Potion IVI Collagen powdered drink – Yes, it works!

I don’t care if I aged because for me, it’s a natural phenomenon and I do not believe that anti-aging products are effective as they claimed it.

But NOT until I tried Potion IVI for almost a month now!

Last September 18, 2011 when I blogged about Potion IVI Collagen Powdered Drink and my initial steps on trying it out. A box of Potion IVI is only for 14 days if you take it once a day. I know I am feeling the effects after 14 days but I wanted to explore more the experience so I continued using it until today.

I would like to note that in the past few days, I have been into erratic work schedule and my youngest child was confined at the hospital for a week thus I couldn’t have enough beauty rest! But drinking Potion IVI drink really did work for me!

Yesterday, a new encountered blogger colleague admitted that she didn’t know that I am already a mom with two kids because it doesn’t show in my face!! I am flattered!

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