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Acne problem? There's a Proactiv Solution!

Lucky are those people who are gifted with good genes who do not have to contend with acne or any other skin problems. For the rest of us, though, the hunt is on for the next best product to solve all our skin woes.

A friend of mine lamented that she’s using a set of said to be effective facial products and that could get rid of her pimples in just two weeks! But she’s using it for more than a month now and nothing has improved.

It is a good thing that Proactiv Solution, the number 1 acne solution in America, used by famous celebrities such as Katy Perry, Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Katy Perry, is now available in the Philippines. Proactive Solution is a Combination Therapy system that heals pimples and keeps new ones from forming.

And what’s even better is that they have ongoing promos and all you have to do is visit the different kiosks they have around the Metro, like the one in Trinoma (the nearest to us, hehehe)  to avail of these promos.

Trinoma Branch
(Located at 2nd Floor, near Reebok, Stoked Inc)
Contact Person: Jean Tamayo
Contact Number: (02) 380 3801

For graduating students or the newly grads, simply purchase a Proactive 60-day Kit and you will get your self a free gift pack worth Php 1,399, which includes STEP 1 Renewing Cleanser (30ml), Revitalizing Toner (30ml) and Repairing Treatment (30ml). Is it that cool?!

This promo is designed to jump-start our fresh graduates journey towards clear skin! Simply present your university or school ID upon purchase to get your free gift!

Go now to the kiosks nearest you! And don’t worry, there’s a money back guarantee if their products failed you.

Other branches:

Glorietta 3 Branch
(Near the entrance of Glorietta 3; infront of Body Shop, Dorothy Perkins)
Contact Person: Gladys May Flores
Contact Number: (02) 388 28 48

Robinsons Galleria Branch
(Located at 3rd floor, West Wing; near VMV Hypoallergenics, Vivere Salon)
Contact Person: Ginalyn Flores
Contact Number: (02) 380 5506

Shoppes@Victoria, Victoria Towers Timog
(Located near Timog entrance of Shoppes@Victoria; near BDO)
Contact Person: Monaliza Pawilan
Contact Number: +63916 422 2995

Marquee Mall, Angeles
(Located at First Floor of Marquee Mall; near Vans, Mango, Maldita)
Contact Person: Evangeline Bersabe
Contact Number: +63915 385 3103 / +63949 737 0444

Il Terazzo Mall, Tomas Morato (New!)*
(Located in First Floor of Ill Terrazzo; near Girl Shoppe, Omakase)
Contact Person: Efren Jaranilla
Contact Number: +63912 231 4271

*Promo mentioned above is not available in Il Terazzo branch.

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  • vernz   /   May 17, 2011., 1:28 pmReply

    I'll wait for proactive stalls to arrive Davao, they have one on Watsons kaso medyo mahal.... seems like a pretty good product.. must try.

    • J Allyssa   /   May 23, 2011., 3:55 amReply

      How much is it in Watson's? I think this is a very good product. Sayang lang kung hindi kayang i-maintain ng budget.  

  • mama   /   May 17, 2011., 1:32 pmReply

    i would really like to try this. but it's kinda out of my reach. i may be able to afford it one time. but surely i cannot be able to maintain it. that's why i never bought a set. buhuhu

  • Fe   /   May 17, 2011., 1:35 pmReply

     I've seen the infomercials on TV,  and now that's its available locally, I'm sure maraming magta-try para malaman kung effective nga siya talaga.... the money back guarantee is very encouraging...=)

  • mona   /   May 17, 2011., 1:41 pmReply

    I saw their ads on tv and looks like they are effective the way they delivers their ads. 

  • Pepper   /   May 17, 2011., 11:04 pmReply

    I'd love to have flawless skin, but that dream seems to be elusive for me :).  I'll try to save up enough money for this :) 

  • peachkins   /   May 18, 2011., 12:19 amReply

    I'm lucky that I'd get a pimple or two lang and then it disappears din after a week..

  • Karen   /   May 18, 2011., 5:48 amReply

     wow,  good deal may money back guarantee...hindi ka na kakabahan sa pagpapa-tiis ganda

  • Nicquee   /   May 18, 2011., 5:51 amReply

     Another product to try in the future!

  • Pinay Mama   /   May 18, 2011., 1:30 pmReply

     I'll tell my sister about it. She's having acne problem since college. hope it helps! thanks for sharing! I am here and needing help for the nth time. Please leave a comment to my blog post. I need comments to win. Thank you very much!

  • rockbleeder   /   May 18, 2011., 1:43 pmReply

    I also want to try Proactiv because it has been proven to be effective but no budget yet.

  • J Allyssa   /   May 21, 2011., 7:05 amReply

     How much is the  Proactive 60-day Kit? I want to try! I could avail the freebie since I'm a graduating student YAY. :))