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A Salon Tool Right In Your Own Vanity Table

Styling your hair can do more harm than good when you are not using the right tools. Expert stylists and salon owners trust only the best tools for their customers’ hair styling requirements.  However, it could really be expensive to go to the salon everyday to have your hair styled.  But you can trust experts’ recommendation on styling tools to buy for your own use.

The Flat Iron Experts Online Beauty Shop recommends the Cortex Solo 40 Black Rubber Titanium Flat Iron.  I got the chance to try this Cortex Flat Iron Hair Straightener myself and to my daughter and we’re happy with the results.

As you can see from the photo below, achieving that salon styled look is possible with this expert hairstyling tool.  The end result lasts too – my old flat iron only gave me straight and silky hair for a couple of hours!

The Cortex flat iron is a new innovation that is fast gaining popularity in the beauty industry.  Although it heats up to 450 degrees F, it does not damage the hair.  This is because of the nano titanium technology used in the product’s design.

The titanium plates effectively emit negative ions and distribute far infrared heat that preserves the hair shaft’s moisture and closes the cuticle for smoother shinier hair.  These eliminate frizz without causing damage to the hair.  Whether you have think and frizzy hair or thin hair, you can use this straightening iron for your daily styling needs.

This tool is easy to use with its ergonomic design and 360-degree swivel cord.  It also has a non-slip grip design that makes it easy for you to hold in place as you are styling your hair.  There is also a hooked end that I find convenient for my hair straightener’s storage.

With its salon-like results, this hair straightener is a good investment at a little less than $300.  Check out the current promo offered by the Flat Iron Experts – if you are lucky enough to catch the promotion, you can get your Cortex Flat Iron for less than half the price.


  • Sylvia Zajis

    I have used a Chi flat iron for years now, but since it’s life span is almost over, I would like to try this one out. It seems a bit pricey but if it can out perform the Chi it would be worth the cost. Thank you for your review.

  • Susan Broughton

    I have not tried this brand. I have been looking for a new flat iron, mine has gone just about as far as it will go. Maybe I need one of these

  • Charlotte Raynor

    This flat iron looks to be of high quality. It also looks like it does a really great job. Thanks for the great review!

  • Becky Schollian

    Simply love this!! I have natural curleu hair down to my bottom. I have struggled with several flat irons and boy it has been frustrating!! I had given up but this iron is one to absolutely try. Awesome!!

  • samantha s

    I’ve used a Chi and GHD flat iron but I’m looking for something else for my sister who is heading off to college. This seems to be a good alternative.

  • Sa'Misty

    I don’t flat iron my hair often (4 times a year tops) since it takes about 2 hours to go from curls to straight. This flat iron seems really good though

  • Rosemary M

    I have always been interested in trying a flat iron but have been nervous about using one. I am afraid to damage my hair and I am not sure the style would look right. This looks really nice!

  • Debra Gibbs

    I would love this but the price will keep it from being in my bathroom. sigh all the good things cost way too much money. It really stinks when you are on disability and can not afford the good things till you save up every penny.

  • jennifer mcdonald

    my hair is naturally curly and i have never used a flat iron before. i would definately love to try this.

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