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Yeah right, my laptop crashed down by viruses!
Oh my, I can’t live without my laptop and internet.

It’s a good thing I have a neighbor who immediately volunteered to fix my laptop. Unfortunately, he has to reformat it since my computer is already contaminated with more than 3,000 viruses and malwares! Aaw! And sadly, I wasn’t able to make back-ups and I suffer a big lost of my word files and pictures.

The computer technician neighbor adviced me to buy a new or add memory for my laptop. However, I’m apprehensive about the idea since I’m currently on a tight budget. But to my heart, I know it is necessary to have a replacement for the laptop I have been using for several years now. Then, he suggested to check on where I can find laptop accessories or computer for sale!

Oh yes! Why I didn’t think of it in the first place. Me and my senior moment! I remember that we had our first car through searching online classifieds on

And I got excited after seeing this? Affordable yet reliable laptops and computers and accessories for sale! Perfectly fit to my budget! is not just into selling or buying products or services. But they also provide their customers of useful tips like how to buy computerswhich I need to help me decide on which laptop or computer is the best yet budget-friendly.


  • Jhongmed

    If you want to Buy or Sell online go to I’ve tried selling my services here and you can do it with few easy steps. @madivinereyes:disqus thanks for sharing this.

  • Ning

    wow nice finds there sis!! happy shopping im on Ayosdito also but its digital camera for me and i easily found my target hehhe…

  • blankPixels

    At my computer shop, whenever I’m in need of a replacement for any computer parts, I check out ’cause it’s really a good place to find cheap but quality PC parts. It’s good that we have these sites so we won’t have to scour Greenhills or Gilmore for the best deals on computers. 🙂

  • ruthilicious

    I am not really good in knowing what parts to buy for pcs. but I do buy from ayosdito for clothes and accessories! Hehe

  • jared's mum

    one day i’d love to browse ayosdito for a suitable laptop replacement to my old and well-worn pc, good thing there’s a site like ayosdito where not-so-very techie persons like me can get tips on which laptops + other gadgets to get 🙂

  • Eihdra

    I also suggested this to my friends because it’s easy to browse and lots of info. Yaiks! That many viruses and malwares eh.. hehehe there is such a thing called professional antivirus…

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