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Sleep In Comfort On Your Cariloha Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo might not sound like a material that could be used to make bed linen.  It is more often associated with room dividers, walls, roofing, and furniture in tropical themed interiors.

But when I have received a Cariloha bamboo bed linen, it was surprisingly soft and silky to touch. I had to spend the afternoon stripping my sheets off my bed, fluffing my pillows, and putting on my new bamboo bed linen.  I went on with my night time routine and eagerly anticipated bedtime.

As I slid my tired body on my bed and laid my head on my pillow, I felt the difference in terms of the texture of my bamboo linen.  The bamboo fabric felt silky soft – even softer than cotton.  It was really the most comfortable bedding I have ever slept on in my lifetime.  I slept soundly and comfortably.  I could not help but read up more about this innovative bedding fabric after breakfast the next day.

Here’s what I found:

Cariloha bamboo fabric is actually softer than Egyptian cotton.  Even with this kind of silky softness, this fabric is not difficult to maintain as you can easily throw it in the wash.  But, it is not recommended to use bleach or fabric softener.

Bamboo fabric is hypo-allergenic.  It does not have fibers, pollen, or any particles that could cause allergies whether dermal or respiratory.  This material is also naturally anti-bacterial.  It is also cool as it has moisture wicking properties.

This innovative fabric is environmentally friendly.  It is sustainable and renewable.  The use of this fabric is not confined to bed linen alone.  Its manufacturers also have product lines for apparel, bath goods, bags, and accessories entirely made of bamboo.

With my Cariloha bed sheet set in ivory, I now sleep like a queen every night – I might just decide to get myself another set to alternate with the one I have now.

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  • Robin Wilson   /   May 18, 2013., 4:06 amReply

    I love bamboo textiles. While I don't have any that are Cariloha's, what I do have are awesome. I have socks, shirts, towels and throws made of bamboo. I agree they are all softer than cotton and wash just as well. they seem to be lasting forever! Thanks for the sheet review...I desperately need some.

    • Tina Blowers   /   May 31, 2013., 4:48 amReply

      I LOVE my Cariloha Sheets. I loved them so much that my Mom, sister, several friends and my co-workers got some. I sell mattresses for a living and now I tell all my customers about them!!

  • Kathy flanagan   /   May 18, 2013., 11:44 amReply

    I was surprised that bamboo sheets are softer than cotton. will try these.

  • jared's mum   /   May 19, 2013., 9:36 amReply

    this looks like something I'd love to have, too! :)

  • Deborah D   /   May 19, 2013., 8:41 pmReply

    Sound so comfortable!!!!!!!!

  • md kennedy   /   May 19, 2013., 11:24 pmReply

    I love bamboo - sheets, towels, floors. Cariloha has such an amazing selection of everything bamboo. Hopefully you'll be hosting a giveaway!

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  • Gina K.   /   May 24, 2013., 3:01 amReply

    We have two sets of Cariloha sheets as well as 4 sets of towels, a t-shirt, and two hats! We love Cariloha. The best way to describe the feel of the sheets is that it is similar to rayon in feeling, but it is very breathable and oh so soft! Thanks for sharing your review.

  • Bridget   /   May 24, 2013., 4:12 amReply

    We have several sets of these sheets. The color selection is not the best, but OMG they are the most comfortable sheets. There are days that I stay in bed thinking, "These sheets are so comfortable, I don't wanna get up." They are super soft and light. They float down like feathers.

  • Jill Jacoby   /   May 25, 2013., 4:29 amReply

    These sheets sound so nice! I love getting into nice cool sheets. They sound perfect for Florida and hot flashes!

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  • Sandy VanHoey   /   May 27, 2013., 7:52 amReply

    I have never had these before but I know my sister has a bamboo rug that is fabulous. I'd love to try these, they sound awesome

  • Margaret smith   /   May 27, 2013., 8:04 amReply

    These sound so interesting.Love that they are Hypo-allergic and so soft.

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  • Trina Flynn   /   May 27, 2013., 12:32 pmReply

    I love Bamboo Sheets there so nice and soft.. I Sleep so comfortable and peaceful. Nothing like having a nice set of Bamboo sheets

  • Kathie Hopta   /   May 27, 2013., 12:38 pmReply

    I was surprised to learn that bamboo sheets are actually softer then Egyptian cotton sheets - I absolutely luv Egyptian cotton & didn't think there was anything softer than it and to think this is bamboo, who would ever have thought.

  • Yuet Ki Tsang-Marley   /   May 27, 2013., 12:41 pmReply

    Thank you for the review~ I didn't know that bamboo can be made in textile goods. It looks very nice in quality and I'd love to try it~!

  • Mya Murphy   /   May 27, 2013., 12:44 pmReply

    These sheets sound absolutely heavenly. My sheets are stained and nasty and looking at this makes me want to cry..

  • Jessie H   /   May 27, 2013., 12:57 pmReply

    These sound amazing. I love the color options they have for the sheets too!

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  • Michele Karczewski   /   May 27, 2013., 1:04 pmReply

    The sheets look soooo soft! I would love to have a set..I like the sage green ones, they would look great in my bedroom!!

  • CHRISTIE ROBINSON   /   May 27, 2013., 1:10 pmReply

    I have never seen or felt sheets of this quality!!! What wonder it would be to be able to sleep on sheets of this quality!! Ahem ♥

  • Brianna Beers   /   May 27, 2013., 1:24 pmReply

    These sound like they would feel really luxurious!! I can never find sheets that fit on my deep size mattress and I think these would fit like a dream. Thank you for this chance!!

  • Mitzi Fisher   /   May 27, 2013., 1:35 pmReply

    I love the Bamboo Sheets. They would be awesome to win!

  • Ann Parker   /   May 27, 2013., 5:09 pmReply

    I like that they are hypo allergenic

  • Cynthia C   /   May 27, 2013., 6:54 pmReply

    I love that these are environmentally friendly. They look soft and comfortable!

  • Lesley H   /   May 27, 2013., 7:02 pmReply

    They sound super comfortable!!

  • jennifer mcdonald   /   May 27, 2013., 8:46 pmReply

    i have had bamboo sheets and they are the softest of all sheets that i have tried. and they only get better!

  • Kim Harig   /   May 27, 2013., 9:38 pmReply

    I would love to try these sheets they look incredibly soft.

  • Dorothy Teel   /   May 27, 2013., 9:45 pmReply

    Cariloha Bamboo bed sheet sets, these sound wonderful I have one set of Bamboo towels which I love and they are soft and get softer with each washing, I bet the sheets would feel as great as the towels do. I think that it would be wonderful to crawl up into the bed made with Cariloha Bamboo Bed Sheets and sleep like a queen. Thank you for this review

  • Sandie W   /   May 27, 2013., 10:12 pmReply

    I had no idea that these sheets would be softer than cotton. I also love the fact that they are hypo-alergenic1

  • Cheryl Chervitz   /   May 27, 2013., 11:31 pmReply

    I have wanted to try Bamboo sheets since I read about them. They sound great, thanks for sharing.

  • Holly C.   /   May 27, 2013., 11:50 pmReply

    I have wanted a set of bamboo sheets for so long! with my allergies I like that it is hypo-allergenic!

  • annie page   /   May 27, 2013., 11:53 pmReply

    They seem like a great product silky eco friendly good and better then cotton or egyptain but very pricie for average people

  • Sherry Compton   /   May 28, 2013., 12:10 amReply

    Heard wonderful things about bamboo sheets. Comfy and durable.

  • Zan C   /   May 28, 2013., 12:50 amReply

    I would love to win these sheets. I read that they sleep cooler than regular cotton sheets.

  • claudia   /   May 28, 2013., 1:17 amReply

    The sheets are pricey but worth it. They feel like silk and they are cool on the skin. They wash well. I have never bought this brand BUT I have seen and felt them on several vacations in the Caribbean. I would love to try them out. I am jealous!

  • Amy   /   May 28, 2013., 1:39 amReply

    I've never slept on bamboo sheets, before. But my best friend made something for me out of bamboo yarn, and it is incredibly soft and silky. I hope bamboo takes off as a garment fabric, in future. I'd really prefer it to the nylon blends I see everywhere.

  • Brutus Duffy   /   May 28, 2013., 1:41 amReply

    love that these are hypo-allergenic and very soft.

  • Meghan   /   May 28, 2013., 3:33 amReply

    I've never tried these before, loved to give them a whirl. 'Specially since I am still rockin sheets from my first marriage.

  • Peggy Greco   /   May 28, 2013., 4:02 amReply

    these bamboo sheets look so luxurious and comfortable to sleep on and would enjoy having a set.

  • Kathi Davis   /   May 28, 2013., 4:23 amReply

    I would love to try these sheets. I have old sheets and being disabled can't really afford to get any to often and then most times they are the cheapest I can get. This would be a dream come true to win these sheets. Thanks for this giveaway!

  • Malea Cooper   /   May 28, 2013., 4:55 amReply

    I LOOVe LOve LOVE bamboo textiles! I just think that most people are not aware of how environmentally friendly and luxurious it is!

  • natalie nichols   /   May 28, 2013., 6:12 amReply

    These look really nice!! I would love to have some like this.

  • Sandy Cain   /   May 28, 2013., 7:45 amReply

    Softer than Egyptian cotton sounds good to me! I've never slept on really, luxurious sheets, and these sound like luxury. I see that they feel cooler than cotton, too, which is a good thing!

  • amy   /   May 28, 2013., 7:52 amReply

    I'm really excited to get to get these sheets, I only use sustainable natural fibers for my families bedding, it's also a big plus they're affordable.

  • rebeka deleon   /   May 28, 2013., 10:18 amReply

    right now i am using a king sized sheet for a queen bed so it doesn't exactly fit and keeps slipping up! really need some new sheets and these look super soft.

  • Evelyn Chuter   /   May 28, 2013., 11:11 amReply

    I don't know your name is but I love your blog and the giveaways. I came here to enter one giveaway and ended up entering 3. So I have been here for awhile. Good job and fun!

  • Lisa Burke Cook   /   May 28, 2013., 1:05 pmReply

    I love that bamboo sheets are cooler and softer then cotton sheets

  • essijay   /   May 28, 2013., 2:00 pmReply

    these sheets seem way too good to be true... moisture wicking, cooler than other materials, eco-friendly due to sustainability, anti-bacterial, etc etc -- just blows my mind! i want some! thanks for the review!

  • Jessica Snow   /   May 28, 2013., 3:41 pmReply

    I love that these are hypo-allergic. I've liked and shared this as well! =)

  • Sylvia Zajis   /   May 28, 2013., 4:47 pmReply

    I fell in love with my Egyptian sheets so I can not even imagine how soft these sheets are if they are said to be even more comfortable than my favorite! I can not wait to try them out!

  • Beth   /   May 28, 2013., 5:03 pmReply

    I had no idea about bamboo sheets. They look so soft and confortable!

  • Kathy Lane   /   May 28, 2013., 7:30 pmReply

    I would love to have a set of these sheets!I have been hearing a lot about Bamboo products lately,and I would love to try them.My husband has allergies,and he would love these.

  • Jessica Smyth   /   May 28, 2013., 8:57 pmReply

    Sounds like my kind of sheets. I admittedly have a baby that sleeps with me every night. Soft comfortable sheets are a must.

  • Dana Rodriguez   /   May 28, 2013., 9:29 pmReply

    I have never owned bamboo sheets(yet) but they sound wonderful!

  • Karen H in NC   /   May 28, 2013., 9:31 pmReply

    I've never tried Bamboo Sheets before. They sound amazing. I'll be checking this product out a bit closer.

  • mathew katz   /   May 28, 2013., 10:42 pmReply

    I could really use these!

  • Cheryl Fisher   /   May 28, 2013., 10:50 pmReply

    Love bamboo sheet sets. They wear beautifully after years of washing. They are so soft.

  • Rosemary D   /   May 28, 2013., 11:49 pmReply

    I love the bamboo sheets. I like the asortment of colrs and they look comfortable to lie down on.

  • Jennifer Mae Hiles   /   May 29, 2013., 2:22 amReply

    Well, I'm not sure I have ever felt Egyptian cotton but it sounds impressive that it's softer than that! To me, Egyptian cotton is the epitome of soft :) They sound amazing.

  • sara ford   /   May 29, 2013., 2:47 amReply

    I love bamboo so anything like sheets blanket pillow cases would be great. My most fav part of my home is my bed so I am always looking for the best things

  • Kelly   /   May 29, 2013., 6:46 amReply

    Awesome review, I've always wanted to try bamboo sheets.

  • Melody Spence   /   May 29, 2013., 8:32 amReply

    I love soft sheets so these sound like my thing. I am in need of new sheets so maybe I can come up with a reason to be treated to a set!

  • Denise Osborn   /   May 29, 2013., 8:58 amReply

    Love the white Bamboo sheet set. Cant wait to feel the softness

  • Susan Broughton   /   May 29, 2013., 10:35 amReply

    These sound like they would be so nice to sleep on! I have never owned any of these but I have heard a lot a lot about them and how soft they are

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  • Susan Munger   /   May 29, 2013., 11:25 amReply

    This is something that I would really love to try & have. Its also good for our environment!! I would love to win a set of the pink sheets. thank you very much. I hope that I get chosen to win.

  • Constance Zimmer   /   May 29, 2013., 11:34 amReply

    I SOOO want a set of these sheets- they sound like HEAVEN... plus the fact that they help to keep you cool with its moisture wicking properties is definitely a selling point for me, as I am nearing those "menopausal years".....

  • lindsey   /   May 29, 2013., 12:04 pmReply

    i would love these sheets

  • Krystal Medina   /   May 29, 2013., 1:35 pmReply

    I want very much to try bamboo sheets. I love that they are environmentally friendly!

  • irma5353   /   May 29, 2013., 2:57 pmReply


  • Shelbie Johnston   /   May 29, 2013., 5:31 pmReply

    You make me want these sheets NOW! I am a sheet junkie, love soft, durable fluffy sheets where u can just sink into them, your review made me want these :)

  • Fiona N   /   May 29, 2013., 6:08 pmReply

    I looks so soft, silky and comfortable! I love it! Thanks for sharing your review

  • Mer   /   May 29, 2013., 10:36 pmReply

    This does sound super comfy! I like that you don't have to compromise between sheets that are luxurious and sheets that are easy to care for.

  • Denise Vandenbusch Bohman   /   May 29, 2013., 11:05 pmReply

    I would love to try the towels and the sheets look so soft and comfy.

  • Paula V   /   May 29, 2013., 11:16 pmReply

    Wow softer than Egyptian...that's soft. I'd love to slide into some of these sheets.

  • M.Clark   /   May 30, 2013., 1:49 amReply

    I read on the website that Cariloha Bamboo is an earth-friendly versatile resource that's as strong as steel, yet soft as silk. It's sustainable, and naturally hypoallergenic. It is also a natural insulator, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. I'd love to try it!

  • Maria Iemma   /   May 30, 2013., 2:59 amReply

    I love that they are soft and ecofriendly. My sheets need replacing badly...they are over 10 years old! Hope I win

  • Krystal Waters   /   May 30, 2013., 7:28 amReply

    I would like to have these, they sound so soft and silky. I love that they are earth friendly.

  • Jill Jacoby   /   May 30, 2013., 8:34 amReply

    I would really love to have a set of these Cariloha Bamboo sheets. I love that they feel cool since it is in the 90's here!

  • dreamer2229   /   May 30, 2013., 1:19 pmReply

    I have been wondering a lot about these lately. I wondered if they kept you cooler, for those sweltering summer months.

  • Alex Roach   /   May 30, 2013., 1:34 pmReply

    This looks so comfy

  • Renee S   /   May 31, 2013., 2:31 amReply

    Makes me want to take a nap wrapped in their sheets!

  • Colleen Schilinski   /   May 31, 2013., 3:49 amReply

    These would look so good on my bed in the color SAGE....Great job on this review, by the way.

  • Victoria   /   May 31, 2013., 3:50 amReply

    I absolutely LOVE Cariloha's sheets!!! They are soft, cool and comfy! My fiance and I love the products so much we were going to start up a store. Unfortunately, financing was not easy and we have had to put that dream on the back burner... so for now, we will enjoy the bamboo products through other stores!

  • Herb   /   May 31, 2013., 3:51 amReply

    This things are awesome.

  • Ginger Stone   /   May 31, 2013., 4:05 amReply

    Cariloha sheets are the best sheets I ever slept on. They leave you cool in the summertime and warm in winter. The towels are the best!

  • John H   /   May 31, 2013., 4:05 amReply

    We LOVE all the bamboo products we've purchased. From clothes to towels and bed sets. The sheets are absolutely divine and are more luxurious than any other material we've tried (silk/sateen/egyptian cotton). I can't recommend them enough!

  • Alison Marshall Yorke   /   May 31, 2013., 4:13 amReply

    These Cariloha bamboo bed sheets sound awesome! I've only ever purchased cotton/poly or flannel sheets and these sound so soft! I'd never even heard about them until these reviews and giveaways and now I totally want some!

  • DANIELLE WILLIAMS   /   May 31, 2013., 4:14 amReply

    Wow never thought of Bamboo as sheets would really consider trying these out!

  • Sara   /   May 31, 2013., 4:25 amReply

    Got the chance to touch these amazing sheets once in a store in Cozumel -- they are super super soft!!

  • michelle   /   May 31, 2013., 4:40 amReply

    Been dreaming for years to own a set

  • Courtney Clark   /   May 31, 2013., 4:45 amReply

    I love your stuff!!!

  • Patti   /   May 31, 2013., 4:48 amReply

    I fell inlove with these sheets when I cruised to the Caribbean! So soft and comfy! I love the Bamboo textiles! Tee shirts are super soft too!

  • Allie R.   /   May 31, 2013., 4:59 amReply

    I have a bamboo Cariloha scarf and it is soooo soft! I can't imagine how amazing the sheets are.

  • Dan   /   May 31, 2013., 5:01 amReply

    These sheets are amazing, and the clothes are very comfy too!

  • MT   /   May 31, 2013., 5:38 amReply

    sound lovely

  • Leah Washburn   /   May 31, 2013., 5:51 amReply

    I can't believe there is Bamboo linens and its soft, I would love to try!

  • Sue   /   May 31, 2013., 6:16 amReply

    love my sheets would love a new set in King

  • desiree   /   May 31, 2013., 6:30 amReply

    i like teh bright color and the way they are made

  • Jason   /   May 31, 2013., 6:30 amReply

    love my bamboo t-shirt! soft and cool!

  • Val JOY   /   May 31, 2013., 6:49 amReply

    This is the first I've heard of Bamboo sheets. Much better than cotton? wow, if I don't win I would love to buy some.

  • Jacquie Harmon   /   May 31, 2013., 7:01 amReply

    These are the best sheets ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen   /   May 31, 2013., 7:17 amReply

    I have some and they are wonderful, would love to get another set!

  • Marlou   /   May 31, 2013., 8:40 amReply

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE my sheets!!!!

  • Audrey Ojala   /   May 31, 2013., 9:03 amReply

    I have heard so much about these sheets. I would really love to try them. They sound wonderful. I have never seen a negative comment about these and your other products.

  • Sandra Brown   /   May 31, 2013., 9:51 amReply

    I LOVE all my Cariloha. I have T-shirts, dress shirts, and sweaters. Would love the sheets, too.

  • Krista Grandstaff   /   May 31, 2013., 10:27 amReply

    I like that you mentioned how soft it is...I was wondering if bamboo would be stiff.. :)

  • Rachael Henzman   /   May 31, 2013., 2:56 pmReply

    These sound heavenly! And I need some new sheets, I just moved to a new house.. Thanks for the great review!

  • Robin Quick   /   May 31, 2013., 7:12 pmReply

    I'm in dire need of sheets & would love to give these a try. It sounds like they would be very soft against the skin.

  • Debbie   /   May 31, 2013., 10:44 pmReply

    These sheets sound wonderful! I would love to give them a try!

  • Tracy Heyer   /   June 1, 2013., 12:36 amReply


  • Jill A. Collins   /   June 1, 2013., 2:41 amReply

    I am a huge Cariloha fan. I found them while vacationing and immediately fell in love with their store. I never dreamed I could afford to own a set of their bamboo sheets so the chance to actually win some is amazing. Truly keeping my fingers crossed that luck is smiling on me for this.

  • RommaZ   /   June 1, 2013., 4:42 amReply

    I read so many great things about bamboo sheets. I would love to have a set of my own. And they are environmentally friendly.

  • Jessica   /   June 1, 2013., 7:57 amReply

    I love that bamboo is sustainable and softer than cotton! Thanks for the review

  • Kristina L.   /   June 2, 2013., 2:05 amReply

    There is nothing like slipping in bed in cool soft sheets! I will be anxious myself to try them out!

  • lisa   /   June 2, 2013., 2:07 amReply

    I love my bamboo sheets too. I know what you mean about the silkiness! I actually couldn't believe how comfortable they were. And still are. Thanks for the fabric softener tip. I didn't know that!

  • Jenna   /   June 2, 2013., 4:46 amReply

    I love all natural products, I may to get a set of these.

  • happi shopr   /   June 2, 2013., 8:12 amReply

    love bamboo tees so I can only imagine what it's like to sleep on bamboo sheets

  • Amy Peschel   /   June 2, 2013., 10:33 amReply

    Thanks for the review. I discovered this store in my town and will have to go!

  • cindy   /   June 2, 2013., 11:07 amReply

    These sheets sound amazing. I would love to try them

  • JJ Caraway   /   June 2, 2013., 1:37 pmReply

    The Cariloha bamboo sheets come in a beautiful sage color that I would love to have for my bed. The fact that it is softer than 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton would be so comfortable to sleep on and they look like they would be cool to the touch.

  • Melissa Byler   /   June 2, 2013., 2:17 pmReply

    Thanks for the chance to enter I have heard a lot of people say how comfortable the bamboo Sheets are. You all do a good thing here this really helps alot of people who don't have the money to buy new things, I give u all alot of credit. Thanks again for the chance to try to win!!!

  • Sara Fletcher   /   June 2, 2013., 2:45 pmReply

    Thank you for all the info on the sheets. I would really like to try them. I have very sensitive skin & have to use high thread counts.

  • md kennedy   /   June 2, 2013., 8:35 pmReply

    Based on your review of the sheets I had a peek at the Cariloha site - so many things you can get that are made from eco-friendly bamboo, including clothes. And the prices are very reasonable.

  • karen hamilton   /   June 2, 2013., 9:27 pmReply

    I have a "princess and the pea" syndrome,(lol) so a very soft set of sheets would aid in my slumber!! gotta get some of these if they are as soft as they say!!

  • Shelia Noble   /   June 2, 2013., 10:58 pmReply

    I love the fact that you will stay cooler with this sheets and that they are softer than cotton sheets. I can't wait to try them for my self.

  • Shawndra Befort   /   June 3, 2013., 12:52 amReply

    These sheets sound like heaven. I love soft sheets but have a hard time finding them.

  • Terri S.   /   June 3, 2013., 1:10 amReply

    These bamboo sheets sound wonderful. I have allergies as do several in our family and since these sheets are allergenic, they sound perfect. Also, would love to sleep on soft, silky sheets that feel cool due to moisture wicking trait.

  • Virginia   /   June 3, 2013., 2:54 amReply

    I've never heard of this brand nor owned anything by them, but everything sounds marvelous and I would be proud to own, wear, sleep on, dry with, etc. of the sheets, towels, clothing, etc. Sounds lovely.

  • Richard Hicks   /   June 3, 2013., 3:43 amReply

    Love the qualities of these sheets especially being hypoallergenic

  • Faythe @GrammyMouseTails   /   June 3, 2013., 10:14 amReply

    Thanks for the review. I have been wanting to try bamboo sheets. I heard they are soft & cooler to sleep on too.

  • Marietta H   /   June 3, 2013., 10:26 amReply

    I love the Cariloha sheets. They are so soft and wonderful to sleep on.

  • MaryAnn   /   June 3, 2013., 10:38 amReply

    We are in need of new bed sheets. These look really soft and nice.

  • Jessica Para   /   June 3, 2013., 11:43 amReply

    Bamboo I have used before and it is really soft. Would love to win these sheets. Been a while since I could sleep in such soft sheets.

  • Cindy B   /   June 3, 2013., 12:25 pmReply

    I love the soft feel of bamboo for sheets and towels. Thanks for the review!

  • Michelle Knopp   /   June 3, 2013., 3:10 pmReply

    I have never tried bamboo sheets but have heard great things about cloth diapers made of bamboo. I bet these are super comfy.

  • Jesselyn A/Jesstinger   /   June 3, 2013., 3:15 pmReply

    The more I learn about Bamboo "products" (just about everything I can imagine!) the more impressed I am - and hey what's not to love? I have slept on bamboo sheet at my sister-in-laws house and was frankly rather dazzled: I guess I didn't really believe that they could be softer than cotton. I'm not sure why since we DO have bamboo bath towels (I have a bamboo t-shirt) so I should have KNOWN what a lovely texture they have! I would really love to win / have bamboo sheets and pillow cases - and frankly - will most likely purchase a queen-size set no matter what! And when I checked out Cariloha's website/ online store I solved my "what to get Honey/Hubby for Fathers' Day" dilemma: Either the Mahogany Bay Sandals OR the Sale item: (If I'm feeling flush I might just get him both!) Thanks for your thoughtful and informative review!

  • Amber Brantley   /   June 3, 2013., 7:26 pmReply

    These sheets sound so amazing!

  • Maria Iemma   /   June 3, 2013., 9:25 pmReply

    I love these sheets. Bamboo is so organic and soft. I really need a new set of sheets and I hope I get to win these.

  • Emily Difino   /   June 3, 2013., 11:20 pmReply

    I never would have thought these would be so soft! I love that they are made from renewable elements.

  • Betty C   /   June 4, 2013., 1:07 amReply

    I've never experienced bamboo sheets but your description makes me want them! They sound wonderful.

  • Bryan   /   June 4, 2013., 6:41 amReply

    Love my shirt, ca't wait for m sheets to arrive!

  • kayla sutton   /   June 4, 2013., 8:06 amReply

    I really really hope I win this because they sheets look sooo absolutely amazing! if I don't win I will definitely be buying some.

  • NicolasDykes   /   June 7, 2013., 7:36 pmReply

    What a wonderful experience with the Cariloha bed sheets and the blankets! I sleep like a baby in the soft, silky fibers! If you are someone who has trouble sleeping bc you can't find a comfortable spot look no father than Cariloha. OUTSTANDING!!!

  • Nicolasdykes   /   June 7, 2013., 7:44 pmReply

    I absolutely love the Cariloha blankets and bed sheets! There is no longer nights where I can't find a comfy place in bed. Everywhere I turn in the bamboo fibers is filled with more soft silky temperature controlled relaxation! As well The colors call out peace and tranquility! OUTSTANDING!!!