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Zip Up Into New Shoes with Zipz Shoes

It’s an unlikely design for me, but understandably so because it’s really a pair of men’s shoes.

The Zipz Shoes I got as a sample for review is intended for my dad.  These Zipz Interchangeable Shoes will definitely be a hip addition to my dad’s shoe closet.  These are innovative shoes that are quite unique.  It is actually the only brand with this design technology.

It comes with a rubber sole and several canvas top options that zips right on the sole.  This gives you several shoe styles that you can have without buying several pairs.  For as long as you have the sole, you can simply buy your choice of top designs that you can easily zip on and off your soles to have a new pair to wear with your outfit. It’s great for travelling too because you do not have to bring several pairs of shoes with you.  Packing the different tops in your suitcase weighs a lot less.

The pair of Zipz shoes that we got is the Army Camo Shoe design. It comes with high top, low top, and slip on options. Even though it was not for me, I opened up the package to see how it works. The sole looks durable enough.  I zipped up the top and the YKK zipper did not give me a hard time.  I had some doubts about how the zipper would hold up since it would be quite embarrassing to have the sole come off while you are strutting down the street.

I actually slipped the shoes on even if they do not fit me.  They are lightweight and comfortable to wear.  I tried walking in them and it felt alright, plus, the zippers did feel like they would hold up even on a light jog.  I’m sure my dad will be happy to get this. I just have to give him styling tips on what to wear with his Zipz Army Camo shoes.

Watch a video about how Zipz shoes really work.

Find Zipz shoes in their retail store in Orange, California.  They also have an online store where you can see the available designs, both for men and women and place your orders.  You can also get updates on this innovative shoe brand and when they will be coming to the retail stores in your area.

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  • md kennedy   /   May 22, 2013., 2:00 amReply

    What a neat-o concept! Get the fit you want and then zip on and off the fashion you need for the day. Sign me up!

  • Robin Wilson   /   May 22, 2013., 3:46 amReply

    What a crazy, cool, innovative shoe! I have heard of them, but never paid much attention to what they were and how they worked! You must have a hipper dad than me, they are too cool for mine. But I would wear them in a heartbeat! Thanks!

  • Jennifer Mae Hiles   /   May 22, 2013., 10:40 amReply

    What a cool idea this is. I know my step daughter would just love them, especially the camo ones! I will have to get her a pair of these!

  • Name *Jimmy d. Rama jr.   /   May 22, 2013., 1:11 pmReply

    'i want to win zip up into new shoes, from philippines

  • CARLA VENICE RELAYO   /   May 23, 2013., 5:26 pmReply

    wow that was an amazing cool new stuff to buy!!

  • Peggy Greco   /   May 27, 2013., 3:18 pmReply

    These look like fun and easy to wear shoes and then change around to a new look!

  • Becky Schollian   /   May 28, 2013., 3:34 amReply

    I just love these shoes. My G'son has Autism. They just had a big review on a pair of Zipz that was designed for Autism Month,you can do personal designs too!! Awesome shoes.

  • essijay   /   May 28, 2013., 1:46 pmReply

    this is an amazingly clever idea - innovative genius, i tell ya... thanks for the review :-) i'm so jealous. been wanting a pair for a few months, now.

  • lisa   /   May 30, 2013., 1:44 amReply

    That really isn't my style but I can see the appeal.Especially for a teenager. They never have enough shoes.

  • Diana Devlin   /   May 30, 2013., 12:15 pmReply

    These are just the cutest sneakers - I just love the concept! I've yet to buy a pair. I'd want to get the cute pink camoflage design.

  • dreamer2229   /   May 30, 2013., 1:18 pmReply

    Cute. My daughter would love because she could change to match her outfits.

  • Alex Roach   /   May 30, 2013., 1:43 pmReply

    Great idea! Kids would love this

  • Danielle P   /   May 30, 2013., 9:11 pmReply

    This is a funny product! Cute idea.

  • Jennifer Mae Hiles   /   May 31, 2013., 1:03 amReply

    One of my co-workers was talking about zipping their shoes the other day. I wonder if it was these. I haven't seen to many other shoes that zip! Looks pretty nifty!

  • lisa   /   May 31, 2013., 2:05 amReply

    I'd worry about the zipper wearing out. I'm a bit too old to wear something like these. I can see the attraction for younger people though.

  • bg   /   May 31, 2013., 2:31 amReply

    I've seen this kind of a product in sandals before but this is seriously cool. I have 3 pairs of converse in my closet as we speak! The designs leave much to be desired though. But that's just my opinion and I'm probably an old fuddy duddy by now. But I bet kids would think these were awesome.

  • desiree   /   May 31, 2013., 3:42 amReply

    thsi would be great show you can do differnt thing for the shoe

  • Larisa Kudisheva   /   May 31, 2013., 4:29 amReply

    I just know this is something my grandfather will love.

  • Donna Evans   /   May 31, 2013., 7:34 amReply

    What a neat idea for my grandchildren

  • krista grandstaff   /   May 31, 2013., 10:23 amReply

    I'm glad you mentioned that you thought these were pretty durable...I wondered to if these would hold up or would come apart as you walk along...

  • Karen H in NC   /   May 31, 2013., 8:13 pmReply

    Cute, yes....but I don't think this is a product for me.

  • Sandy Cain   /   May 31, 2013., 8:43 pmReply

    This is such a clever idea! Reminds me of the watches, where you can change up the color daily. Thanks!

  • polly   /   May 31, 2013., 11:24 pmReply

    I think the shoes are so cool! I like the options available

  • Mer   /   June 1, 2013., 1:18 amReply

    Cute! It's nice to hear that these do work well...what a great way to have multiple shoe options without taking up a lot of space.

  • Rachael Henzman   /   June 1, 2013., 2:57 amReply

    Oh cool!! I would love being able to change the design of my shoes! Thanks for the review!

  • kathy crenshaw   /   June 1, 2013., 1:47 pmReply

    All I can say is WOW!!! I have a niece that I'm telling her about these shoes. I know she will love them Just the fact that you can zip on a different color and or pattern I know will get her interested in them. Thank you

  • Dorene Kranik   /   June 1, 2013., 8:18 pmReply

    These are so cute

  • Michelle Elizondo   /   June 1, 2013., 9:10 pmReply

    I love light weight shoes!

  • Jennifer Ali   /   June 1, 2013., 10:17 pmReply

    These Zip shoes are amazing. What a great review!! I love the high top style....again,thank you for this review.

  • Elissa Indoe   /   June 2, 2013., 7:08 pmReply

    Solves the problem of deciding what shoe to wear :) Love this idea!

  • rebekah arnold   /   June 3, 2013., 12:34 amReply

    Now that is a interesting idea! I think kids would love these kind of shoes!

  • Kristina L.   /   June 3, 2013., 12:20 pmReply

    My boys would love these! This is the first I have heard of them! They look cool!

  • Cindy B   /   June 3, 2013., 12:53 pmReply

    Love these shoes, so much fun! I think I may have to get a pair for my grandson.

  • Peggy Greco   /   June 3, 2013., 1:11 pmReply

    Zipz are awesome and fun shoes to wear.

  • Maria Iemma   /   June 3, 2013., 9:17 pmReply

    I am definitely going to get these shoes for my grandsons. It continues to amaze me the creativity and inventivenes!

  • Sandy Cain   /   June 3, 2013., 9:52 pmReply

    I love these shoes. They have a certain urban/ghetto chic to them that fits right in with my personal style.

  • Ann C   /   June 4, 2013., 6:20 amReply

    Wow! How cool! My husband would love these shoes. He does not like trying on shoe/sneakers. This way he could get 3 in 1.This is such a great idea. Cheers to you.

  • Molly Hearn   /   June 4, 2013., 12:01 pmReply

    such an innovative idea.. and look cool

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  • Sandy VanHoey   /   June 7, 2013., 3:25 amReply

    Love how you can change the tops up to have several different shoes with a quick zip

  • Zipper McGee   /   June 7, 2013., 5:09 amReply

    This is the greatest concept ever and the internet finally makes it possible. Custom made to order shoes that fit YOU and only YOU. I love this!!!

  • Shelley Schmidt   /   June 7, 2013., 9:26 amReply

    What a great review...never heard of these shoes before..what a neat concept. I love the Supermodel shoes in womens..I know my teenager son and daughter would love these shoes also besides me.

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  • Lesley   /   June 7, 2013., 4:05 pmReply

    These are really cute!

  • Betty League   /   June 7, 2013., 5:24 pmReply

    I love Zipz Interchargeable Shoes - Differnt and a great shoe not just for my teens....I would love to wear them! They also make great gifts that my friends would not stop talking about. I am always looking for a produce that my friends would enjoy receiving. I really like that I can purchase different shoe tops. thank you for this review.

  • Tammie Pyrzewski   /   June 7, 2013., 9:23 pmReply

    They are crazy and cool and I love them!

  • regina martinez   /   June 8, 2013., 12:20 amReply

    I have 5 boy .....great idea!!!!!

  • Zan C   /   June 8, 2013., 2:59 amReply

    A great fun and comfy idea for shoes. You couldn't help but be happy wearing a pair of theese!

  • Kathleen Walsh   /   June 8, 2013., 3:18 amReply

    What a great idea. Would love to wer a pair of these

  • Jane Ritz   /   June 8, 2013., 6:18 amReply

    I really love those shoes. I'm sure my oldest granddaughter would love them. I wish they had those in my younger years.

  • Becky Schollian   /   June 8, 2013., 7:23 amReply

    I just love these shoes!! You can custom design your own & they great quality too!! You review on Zpiz Shoes "Rocks!"

  • Michelle Elizondo   /   June 8, 2013., 9:54 amReply

    I want someone to tell me if they are truly comfortable.

  • Dave McCausland   /   June 8, 2013., 10:30 amReply


  • Stephanie Mago-Eagle   /   June 8, 2013., 10:37 amReply

    I love zipz shoes

  • Bonnie Caselman   /   June 8, 2013., 3:29 pmReply

    They're like a Mische Bag for your feet!

  • darleen   /   June 8, 2013., 8:56 pmReply

    How innovative! I love that they are comfortable as well.

  • Misty Palmer   /   June 9, 2013., 3:00 amReply

    Best idea to date. Nothing better than having a different style for every mood. My 12 year old will LOVE them

  • glen matlock   /   June 9, 2013., 3:56 amReply

    What a way cool idea. Who ever came up with the idea was very creative. I love em!

  • marlene Davis   /   June 9, 2013., 4:34 amReply

    they are awesome

  • Pamela L. Lewis   /   June 9, 2013., 7:41 amReply

    supermodel shoes.....i love them all really!

  • Kim Fusco   /   June 9, 2013., 8:28 amReply

    What a great idea!!

  • Jill Jacoby   /   June 9, 2013., 10:33 amReply

    I love this sneaker but I am not sure what my Dad would think about a pair for him. I am thinking he would put them on if I was going to be around. I thought you wouldn't be able to wear these without sox because of the zipper but from your picture it looks like the zipper is behind the shoe canvas o it doesn't come in contact with your foot.

  • Barbara Hrabik   /   June 9, 2013., 10:33 amReply

    The fit and zip..all I need is the sparkle now! Love the Idea!

  • Michele Pineda   /   June 9, 2013., 12:10 pmReply

    definitely a fun pair of shoes where you can switch from high top to low top and change the look completely, love it!

  • Marti Parks   /   June 9, 2013., 6:50 pmReply

    I just love these and I've wanted a pair of them for the longest time. I can't wait until I can get some.

  • Kelly Amos   /   June 9, 2013., 11:47 pmReply

    I love that Zipz is catering to adults and kids with their fashionable, functional, and comfortable shoes! Thanks for the review on an awesome product line! :)

  • Lisa Chapman   /   June 10, 2013., 1:15 amReply

    I think these are great! It would be so much better to have one pair of interchangeable shoes for each of my kids instead of all the different pairs they have now, cluttering up my house!

  • Dana West   /   June 10, 2013., 10:19 amReply

    These are really cute! The kids would love them!

  • Diana Devlin   /   June 10, 2013., 11:57 amReply

    I've been wanting a pair of the sneakers for FOREVER! They are so cute and such a clever concept. I think they have such cool designs, too! Pink Punk in high tops are my fave!

  • Nitty Gritty   /   June 10, 2013., 4:34 pmReply

    I love this product idea! I really like that each shoe comes with different shoe-type options like high tops and slip ons, so you don't have to choose just one, you can have different ones for different occassions or outfits.

  • Amy L. Norman   /   June 10, 2013., 6:51 pmReply

    I love the versatility of the shoes. It would eliminate a closet full of shoes that currently plagues my household.

  • Lisa Brown   /   June 10, 2013., 9:35 pmReply

    I just love them...the idea is so unique. You can change the cover depending on your mood, what you are wearing, so versitile, I have to have a pair!

  • Cindy Brickley   /   June 11, 2013., 2:40 amReply

    I been wanting a pair of these in the pink camo. So very cool!

  • Colleen Schilinski   /   June 11, 2013., 3:42 amReply

    This is a great idea for a shoe, and I like the Pitch Black one the most. My husband would look good with these on.

  • Tiffany Borek   /   June 11, 2013., 7:41 amReply

    I love these shoes! I think they are an awesome idea!

  • Cyndi King   /   June 11, 2013., 3:39 pmReply

    This is such a cool idea...when your feet get hot, just "unzip" them

  • Michael W Perkins   /   June 11, 2013., 7:47 pmReply

    Pretty hot idea, wish I had thought of it

  • Amy Lynne Schulze   /   June 11, 2013., 9:15 pmReply

    Thank you so much for bringing this company to my attention! I'm so excited because my daughter is turning 20 and gifts for her are difficult... but now I can see turning some of her tattoo art into a pair of shoes for her to flaunt!

  • carole   /   June 12, 2013., 2:22 amReply

    love these shoes

  • misty farmer   /   June 12, 2013., 4:04 amReply

    Love the review and lovin the shoes! What a great idea!

  • Kristina L.   /   June 12, 2013., 12:47 pmReply

    These are to cool... my son fake fainted on the floor when I showed him the picture!

  • Renee Travis   /   June 12, 2013., 12:48 pmReply

    I love these shoes. I love that you can change them to go with different outfits and different designs. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius! :)

  • Richard Hicks   /   June 12, 2013., 11:40 pmReply

    What a neat idea. Changing the style! Perfect for those kids who change their minds every minute it seems

  • diane   /   June 13, 2013., 8:51 amReply

    love the camo

  • Julie Simpson   /   June 13, 2013., 9:21 amReply

    I love this idea and love the chance to have something different as well I like the way you explained the way they work now I get it

  • Jessica   /   June 13, 2013., 9:44 amReply

    These are cool! My 15yr. old loves the camo ones.

  • Alex Roach   /   June 13, 2013., 10:54 amReply

    I wish these were out when I was a kid

  • Mar (@Emy Cook   /   June 13, 2013., 11:41 amReply

    looks comfortable...should be a good walk!