! My husband is always asking me to scrub his feet and back - I can get him this for father's day and then I'll be off the hook!

  • maricris abarabar   /   May 28, 2013., 5:33 pmReply

    this is cool, perfect for us mother who don't have time to go to spa for relaxing treatment. I like the handy brush it has a good purpose.

  • Denise Taylor-Dennis   /   May 28, 2013., 8:38 pmReply

    I would love to have a kit like this I really need all the relaxation I can get.

  • sara ford   /   May 29, 2013., 2:55 amReply

    oh this would be heaven on my face!

  • Kathy flanagan   /   May 29, 2013., 3:18 amReply

    Time for shorts here in the deep south. time for scrubs. liked your review because there is no spas in my small town.

  • Robin Wilson   /   May 29, 2013., 6:48 amReply

    I really like the word "massage" in this review so much more than "scrubbing" LOL ~ I love to give myself as much at home pampering as possible. But honestly find body scrubs somewhat a pain to use on their own. This would be a great way to have the benefit without the work.

  • Kelly   /   May 29, 2013., 6:52 amReply

    This is so cool, I might just have to get this.

  • Jeanine   /   May 29, 2013., 1:32 pmReply

    This reminds me of a facial scrubber I had for years, until the battery finally gave out and I wasn't able to replace it. I absolutely loved how it made my skin feel!

  • Sandy Cain   /   May 30, 2013., 2:03 amReply

    How nice this looks. I would love to lock myself in the bathroom with this, and the radio, with a DO NOT DISTURB - BEAUTIFICATION IN PROGRESS sign on the door. I just might!

  • Amy N.   /   May 30, 2013., 6:29 amReply

    I've always wanted to try the sea salt scrubs but never have. This would be more cost effective to try at home first before I pay an expensive salon to do it!

  • Susan Wilder   /   May 30, 2013., 11:41 amReply

    Wow!~I really would like to try this!~looks pretty neat! Thanks for the review!

  • Diana Devlin   /   May 30, 2013., 12:14 pmReply

    I like that the kit comes with such a large brush head for the body. I have the small hand held cleansing brushes for the face but never had one for the body. That really would be so relaxing and invigorating to be able to use in the shower. I's love to get one!

  • dreamer2229   /   May 30, 2013., 1:16 pmReply

    I love spa'ing at home. This looks marvelous.

  • Alex Roach   /   May 30, 2013., 1:41 pmReply

    My mom would love this!

  • Danielle P   /   May 30, 2013., 9:11 pmReply

    This sounds like a very nice product. Maybe the next on my "To-Buy" list.

  • Paula V   /   May 31, 2013., 12:27 amReply

    looks very cool. Would love to try this.

  • Becky Schollian   /   May 31, 2013., 12:43 amReply

    I just love this!! i don't go to the spa to do peddi's due to possible fugus!! Right at home is the best place for me to do my pedicures. This is a wonderful at home set up. Great review.

  • Jennifer Mae Hiles   /   May 31, 2013., 1:01 amReply

    It looks like a great exfoliater! I normally exfoliate my face but rarely my body. I'd love to try this product.

  • lisa   /   May 31, 2013., 2:03 amReply

    I should get this. I 'd rather stay home instead of paying a ton of money at a spa for a facial.

  • bg   /   May 31, 2013., 2:21 amReply

    I'm not a huge fan of facials but this would be great to have for the rest of my body like my legs.

  • desiree   /   May 31, 2013., 3:41 amReply

    this would be great forme my med a re messing my skin up and then i would love to win it

  • Larisa Kudisheva   /   May 31, 2013., 4:25 amReply

    Let's see what was the last time I had been to a spa... Hmmmm.... Never. I have never been to a spa, because I can't afford it. It would be perfect to be able to have a mini spa at my home.

  • Donna Evans   /   May 31, 2013., 7:33 amReply

    this would be great for my 60 year old face.

  • Krista Grandstaff   /   May 31, 2013., 10:12 amReply

    This looks like it would be pretty beneficial...I always think that these things are overkill, but your honest making me think I have been wrong, and this would be a plus to have...and that I should definitely look into it!

  • Karen H in NC   /   May 31, 2013., 8:10 pmReply

    Sounds like a great product. Just proves, salt can be good for a body, inside and out!

  • polly   /   May 31, 2013., 11:21 pmReply

    I would love to be able to give myself facials right at home that really work...I like it is good for sensitive skin

  • Mer   /   June 1, 2013., 1:17 amReply

    How perfect for pampering! I like that it comes with multiple brush heads.

  • Rachael Henzman   /   June 1, 2013., 2:54 amReply

    These sound awesome. I've never been to a spa, but I would love to, and these are the next best thing!

  • kathy crenshaw   /   June 1, 2013., 1:34 pmReply

    This kit looks wonderful. I like the idea of giving myself a facial. I know it could really benefit from one for sure. Thank you

  • Jeanine   /   June 1, 2013., 2:21 pmReply

    I'd love to try the UltraCleanse with the sea salt scrub. Home spa here we come!

  • Dorene Kranik   /   June 1, 2013., 8:17 pmReply

    This would be great for my granddaughter

  • Michelle Elizondo   /   June 1, 2013., 9:08 pmReply

    I'm glad that these can actually rejuvenate the skin on your feet.

  • Jennifer Ali   /   June 1, 2013., 10:15 pmReply

    I love the exfoliating brush!! Thank you for this awesome review. I'd love to have 1 of these for myself.

  • cindy   /   June 2, 2013., 10:48 amReply

    This would be great to treat your yourself whenever you wanted. You wouldn't have to worry about getting an appointment and driving to the spa.

  • Elissa Indoe   /   June 2, 2013., 7:06 pmReply

    Love the idea of home spa treatments as I always feel out of place in a spa (anxiety over silly stuff).

  • rebekah arnold   /   June 3, 2013., 12:31 amReply

    I would love to try this! It sounds like a wonderful tool for those of us who would love something that is relaxing!

  • Kristina L   /   June 3, 2013., 12:16 pmReply

    I love sea salt srubs! Makes your skin feel so smooth and new!

  • Cindy B   /   June 3, 2013., 12:52 pmReply

    I would love this! Thanks for the review.

  • Peggy Greco   /   June 3, 2013., 1:10 pmReply

    What a fun and luxurious product to pamper yourself at home.

  • Maria Iemma   /   June 3, 2013., 9:15 pmReply

    I love to pamper myself but not often have the funds to go to a spa. Having something like this available for use at any time at home would be wonderful!

  • Sandy Cain   /   June 3, 2013., 9:50 pmReply

    My birthday is next month, and I am going to treat myself to this. I deserve some pampering!

  • Ann C   /   June 4, 2013., 6:11 amReply

    Who needs a spa hen you have this. I would love to have this at home to pamper myself with.

  • Michelle Elizondo   /   June 4, 2013., 7:55 amReply

    Sometimes when you feel so dirty, you can use a good scrub like this to feel refreshed again.

  • Molly Hearn   /   June 4, 2013., 11:57 amReply

    I would love to try something that to get rid of dryed skin and be good for my skin..