Beat Skin Aging with Potion IVI Premium Collagen Powdered drink

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When people reaches mid 20s, skin aging is very likely. That is because our collagen level drops due to external factors such as sun exposure, smoking, excessive alcohol and pollutants. As this happens, our skin starts to show signs of wear and tear. Admit it or not, skin ageing also caused to some to people a declining confidence level too.

What is Collagen? It is a main structural protein found in our bodies. It makes up more than 80% of our skin and provides the strength of the tissues and organs. But as it depleted, it caused fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, poor skin tone and elasticity, skin discoloration, Crow’s feet and sun spots.

There are anti-aging capsules, creams and lotions that many are patronizing. Some can manage to consistently take the medications or apply the creams and lotions but others tend to forget the supposed to be regular routine to maintain a healthy glow.

But don’t you know that there’s now a collagen powdered drink ? Potion IVI Premium Collagen Powdered Drink targets the source of aging as it stimulates the process called Neocollagenesis (or the birth of a new skin).


Dr. Raquel Marfori David, a medical director for IVI Ryo Corporation, said IVI Premium Collagen Powdered Drink is a potent mix of regenerative, health promoting ingredients that will bring back your skin’s glow. This unique powdered formula is proven to be more effective than capsules or tablets because drinking collagen in its purest form penetrates the skin deeper.

See the picture of Dr. David (below, right)? If you can guess how old is she, I can give you a special gift! Leave your answer at the comment section.

Benefits of IVI Premium Collagen Powdered Drink:

* Stimulates collagen production and elastin collagen thickening.

* Encourages skin renewal and minimizes muscle contractions.

* Reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines.

* Helps provide long-term improvements in deeper wrinkles.

* Helps prevent collagen and elastin breakdown to for the skin.

* Replenishes damaged collagen tissues.

* Improves skin tone and elasticity.

Moreover, Dr. David also pointed out that Potion IVI can be good to our joints and ligaments. She said, aside from anti-aging, regularly drinking of IVI Premium Collagen Powder Drink has a light whitening effect and in just 4-6 weeks, the result would be noticeable. So make it a habit every morning with an empty stomach to drink Potion IVI Premium Collagen Powdered drink.

Directions for Use:

1. Dilute it with 200ml hot or cold water. (Most advisable)

2. Mix it with coffee or juice.

Potion IVI Premium Collagen Powdered Drink is made from Japan but it is now available in all Watsons store nationwide at P115 per sachet.

IVI Ryo Corporation claims that it has no side effects. But if symptoms persists, consult your doctor or call their hotline 0917-8800 I-V-I (4-8-4) and (02) 655-8888.

IVI Ryo has been operating under the stringent regulations of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Japanese Health Ministry. IV Ryo guarantees safety and efficacy in all its products.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and to know more about IVI Premium Collagen Powdered Drink, visit their website: or follow the on Facebook (

Today is my first day to try Potion IVI Premium Collagen Powdered Drink. I preferred the cold drink in the morning (because I use to drink cold water first before breakfast).

potion ivi

No after taste. No sour taste. It’s like I am just drinking water.


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  1. It is indeed that we are not getting younger so we should really take care of ourselves. Good that there are always new discoveries.

  2. I did not know that anti-aging is now a powdered drink, thanks for sharing!

  3. i think i need that :) well as for Dr. David, I think she’s already 48 years old.

  4. Thanks that there are products out there that care for us

  5. There are so many ways to care for the skin these days. That leaves us with no choice on being alway beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Sis.

  6. This is another exciting new product for all those women who care for their skin much…thanks for sharing sis :)

  7. Wow, that is an amazing product! I would like to try it too. Thanks for the info sis. Btw, I think Dr. Raquel Marfori David is 55 yrs. old. Just a wild guess! ^_^

  8. I love to try this! Well, P115 per sachet is not that expensive unlike other anti-aging products or procedures.

  9. This product is a great discovery… I love to try this.. hmmm… I think Dr David is 62 y.o.

  10. I’m guessing she is 50 years young. I think she is very brave and smart to wear no makeup. It strengthens her product claims for efficacy as she is a mature woman…

  11. I am sure Dr. David is really inherently beutiful, fortunately with natural smooth young looking is in her blood. and the ivi premium collagen she is promoting is a ‘plus’, a big help to all women who are health and beauty concious.

  12. Dr David age, i am sure she is at her 30’s.

  13. i have an allergy for foods,drinks and cosmetics.Im interested to try this though,is it safe to try?Im alo a hypertensive.


  14. Dr. David is at her 40’s but she looks younger.

  15. i’ve been using this fot a week now i had to say my eyebuys, baggy eyes has slightly disappear

  16. Hi, I’ve been using this for 4days and I noticed ny skin become dry any shiny,do you expirience this on ur first week of usage? Tnx

  17. She is 53y/o..i would likely to have it.. And will start drinking it soon .. so excited to see thd effect .. :)


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