VXI Takes Pride In I’ts Passion To Serve Community

Getting together to help underprivileged people by sharing it’s time and resources. 

VXI’s Five E-Com Center site is the latest addition to the ever-growing facilities of VXI Global Solutions, Inc. It was established  on June 13, 2016 and will start it’s operation by welcoming 1,000 additional Filipino talents.

vxi 2

In 2015, VXI has grown PH headcount by 16% from 2014 and now has a total headcount of 10,225 talented individuals (as of June 8, 2016). The company is yet again expecting 1000 more employment as it open its flagship site in Five E-Com Center, Mall of Asia Pasay City.

Along with the employment contribution of VXI to the Philippines is its pride in nurturing people. VXI does not only apply expose its employees to different countries and their cultures, but also commit to the over-all development of everyone’s welfare. In fact, to further encourage employee satisfaction, VXI invested PHP 23.88 MM to support activities like fun and games, themes days, recognition programs, parties, and other value adding engagement activities.

These are just some of the advocates that the company fosters to grow the employee’s sense of work-life balance. Apart from employee engagement efforts. VXI ensures that all company members are well equipped with the best training and career upbringing.


VXI Training Simulation ToolTM
Providing scenario-based and hands-on experience, this tool increases CSR speed to proficiency and reduces training duration , trains agents faster using  a self-paced, simulated mock call programmed on agent desktops while the employee is guaranteed to receive immediate coaching points and feedback. It also tracks learner progress using recorded scores and detailed simulation notes.

Jared Morrison (Senior Vice President and Country Manager for the Philippines of VXI Global Holdings B.V. Philippines, Inc.)

“VXI has an excellent service track record with our clients and they are taking more of our services so we hold to prepare an excellent talent pool, which we compensate with above-industry standard pay, including other special benefits. People work for us and stay longer with us because they see opportunities for career advancement and growth, the chance to lead people. That’s the value that VXI offers in terms of jobs for those who want a career in the BPO industry,”  Morisson said.

Community Assistance 
VXI as a company of goodwill and generosity has done several social initiatives to protect and support the communities around it.  Apart from its minor silent efforts in helping small barangay’s around the country and VXI also participated in helping calamity-strcken areas.

VXI company that always strives to be better in it’s operations, it sonstantly endeavors to provide the best product and the most innovative solutions to its customers. VXI works for excellence as it hires and develops the best recruits in the country.


Embrace your future with VXI. Be part of an exciting, dynamic, ever growing and truly global organization today.

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PMA’s 47th National Marketing Conference says “Hello ASEAN”

“This will give our attendees opportunities to explore, on more concrete grounds, possible partnerships.  These businesses meet-ups are fertile ground for networking, exchanges, developments, and partnerships,” PMA President, Ms. Pinky Yee shared.

Pinky Yee

Recognizing an urgent demand to spread this knowledge, the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) set the theme of  its 47th  National Marketing Conference (NMC) this year as, “Hello ASEAN”. The conference will feature stories and scenarios from top-tier business experts and practitioners, marketing masters and disrupters, including CEOs of Philippine, Asian, and global brands that successfully launched or grown their businesses in the ASEAN trade sphere. The event will happen on July 28-29, 2016 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Newport City.

(photo credit to PMA)

PMA also teamed up with the No. 1 Business Channel, Bloomberg, which recently opened its Philippine office after establishing its partnership with TV5 Network Inc. and Cignal. Being the first business news channel to air on a 24/7 basis in the country, Bloomberg TV Philippines is now set to reach out to its audience by co-presenting PMA’s 47th NMC.

The Philippine Marketing Association and Bloomberg Cignal TV Philippines present HELLO ASEAN, the 47th National Marketing Conference on July  28-29 at the Marriott Hotel  Grand Ballroom  in Newport City.

(photo credit to PMA)

“Bloomberg is really privileged to take part in the Philippine Marketing Association’s National Marketing Conference,” Vice President and Head of Channel Management for Cignal TV, Ms. Sienna Olaso shared. “It is our privilege to meet the people in the marketing industry, because our network’s presence in the conference will definitely do something good for Bloomberg. By the same token, we hope that Bloomberg’s integrity and credibility can lend itself to the success of the event. We are looking forward to meet everyone in the event and we are all excited in Bloomberg.”

Jaime Bautista
Jaime J. Bautista Philippine Airlines (PAL) veteran

Some of the speakers who are set to give their invaluable insights on the ASEAN market are, Philippine Airlines (PAL) veteran Jaime J. Bautista who has a long and credit-worthy record of professional service in the travel and tourism business. He recently assumed the presidency of PAL in October 2014 after the Lucio Tan Group took over management control of Asia’s longest-running airline.


National Marketing Conference examines Family Business as key factor in Asian Business

HELLO ASEAN trains the spotlight on the ASEAN Economic Community — its strengths as a growing consumer base and the prevailing opportunities for business.  The sessions will appeal to CEOs and CMOs; the presenters and facilitators are all top notch branding experts and business consultants who will share brand stories and scenarios that are backed by meticulous research and actual case studies.

Family business consultant Eric Soriano has guided hundreds of companies in their transition from one generation to the next.

Prof. Enrique Soriano
Prof. Enrique Soriano (Certified Professional Marketer)

As Senior Advisor of the Wong and Bernstein Advisory Group, that services ASEAN organizations on branding, strategic leadership and organizational change, Soriano has enabled the seamless transition of countless Asian family businesses from entrepreneurial to corporate organizations.

The speakers will share their success stories and learnings from exploring and filling the gaps in the market. These insights will feature the strategies and tools that helped their companies conquer multiple challenges. 

Aside from the invaluable content that attendees will get from the conference and an accompanying trade exhibit, “Hello ASEAN” will feature the ASEAN Pavilion that houses the embassy representations from ASEAN member nations and other guest Asian countries.

Subsequent sessions will tackle how corporations can determine if they are ready for expansions overseas and if their products have what it takes to be a winning ASIAN Brand.

Speakers like Jimmy Bautista of Philippine Air Lines, Asia Brewery’s Chay Cruwel, Angelica Suiza of Under Armour and Citibank’s Bea Beh Tan will engage the audience with thought-provoking lessons from their own experiences.

Asian Brand advocate Joseph Baladi reveals brutal truths at 47TH National Marketing Conference

Foremost among the questions to be tackled in HELLO ASEAN is “How to Develop Asian Brands that ASEAN consumers will patronize”.

Joe Baladi (Asian Brand Advocate)

Branding expert Joseph Baladi shares thought provoking insights on “Asian Brands and How They Can Change the World”. Baladi, author of the best-selling “The Brutal Truth About Asian Branding”, has provided brand-building advice to leading global companies including Procter & Gamble, Mars, and Coca-Cola. Presently based in Asia, he is considered a leading voice for and advocate of emerging great Asian brands.

National Marketing Conference dubbed HELLO ASEAN

This growing and vibrant economic community considered to be the third largest in 2030 (after the US and China)  vowed to enable  the creation of  A Highly Integrated and Cohesive Economy that is People-Oriented  and People-Centred that will produce products and professionals of  World Class calibre.

Adopting this vision,  the Philippine Marketing Association chose the theme HELLO ASEAN for its 47th National Marketing Conference to be held on July 28-29, 2016 at the Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom in Newport City. Media giant Bloomberg Cignal TV Philippines  has signed up as its major partner.  The power packed program features top tier marketing gurus who will examine the intricacies of this diverse region and present possible scenarios for market penetration.

Other Notable Speakers

Joe Baladi (Asian Brand Advocate) -Baladi brings his extensive experience in business communications across multiple geographies to the conference with his talk on How Asian Brands Can Conquer the World.  This well- traveled marketing consultant is credited for shaping and repositioning major SME and MNC brands. He is a frequent speaker on the conference circuit, a regular guest on business television programs, and regularly contributes thought leadership articles to business magazines and newspapers across the region. As the CEO of BrandAsian, Joe divides his time in providing one-on-one business and branding advice and counsel to CEOs of some of the Asia’s largest companies.

chay_cruel_2x2idpicture3Joseph “Chay” Cruel (Vice President for Asia Brewery) – Non-Alco Marketing, Business Development and International Business, is responsible for the popular domestic non-alco products such as Cobra Energy Drink, Absolute Distilled Drinking Water, Summit Water, Sunkist, Nestea, and Vitamilk. He spearheaded the international business and strategic partnerships for Asia Brewery.

Prof. Enrique SorianoProf. Enrique Soriano (Certified Professional Marketer and a PMA Agora Awardee for Excellence in Marketing Education) – who will examine the nature of Asian Family Businesses. As the Executive Director of the W+B Advisory Group, a Strategic Consulting Group servicing ASEAN corporate organizations on strategic leadership matters, Soriano will discuss growth in Asian family businesses, organizational change, and competitive strategies.

Ms Angelica Suiza_Under ArmourAngelica Suiza (Chief Product and eCommerce Officer at Triple Pte. Ltd.) – With her expertise in omni-channel inventory resources optimization, she is responsible for providing category merchandising strategies for Under Armour in Southeast Asia  as aligned with the company’s aggressive global merchandising directions.

Lucien Dy TiocoLucien Dy Tioco (Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing at The Philippine STAR) -He oversees the sales and marketing programs  of The Philippine STAR across all platforms:  from print, digital, and most recently, television. His presentation will cover the overall strategic direction of media conglomerates , through his company’s own Brand  directions, as they venture overseas.

PMA hopes to focus the spotlight on the ASEAN region, which is seen as the 3rd largest consumer market after China and North America, but still overlooked by companies within the region. MNCs have been aware of this potential for some time as even Euromonitor acknowledges this region as one the fastest growing markets in the 21st century. Through its theme “Hello ASEAN”, the 47th NMC aims to shed light on these opportunities especially for those who are motivated by success and growth for their businesses.

Be part of HELLO ASEAN and discover what it takes to expand your Brand’s reach in this vibrant and growing economic landscape.

To avail of the early bird rate, register now with the Philippine Marketing Association secretariat at (+632)638-7700; (+632)634-5722 or email helloasean@philippinemarketing.net.ph.


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