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Save Money On IH Cooking

Many households would not know how much they could save on using induction cooker instead of gas ranges and other electric stoves.

A local electric company did a series of tests and comparison and these what they have learned:

On energy efficiency
With gas stoves, energy is first converted to heat and then directed to the cooking vessel with a lot of heat (about 64%) going to waste. With IH cookers, there is less heat wastage since most of the source energy (about 82%) is transferred to the cooking vessel, so food is cooked faster. And, because of this, ambient heat in the kitchen is also lessened, making it a more pleasant and enjoyable environment for cooking.

On safety
No flame, reducing the risk of burns.
No need for gas tanks, which carry the possibility of tank explosion*.
Automatically turns off when pot is removed.
* In 2010, LPG explosions ranked no. 13 cause of fire according to the Bureau of Fire Protection

On convenience
Has a timer – you can do other things while cooking without worrying about overcooking
Portable – Take it with you anywhere, just plug and use! Perfect for picnics and shabu-shabu!
Easy to clean – simply wipe the top and store

On lifestyle
Sleek, modern and neat.
Great form and function.

Not being exaggerated but after reading this study, I bought a new IH Cooker.

  • Kimberly D   /   January 18, 2013., 11:19 amReply

    This sounds like something I need to look into! I'm all for saving money and being safe.

  • Becca P.   /   January 18, 2013., 11:49 amReply

    Interesting! Thanks for this info - you had me at "energy efficient" :)

  • JKAPS   /   January 19, 2013., 2:32 amReply

    I am sooboo intrigued by induction heat cooking. I'm definitely buying a unit this year. I'm curious, where did you buy yours and what model do you have?

  • tami s   /   January 20, 2013., 2:15 amReply

    Sounds like a great way to save money. I like that you get ambient heat out of it as well.

  • Gina Brickell   /   January 20, 2013., 8:39 amReply

    I have heard this and have really wanted one for some time.. The oven/stove costs sooooo much money when you have it on..

  • Rebecca   /   January 20, 2013., 11:12 pmReply

    I have never thought about it like that. Thank you for the information.

  • Michelle Tucker   /   January 21, 2013., 1:13 pmReply

    I've never even though about it. Great info. I'll be talking with hubby about this. Michelle