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Tired Of Using Fax Machines? Start Faxing Online Today!

The office’s fax machine might seem harmless at first glance, but anyone who has worked extensively with a traditional fax machine will tell you that looks can be deceiving. People who work with traditional fax machines can tell you some horror stories about their experiences.

These horror stories don’t have the typical evil monsters in the closets or bumps in the night. Instead, these tales are filled with paper jams, ink cartridge run-outs, lost fax messages, and a busy signal that prevents messages from going through.

If you are tired of using a traditional fax machine, you might want to consider switching to online faxing. The following are some benefits that can come from making the switch to online faxing.

No Use of Ink Cartridges

Online faxes appear in PDF or text format. This format allows people to read the message without having to rely upon a traditional fax machine that prints out the message when it is received. Sending an online fax eliminates the need to print every fax, which prevents businesses from having to deal continuously with ink cartridges to ensuring that there is enough ink to print the faxed message out.

No Paper Jams

Traditional fax machines require people to put the paper through a machine, which can sometimes cause paper jams. Many companies that offer online faxing only require you to have a scanned image of the message you wish to send. There is no need to physically place a message in a separate fax machine to scan the contents. Images can be scanned by using a smart phone camera, or a computer scanner, and eliminate the risk of having to deal with a paper jam as everything is sent digitally.

No Lost Faxes

There is always a risk that when a fax is sent using a traditional fax machine it can get lost. When you send an online fax, the company will sometimes archive the message that was sent or received. This feature allows businesses to instantly retrieve messages if they get lost, and re-send them or print them out. All you need is the date which the fax was sent, and access to the company’s online fax account.

The horror stories about traditional fax machines that are told around the office break room will continue to be shared for years to come. However, making the switch to online faxing can help you and your staff members avoid experiencing the terrible horror stories firsthand; leaving the tales of traditional faxing as a thing that is left for storytellers and office gossips all around the world.

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