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Kids Wall Stickers by Dezign With a Z

Decorating a child’s room is always a fun project to undertake.  In these busy times, however, not all parents have the time to strip down the finish of their existing walls, repaint, and then manually paint their chosen designs on the walls.

It is for this reason that wall decals have been a welcome development in interior decorating.  If you’re looking for wall decals to spiff up any room in your house, there are different designs that you can choose from at Dezign with a Z.

The Playful Panda decal growth chart that I got from this online store is still in its packaging.  I can’t wait to put it on one of the walls in the playroom.  I really cannot decide just yet on where to put it.  There are other animal décor in the room and so this wall decal will surely fit right in.  I’m devoting the next weekend for this project.

In the meantime, I can plan out the decorative changes that I want to do.  I wanted to get some ideas on what to do with my wall decals so I went to the Dezign with a Z website. Although the decals are adorable, my first concern is how easy it would be for me to install it and take it off later when my child outgrows it.  Their website says the stickers can be put on without much time or effort and it can just as easily be peeled off your walls without leaving any marks or damaging your walls.

As I was browsing further, I had some fun with the “Preview it on Your Wall” feature of the website.  I did not have to go to the playroom and hold the decal up to see how it would look on the walls.  The preview window on the site allowed me to choose my existing wall paint color and see how the decal will look against it.  I even found a matching clock decal for my Playful Panda set.  I think I’ll go ahead and place an order for the clock decal and the borders decal to pull the entire look together.

Ordering Dezign With a Z wall decals and stickers is not a problem they ship worldwide.  You might want to look through their gallery of designs to see if they have something that you can deck your walls with.

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  • Robin Wilson

    I love decals and have one in my foyer and a lot in my garage over where I craft. The preview wall feature of this site is an added bonus before ordering. I hate to return mail items!

  • md kennedy

    For years I’ve been seeing these in kids’ rooms in Europe – finally nice to see them here, And these are so cute. I bet they are relatively easy to remove to, so it is not a grand undertaking to change the decor as your children grow.

  • Jennifer Mae Hiles

    I just love their designs, especially the Fairy Tree wall decals! So adorable. I wonder if they would be safe for a log cabin? I could have so much fun with these!

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  • Sherry Compton

    Very practical and cute. You can easily decorate the room even if you aren’t artistic and change it when needed.

  • Malea Cooper

    I really love these wall decals–I think the hardest part would be choosing which I like the best and want to use in a room!

  • Sylvia Zajis

    I really like that you can preview the design with your current paint color. What a great idea! Make sure that it matches or is a great contrast color splash. The fact that the growth charts are interactive fun that you can track with your child is priceless.

  • essijay

    would have loved to know how easy it went up, if you had to reposition, etc — i’m afraid to order these because i worry they’ll be either too sticky that i’ll mess up and not be able to fix it, or not sticky enough that they’ll fall down every few days.

  • Evelyn Chuter

    I wasn’t familiar with decals until I started blogging. I love them now. I wish I could decorate the whole house now. But I would really like to get one for my 13 year old granddaughter. OMG she would love one!

  • Cheryl Fisher

    I enjoy doing the kids walls. Easy decal wall decorations are fun and easy to do. Great review. Nice to use when they grow and then change to another theme.

  • Susan Broughton

    I think these are so cute. I think they would brighten up the room when you put them on the wall. I would really like several of them.

  • cheryl lister

    I’ve never used decals on the walls before, but your post gives me confidence in doing so. Love that you can preview it!

  • Becky Schollian

    They have such cute wall designs.With a new baby on the way this is wonderful!! Now we can personalize the baby’s room!! Too cute!!

  • Kelly

    These are very cool, I’ve seen things like this at Walmart and Target, but this website is awesome because they have a huge variety.

  • Jane Ritz

    You always write a great review. I like that you can match your color to the design and do a preview on line. The ease of use is also another important aspect for fumble fingers like me. THey have something for everyone.

  • Tiffany F

    These are really nice decals. I am moving next month and think I will get one for my daughter’s new room 🙂

  • Krista Grandstaff

    These are absolutely adorable, and I love that I can put one on, and take it off without ruining the paint on my wall…that’s a huge plus!

  • Shannon Gallagher

    I love that you can customize your decal by choosing the color, the size and the color of your wall so you can see what it will look like before buying it. That panda growth chart is absolutely adorable!!

  • Jen H

    i like the preview it on your wall feature! what a cool idea. it makes it so much easier to visualize it in your home… no buyers remorse!

  • kathy crenshaw

    Thank you for showing me what you have created. I enjoyed looking at them all. And Thank you for the giveaways, The decals is a perfect answer to decorating and not messing up the paint if you decide to change the decals location or a completely different one.

  • Michelle Elizondo

    Oh my goodness these decals are the cutest thing I have ever seen!! Do you know how much it will brighten a little girls room and their face when they see it?!

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